Wednesday, 30 March 2016

March Nailbox- Easter Theme

Hello my lovely readers! I am so sorry I haven't posted in the last couple of days, I am trying to fight off this horrible bug that is going around and unfortunately I seem to be losing. Today's post is another Nailbox unboxing and review. This month the theme was Easter, when I think of Easter my mind goes to beautiful pastel shades and eggs. So I was a bit surprised to find some very bright colours in this months box.

This months box contained 3 polishes one set of fake nails and some nail polish remover. Like I said upon my first impression this box didn't really scream Easter to me. It isn't that I didn't like the colours its just that the only one I felt fit the theme was the pastel lavender and of course the speckled eggs false nails. 

The first polish that I swatched was from Moyou London, I was hoping on first glance that it might have been a stamping polish but from what I can see on the site this is Cerise pink which is one of their normal nail lacquers. This is a gorgeous vibrant pink creme that I think will be perfect for the summer, this took 2 coats to reach full opacity. You can pick this polish up from the Moyou London website for £1. 

The next polish I picked out was this Invogue nail polish with a matte suede finish, I have never actually tried this brand before apparently they are the same company who own Eye Candy London. This is called Emerald dust it is a light green with silver shimmer that dries to a suede finish. This took two coats to be completely opaque, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the finish to this polish. The only place I can seem to find this polish for sale is Amazon for £3.49.

The last polish in this months box is another Eye Candy London polish, we received one of these polishes last month and it was very sheer and took 3 coats to become opaque. The formula on Naughty but Nice was a lot better and easy to work with, it is a lavender creme that took 2 coats to become fully opaque. I would say this is the polish that definitly suits the theme the best out of the 3, you can pick this up from Amazon for £6.

This month we were also treated to another Elegant Touch product, these false speckled egg nails comes in 5 different colours with different sized nails. Unfortunately I won't be able to use this product as I am allergic to the nail glues that come with all false nails. You can pick these up from Boots for £7.10.

The final item in this months box was this Express nail polish remover from Nails Inc, this is one of the nail polish removers were you insert your nail into the middle and twist to remove the polish from the nail. This can be brought on Amazon for £8. 

Overall this box wasn't at all what I was expecting especially considering the theme, the polishes are lovely and the added extra's will be good for some people just not me. This box cost me £15 and the total price of all of the products is £25.59. Whilst this box was still quite good value for money, I just didn't feel it reached it's full potential. I have unsubscribed from Nailbox for the time being, if the boxes get back to what they were like when they first started I may consider resubscribing but for now this box just isn't for me. 

I hope you have enjoyed this review and are having a fab nail day. I would love to know your thoughts on this months box? Do you think these polishes suited the theme? Let me know in the comments section below.I hope to chat to all you lovely people again soon. 

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Easter Chick Nails Using Winkel Nails Truly Fresh

Hello my lovely readers and a happy Easter to you all, I hope you all have a great day full of happiness family and chocolate. Today's post is just a quick one to show you my Easter Chicks I created for this lovely event. For this manicure I used one of the Winkel Nails creme polishes I recently received, I will leave the link here if you would like to see the swatch and review I did for those polishes.

Here he is my little chickadee just popping out of his egg to say hello; to get this look I first painted all of my nails accept my ring finger with 1 coat of Winkel Truly Fresh. Then for my chick accent nail I used Nails Inc Seven Dials, this is a yellow creme opaque in 2 coats. I then top coated all my nails with my HK Girl top coat, and waited for them to completely dry.

To create my little chick I used some chevron nail vinyls I recently purchased from She Sells Seashells for £1, I placed two of these down on the completely dry top coat. One of them was placed about half way down my nail and the other closer to the tip. I then used my China Glaze White On White to fill in the spaces to create the cracked egg. Whilst that was drying I used one of my nail art pens in orange to create an upside down triangle for his beak. Then I used two different sized dotting tools to create his eyes the bigger one for the black and the small one to create his tiny white pupils. 

For the rest of my nails I used these two designs from my beautiful Yay Spring plate from Uber Chic, I love this plate there are so many images that you can choose from. You can still get this plate from She Sells Seashells for £10 . I chose this paticular egg image because I liked the added addition of the flowers between the eggs, it definitly screams Easter and Spring. For the stamping I used Born Pretty stamping polish in white for the eggs and then stamped Happy Easter with Mundo De Unas pink. This was my first time using Mundo De Unas and I couldn't believe how opaque it was, I made a massive haul order immediately after finishing this mani.

So there he is my little chick all ready to enjoy the Easter activities, as Lexi is only 1 right now there will be no egg hunt today. But I am sure my Nan will have arranged some awesome games and there definitly will be plenty of food. I really hope you all have a great day and plenty of eggs. Chat to all you lovely people again soon. Happy Easter!!

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Winkel Nails Swatch & Review

*These products were sent to me for free in exchange for an honest review*

Hello my lovely readers, today I have a very special post for you. I was recently contacted by a new indie polish company called Winkel Nails they kindly sent me four of their creme polishes to swatch and review for you. They are a brand new up and coming UK indie brand, all of their polishes are 5 free. This means that they do not contain any toluene, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and camphor. All of them are also cruelty free which mean that no animal testing was done to create these lovely polishes. At the moment their collection mainly consists of creme polishes and a few glitters. Their are new colours being added every week, so keep your eyes peeled for those, so now that the introduction is out of the way lets get into these fabulous swatches.

The four polishes that I was sent for review all have a creme finish, I was really happy to see the variety in colour they had sent me. All of the polishes packaged really well, each bottle was wrapped in bubble wrap and they came in a red and white striped baggy. They arrived at my door two days after they had been posted to me so very quick shipping. 

The first polish that caught my eye was this beautiful bright blue creme called Truly Fresh, this beautiful polish is opaque in just 1 coat. The formula was really easy to work with and it glided onto the nail nicely. The only thing I will mention is that if this polish gets onto your cuticles it will stain, so just be really careful to not flood your cuticles when applying this one. 

The next polish I tried was Nude Neil this is a light caramel creme which is opaque in 2 coats. As you probably all know I am not a huge fan of nude colours, but this one did start to grow on me the longer it was on  my nails. Again the formula was fantastic to work with and went on really smoothly leaving behind no brush strokes. If you love your nude polishes and the mannequin hand look this will definitly be a good polish for you.

This next polish is called Very Berry, it is a deep raspberry creme opaque in 2 coats. Again formula was fantastic and really easy to work with. This is one of my Mum's favorite colours to wear on her nails so I will definitly be recommending it to her. This colour will be great to wear in the winter months when we are all rocking those darker sultry shades. 

The last polish that was sent to me is this lovely orange creme with a subtle pink shimmer, this one is called Sparkly Orange. This was also opaque in 2 coats, the shimmer does show up on the nail but it is very subtle. I think it will definitly be more prominent in the sun light than in artificial lighting, it is a great colour for this coming summer and would look fantastic on your toe nails too. Definitely a beach worthy polish!

Over all I am really impressed with these four polishes, I do wish the blue hadn't stained my cuticles but as long as you are really careful when applying it shouldn't be a problem. All of them have great formulas and no really big consistency issues. At the moment they are only shipping to the UK and it is free delivery when buying 2 or more bottles. Each polish comes in a 5ml bottle and costs £5.99 per bottle. For a 5 free indie polish this is quite a reasonable price, I will definitly be keeping an eye out to see what other polishes they release in the next few months. 

I will leave all of Winkle Nails social media links below and I will have another post coming soon featuring some nail art using their polishes. Thank you again to Winkel Nails for sending me these polishes, I can't wait to see what the future brings for you. 

As always I hope you are all having a fantastic nail day and a great Easter weekend. Chat to all you lovely people again soon.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

HPB Presents Spring Flower Water Marble

Hello my lovely readers! I can not believe that Spring has arrived so quickly and that Easter is literally only a few days away. It seems very strange to me to have it so close to St Paddy's day, in my family we celebrate both days so that equals twice the fun. We normally go to my amazing Nan's for Sunday roast dinner anyway so Easter just means a roast with the added addition of chocolate. Today's post is another awesome blogger link-up with all the lovely ladies from the Hobby Polish Blogger's Facebook page. This is an awesome group of people who have helped me so much with the progress of my blog. This time the link-up theme is Spring, so for this mani I decided to use that gorgeous pink polish from Tux Polish called Pretty Christmas Sweater, this polish screams Spring to me.

I paired this beautiful pink creme with gold shimmer with my white born pretty store stamping polish. As you can probably tell I did not create this water marble myself, I am hoping to try one soon. But this beautiful flower design is from the Bundle Monster Water Marble Blogger Collab plate; this amazing plate was created by Sloteazzy. It is the perfect plate for those of us who can not water marble and has many beautiful designs. 

I will definitely be using this plate in future designs, especially if my water marbling attempts are as bad as I fear they will be. Once the mani was complete I did look at it and kind of wish that I had stamped with a different colour maybe a blue or a light purple, just to give it that extra Springy look. I would love to know your thoughts, do you think this would look better in a different colour? 

I hope you like my Spring mani and please go check out all the other lovely ladies Spring mani's. Loving all the beautiful bright and cheerful designs, I can't wait until it starts to warm up here a little bit, plenty of trips to the park with Lexi and lots of picnics are planned for the warmer weather. 

As always I hope you are all having a fabulous nail day, and chat to all you lovely people again soon.

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Tux Polish Sea Turtle Nail Art

Hello my lovely readers! I hope you have all been having a fabulous weekend, mine has been very relaxing as I haven't been feeling 100%. Today's post is featuring that beautiful Tux Polish Sea Turtle in some nail art. The minute I read the name of this polish I knew what I wanted to do, I even purchased a Moyou London plate specifically for this particular manicure. I really hope you like it and i'm so excited to show you my Sea Turtle mani.

Yay! I managed to use this beautiful polish and create in my opinion a very cute Sea Turtle manicure. I completely fell in love with this polish as soon as I saw the bottle, and I knew I had to try and take it to the next level but not ruin that beautiful green colour and it's gorgeous blue shimmer. 

To begin I stamped this lovely Turtle/Tortoise shell pattern onto all of my nails using True Brit London Park Lane which I received in a previous Nailbox. This stamps lovely and was just the colour I was looking for. The turtle shell pattern comes from Moyou London Pro Collection 3, then to finish this manicure off I stamped my little turtle on my ring finger. This little guy comes from Moyou London Doodles Collection 7, this plate is crammed with lots of cute little sea animals and patterns. I am so glad I purchased this plate because the designs are endless, if you would like a full review on this plate leave me a comment down below and I will see what I can do. 

I am really happy with how this design turned out, it is just what I had imagined in my head. Tux Polish Sea Turtle is still available on the Tux polish website now for $4.50 which is £3.18. I would highly suggest grabbing this polish before it sells out, it is so unique and I can honestly say I do not own another polish like it. 

I hope you have enjoyed my quick Sunday nail art post, and that you like the design I came up with. As always feel free to leave all your comments down below, and I hope you are all having a fabulous nail day. Chat to you all again soon. 

Thursday, 17 March 2016

St Patrick's Day manicure Using Pretty Serious Liquid Leprechaun

Hello my lovely readers! Happy St Patrick's day to all, with my family being mostly Irish I knew I wanted to do something special for today's manicure. So when I saw Pretty Serious releasing a limited addition polish called Liquid Leprechaun I knew I had to pick it up. This post is for all of my Irish family and all you lovely people out there that are celebrating this awesome day.

I love how this turned out it screams St Paddy's day and that accent nail of Liquid Leprechaun really makes this mani pop. I am sure this will get the seal of approval from my family over seas and at home. 

For my accent nail I used the stunning limited edition Pretty Serious Liquid Leprechaun, this is available at Rainbow Connection right now for £6.50.  I think there are only a few bottle's left so hurry on over now to grab yours. Liquid Leprechaun is a jam packed Irish Glitter fest, it has gold and green glitters in many different sizes that all lie in a bright green jelly base. I used 2 coats to get the polish completely opaque, the jelly base gives this polish lots of depth and those glitters add that touch of sparkle.

For the rest of my nails I first put on a white creme base colour the one above is China Glaze white on white which takes 2 coats for full opacity. I then used my Moyou London Festive plate collection 21, which is full of lots of St Patrick's day inspired images. For the stamping I used my green shimmer Born Pretty Store stamping polish and my gold. To give those clover leaves a touch of gold sparkle I dotted a bit of each polish onto the image and used my Fab Ur Nails scraper to blend. Once everything was completely dry I top coated and sealed in my design with HK Girl quick dry top coat. 

I hope you all have a fantastic St Patrick's day, I really love how this design turned out and I hope you all do too. As always please leave all your feedback in the comments section below and have a fab nail day. Chat to all you lovely people again soon. 

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Tux Polish Swatch Kit- Swatches and Review

Hello my lovely readers! I hope you are all having a great week so far, today's post is going to be all about the fabulous indie brand called Tux Polish. They are an American indie maker founded in 2014, they make stunning polishes in lots of different finishes and colours. The creator of Tux Polish is called Dominique all of her polishes are 5 free so there is no toluene,camphor, dibutyl, formaldehyde or formaldehyde resin. I recently asked Dominique if I could purchase one of her discounted Swatch Kits, this is a kit that includes 3 polishes for bloggers to swatch and review. It is a fantastic way for bloggers to try out the brand, and receive some beautiful polishes we may not have picked ourselves. I was over the moon with the 3 polishes that were sent to me, so lets get into the swatches.

All 3 of these polishes are available to purchase from the Tux Polish website and all 3 have great formula's.

This first polish is called Sea Turtle, this is a gorgeous green creme packed full of green, silver and blue shimmer along with some micro glitter. This is an absolutely stunning polish, that shimmer translates to amazingly well to the nail. I don't normally like greens but this one has definitely found its way to my heart. This takes 2 coats to be completely opaque and even though it is packed with shimmer and glitter it does not dry textured, 1 layer of top coat makes that blue glitter pop even more. You can purchase Sea Turtle now at a discounted price of $4.50 which is about £3.18, which is a huge bargain for this unique polish. 

Next up is Ashes In The Cauldron, this is a beautiful dark grey creme, this becomes opaque in 2 coats. The first coat was very sheer but it built up really well on the second. This polish also dries with a shiny finish, I did add top coat but that was more out of habit than anything else. Ashes In The Cauldron is from their Dark Magic collection, it is the perfect colour if you are wanting a dark nail but not completely black. This can be purchased from the website for $7.50 which is £5.30.

The last polish I was sent in my Swatch Kit is Pretty Christmas Sweater, this is a gorgeous light pink creme with lots of gold shimmer, as you all know I am a huge fan of pink so I knew I would love this one before it even got on my nail. This is another 2 coater polish and dries to a satiny finish, it is the perfect colour for Spring and this coming Summer, which is funny because this polish was released in the 2015 Christmas collection called Jingle All The Nails. This beautiful girly polish is available now for $8.00 which is roughly £5.65, I would recommend this to all of those girly pink polish lovers out there.

All 3 of these polishes come in 9ml bottles, they are quite long bottles so the brush is as well, I found if you wipe the stem off the side of the bottle as you are bringing the brush out you have less chance of it dripping onto you hand or you nail. I love the bottle shape and the brush is so easy to hold when your applying your polish. Tux polish do ship internationally which starts at the price of $10 which is £7.10, it took roughly just under 2 weeks for my parcel to arrive to me which isn't bad at all for over seas shipping.

Over all I would definitely recommend Tux Polishes to anyone, the formula is fantastic and they come up with some really unique looking polishes and collections, I am definitely going to be making some more orders in the future. I will have some nail art coming soon featuring these beautiful polishes. I will leave all of their social media links below. 

I really hope you have liked this post and that you go check out Tux polish, hope all of you lovely people are having a fabulous nail day and I will chat to you all again soon.

Monday, 14 March 2016

When Colours Collide- Red and Black Manicure Challenge

Hello my lovely readers, as you can probably tell from the title of this post it is that time again. Today's post is all about the latest When Colours Collide theme, if you haven't read one of these posts before When Colours Collide is a Facebook page that invites nail enthusiasts to come up with manicure ideas based off of the theme, they post different colour combinations every two weeks and you then make a manicure combing those colours. This time the theme was red and black, many different thoughts went through my mind for this colour combo but in the end I had to go with my heart.

Here they are my blingy ladybirds or as I like to call them ladybugs, when I read that it would be red and black I couldn't resist having these cute little insects crawling across my nails. To start this manicure off I chose this gorgeous OPI called Innie Minnie Mightie Bow this is a beautiful deep red with a subtle gold shimmer, this gorgeous polish is from the Couture de Minnie collection that was released 3 years ago. It becomes fully opaque in 2 easy to apply coats and the sunshine really brings out that beautiful shimmer. I am a huge Minnie Mouse fan so I am hoping to own all of the pretty polishes from both the Minnie Mouse OPI collections, I managed to pick this one up from TKMaxx for £3.99.  

Once my red base colour was completely dry I added one coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust to make sure my little bugs had that extra little bit of sparkle. 

I top coated with some HK Girl top coat and then used my Born Pretty Store black stamping polish to stamp on my buggy friends. For these images I used Moyou London Princess plate collection 10, I stamped the single ladybug image onto my ring nail and thumb, then used the group of ladybug's image for the rest of my nails. 

To finish of the manicure I sealed my design in with my HK Girl quick dry topcoat, over the weekend I took Lexi to the butterfly farm in Stratford so these were the perfect nails for the occasion. 

Here is the collage with all of the other amazing red and black manicures that people created for this theme. There are some gorgeous ideas from some amazing ladies, if you would like to join in and create a manicure with some great colour combinations head on over to the When Colours Collide Facebook page. It is a great group full of lovely people who have lovely nails and come up with some fabulous designs.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and like my blingy ladybugs, the next theme has already been announced. This time the theme will be teal and gold, my mind is racing with some of the manicures I could design. As always I hope you are all having a fabulous nail day and I will chat to all you lovely people again soon.  

Friday, 11 March 2016

For Your Nails Only Cuticle Balm- Test and Review

Hello my lovely readers! I hope you have all had a great week I lost a filling yesterday so had an emergency trip to the dentist, it wasn't as bad as I had imagined so that was a huge plus. As you may or may not know I am always having a lot of trouble keeping my cuticles moist and in good condition due to all the medication I am on for my various chronic illnesses. So a few weeks ago when the lovely Sharon from For Your Nails Only was asking for some people to try out her new organic cuticle balm I jumped at the chance. Today's post is going to be a quick review of how I got on with the product, so lets jump right into it.

When I first received the cuticle balm I did a patch test as was suggested by Sharon just to make sure I wasn't allergic to any of the ingredients she had used. As I said this is a organic cuticle balm so all of the ingredients used are 100% organic and natural. The ingredients Sharon put into this cuticle balm are:
  • Pure Natural Refined Beeswax
  • Raw Unrefined Organic 100% pure and natural Shea Butter
  • 100% pure coconut oil
  • Pure natural Vitamin E
  • Pure & Natural Lavender

When I opened my pot of balm the first thing I noticed was that the texture was a lot like the Burt's Bees cuticle butter. The picture above is after I have been using it for the last two weeks, as you can see there is plenty left and a little definitely goes a long way. Once it was opened I could smell the lovely scent of lavender and a slight hint of honey. The beeswax in here definitely tones down that lavender smell so it is not overpowering. 

To apply the balm I picked up a small bit on one of my fingers and proceeded to rub this into my cuticles on the other hand. When it first goes on it feels very much like the Burt's Bees cuticle butter, once rubbed into the cuticle it leaves them moisturised and soft. There is no greasy residue left behind and it soaks into the skin within a few minutes so it can be used on the go. My cuticles have never looked better since I have been using this in the morning and just before I go to bed. The only issue I would have is that the pot could be a little bit wider as I do find that when I am trying to get some onto my finger it can sometimes get underneath the tip of my nail. 

Overall I am highly impressed with this product, it has done my cuticles the world of good. I am really happy to announce that Sharon has brought more supplies and will hopefully begin selling this balm through her social media platforms. For Your Nails Only is a blog on Facebook, she does gorgeous manicures and great reviews She is also on Instagram and Twitter I will leave all the links to Sharon's social media below. Be sure to check out her pages and keep a close eye out for this amazing cuticle balm going on sale soon. 

For Your Nails Only: Facebook| Instagram| Twitter

As always I hope you have enjoyed this post and are all having a fabulous nail day, hope to see all you lovely people in the next post. 

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Ard As Nails The Bookouture Girls-Swatch and Review

Hello my lovely readers! I hope you are all having a great week so far, even though this weather is miserable and I am seriously starting to second guess the fact that we are actually in Spring my week has been great. Plenty of nail mail that will be featured on the blog and the best part is Lexi has began to take more than a few steps and is beginning to walk. I never thought I would be so proud and happy of another human being moving their two feet, but I am so ecstatic to see all the little things my baby can do now. Now that I have sung my babies praises lets get into why we are all here, just a few weeks ago I saw that Ard as Nails who are a part of the Soap Dodger company have come out with a new collection.

This brand new collection is called The Bookouture Girls, this consists of 5 holographic polishes in some gorgeous colours. definitely polishes that will cheer you up on these cold and dreary spring days. 

This is White Cliff Bay it is a stunning turquoise polish ram packed with tons of holographic glitter, for this swatch I used 2 coats to get this opaque and then top coated using my HK Girl top coat. Out of the whole collection I would say this would have to be my favourite, I am a huge fan of this blue turquoise colour. I wore this to my Nan's house the other day with some spring nail art stamping, and everyone was saying how beautiful this polish is. 

The second polish in this collection was the one that caught my eye when they came out of the packet, this is Summer Flings and Dancing Dreams. It is a raspberry pink holographic, this swatch is using two coats with top coat. The holographic doesn't always stand out as much as it does in White Cliff Bay but when in sun light it is stunning, as you all know I love the colour pink and this shade always just screams yummy to me.

This dark purple holographic is called Blissful Bookworm, this was one of the sheerer polishes in the collection. For my swatches I used 2 coats it was opaque but to get a colour more accurate to the bottle I would probably use 3 just to make it a bit deeper. 

The fourth polish in this collection is called Dark Knight, it is a light grey holographic opaque in 2 coats; because it has such a dark base the holographic glitter doesn't show up as much especially in darker lighting. I never have been a huge fan of grey but adding that tiny bit of sparkle does make it more appealing. 

The final polish in this collection is called Kitty's Secret, it is a maroon holographic polish opaque in 2 coats. This is my mum favourite colour so I am pretty sure she will be coming to me soon asking me to paint her nails with this. 

Overall I am fully impressed with this collection, the colours are beautiful and definitely just the thing to cheer us up with this horrible UK weather. On all of the polishes the formula was fantastic, they went on smoothly and each one left no brush strokes or bald spots. You can get this full collection now from the Ard As Nail website, for the mini set which is a 4.5ml bottle it is £15 and for the full size 15ml bottles the full set will be £28. On all of the Ard As Nails polishes there is no postage to pay and mine arrived to me 3 days after my order. 

I am sure these polishes will be popping up in some future nail art mani's, this collection was definitely worth the money I spent and I am so happy to have all of them in my ever growing nail polish collection. I really hope you have enjoyed this swatch and review post and that you are all having a fab nail day, chat to all you lovely people again soon.