Monday, 27 June 2016

Nicole Diary Stamping Plate- Mani & Review

*Press Sample*

Hello my lovely readers, I hope you have all had a fabulous weekend. It was quite warm here so we went to the park and had an ice cream, the next thing I know it's pouring rain. Seriously wish this British weather would make it's mind up, it is like England has mixed emotions at the moment. For today's blog post I am using another great product from the lovely people at Nicole's Diary.

For this manicure I used another beautiful Princess Nail Lacquer polish and some Mundo De Unas stamping polish. I liked how this turned out it was a very happy go lucky look, great for when the sun actually does peek its head out from behind those clouds.

For my base colour I used Princess Nail Lacquer's Heart Break, this is a beautiful deep purple with scattered holographic glitter. 

It applies really easily to the nail and is fully opaque in 2 coats. It does not leave any staining on the nail or cuticles. 

Once my base colour was top coated and dry I chose to use this stamping plate from Nicole Diary, it has some really beautiful images. The patterns on this plate are lovely and very unique, they are the same size as the square bundle monster plates. Each image is quite large so this would be good for both long and short nails, 

The image I chose to use was the bottom right image, this had a geometric pattern that also looks like a flower. It is very girly and pretty, I don't think I have any other stamping plate's quite like this one. The Mundo De Unas I used is pink, it is extremely opaque over both white and black. I used my clear jelly stamper to place each image on my nails. 

Again the Nicole Diary products were really easy to use and great quality, I love how unique this plate is and it stamped perfectly first try. 

You can buy Nicole Diary products from both Aliexpress and Amazon, I will leave all of their links including their social media below. Don't forget to use my code ki2016 when purchasing and you will receive a free gift with your order. 

As always I hope you are all have a great nail day, and I will chat to all you fabulous people again soon. 


Friday, 24 June 2016

Sleeping Beauty Smoosh Mani

Hello my lovely readers, I hope you have all had a great week. I am counting down the days for my mum to get home from America with my brand new bottle babies. Fingers crossed they all arrive safe, I will post haul pics on my Instagram so keep an eye out for those. Today's post is another smoosh mani, this time I used my Princess Nail Lacquer Sleeping Beauty trio.

I knew when I purchased these polishes I would have to do a Sleeping Beauty themed mani, it is one of my all time favorite Disney movies. I relate very strongly to Aurora especially the sleeping for a long time aspect. With my chronic illnesses fatigue is a huge part of it and I honestly think if my body didn't need water and food it would just sleep forever. 

To create this look I first put two coats of Merryweather onto all of my nails, I wanted to put the lightest colour in the smoosh down first so it would show with the other two more bold colours. No matter how hard I tried poor Merryweather just could not win againt her two older sisters. It was like the scene where the fairies argued over what colour Aurora's dress should be, make it pink! No Green! No Blue!

To get this smooshed affect I added a few drops of Flora, Fauna and Merryweather to my giant born pretty stamper. I then lightly twisted these on my Uber Chic mat to blend them together, I then added the smooshed colours to my nails. I did this about 3 times until I was happy with the the finished effect, I used my top coat to seal the design in. 

To bring this Sleeping Beauty manicure to life I used Uber Chic Fairytale plate and Uber Chic collection 9 plate 3 for the word 'dream'. To create the shadow effect I first stamped the images in mundo de unas black and then with my clear jelly stamper I lined the image up so it was just overlapping with the white

I am really happy with the finished look it was just how I had imagined it in my head, that doesn't happen very often. What do you think of this look? I would love to know what your favorite Disney movie is maybe I can try and do a manicure for that next time. 

As always have a fabulous nail day and I will chat to all you wonderful people again soon. 

Monday, 20 June 2016

Princess Nail Lacquer Sleeping Beauty Fairies Trio- Swatch & Review

Hello my lovely readers, I can not believe we are back to Monday all ready the weekends just seem to fly by. I hope you had a fabulous weekend, the weather still doesn't seem to have made up its mind here in the UK. But I have some gorgeous brand new nail polishes to show you today from Princess Nail Lacquer, which is a new to me brand. So lets jump straight in!

This beautiful three piece collection is based off of the three fairies in the Sleeping Beauty movie, I have always loved this movie and knew I needed these stunning polishes the minute I saw them on Princess Nail Lacquers Instagram. These are gorgeous colours for summer and perfect to wear on your fingers and toes to the beach.

The first gorgeous polish is called Merryweather- True Loves Kiss, this beautiful pastel blue is based off of the short spit fire fairy that gave Aurora the gift to be awakened by true loves kiss when she is put under the sleeping curse.  

The formula was so easy to work with and built up to full opacity in 2 coats, it has this beautiful pinky bronze shimmer. I would definitely say this is a must have if you love those pale blues with an extra something added in. 

This second polish a gorgeous sea foam green and is called Fauna- The Gift of Song, this is the fairy with a kind nature and gave Aurora the gift of song. 

I love this one it has some gorgeous light green flakies and is fully opaque in two coats, this was another easy to work with formula and went on smoothly. 

The last polish is called Flora- The Gift of beauty, this is based off of the eldest fairy who gives Aurora the gift of beauty. She is the leader of the fairies, and makes the decisions.

Flora is definitely my favourite out of the three, I knew it would be because I always gravitate more to the pinks. This beautiful cerise pink has scattered holographic which just takes it to a new level. Flora is fully opaque in 2 coats and has such an easy to work with formula, you might even get away with one thick coat for this one.

I love this trio its so unique and the fact they are based off of Disney is just the cherry on the top. All of the polishes have really great formula's and none of them left staining on the nail or in my cuticles. 

Princess Nail Lacquer is another amazing UK Indie created by the lovely Ashleigh, all of her polishes are 5 free, vegan friendly and cruelty free. I believe that Flora and Fauna are sold out at the moment but Merryweather is available in 10ml bottle for £6. I think she only ships to the UK at the moment, my polishes were well wrapped and arrived 3 days after I place my order. I will definitely be trying some more Princess Nail Lacquer in the future. I will leave links to her Etsy shop and all social media below.

I really loved this Sleeping Beauty trio I would love to know which one is your favourite? I will have some nail art using these three polishes up soon.

As always have a fantastic nail day and I will chat to all you wonderful people soon.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Nicole Diary Water Decal Mani Using Danglefoot Nail Polish Snow & Charming

*Press Sample*

Hello my lovely readers I hope you have all had a good week so far, the weather here has been absolutely crazy. One minute the sun is shining the next it is pouring down and you can hear clashes of thunder in the distance. So to try and brighten things up bring back those happy summer vibes I used some of the water decals that were recently sent to me by Nicole Diary in exchange for an honest review. This water decal worked so well with the Danglefoot Snow and Charming duo.

I used the water decal for my accent nail and it tied the whole manicure together really well.

The water decals or nail water stickers were extremely easy to use, it had very clear instruction's on the back of the packaging. To start this manicure I used 2 coats of snow on all of my nails I then top coated and waited for that to completely dry. Once that was done I cut out the part of the decal I wanted and tried to get it to be just a little bit bigger than my nail. I placed the decal in the water for about 15 seconds and then popped it onto my ring nail using some tweezers. I had lots of time to get it in the position I wanted and had no issues with tearing I used acetone to clean up the edges and melt off any excess. 

To tie the whole manicure together I used a medium sized dotting tool and added a dot of charming to all my other nails near the cuticle. This was to give the effect of a nail gem, although I think I was a little heavy handed with the dotting tool so the dots were a bit bigger than I had envisioned.

Overall I am really happy with the final look I think all of the colours went really well together, and the bird is the perfect way to resemble Snow White. 

Nicole Diary sell many different beauty related products which include nail stamping plates, water decals and nail studs. They sell their products through both Amazon and Aliexpress, they do ship worldwide and their prices are extremely reasonable. It took around 3 weeks for me to receive my package and everything was packed nice and neatly. I will leave all links to their stores and social media down below, they have some really unique pretty designs. 

I have plenty more mani's coming up using some more of their beautiful decals and their selection of stamping plates, so stay tuned for those! They have given me a coupon code to share with you, use ki2016 with your orders and receive a free gift worth $2-$5. 

As always have a fabulous nail day and I will chat to all you wonderful people again soon. 

Monday, 13 June 2016

Danglefoot Nail Polish Once Upon A Time Duo Snow & Charming- Swatch & Review

Hello my lovely readers, I hope you all had a really great weekend and are enjoying all of this fabulous sun we have been having. Unfortunately I have woken up to a very drizzly Monday morning, but these beautiful limited edition Danglefoot polishes have definitely made my day a little brighter. For today's blog I will show you full swatches of this gorgeous Once Upon A Time duo.

This months duo is Snow and Charming, if you missed last months polishes you can find full swatches of Swan and Hook here. These limited edition duos are made by the lovely Hayley from Danglefoot nail polish, she has collaborated with different bloggers to create some beautiful polishes based off of the characters from the TV show Once Upon A Time. Last months polishes were a collaboration with myself and Hayley and this months duo was a collaboration with Hayley and SailorNails.

Snow is a beautiful white crelly with holographic glitter and green shimmer, the shimmer was so difficult to capture but it does show up on the nail. 

I do love this polish it takes 2 coats to be fully opaque although you might need 3 if you do thinner coats.

This is such a gorgeous polish perfect for the character Snow white, with the bottle shot you can see that beautiful green shift. This is a great polish if you are looking for a white that has a little extra sparkle. 

The second polish in the duo is called Charming, this is a gorgeous green turquoise creme with holographic glitters and silver flakies. 

Charming is fully opaque in 2 thin coats, you could even get away with 1 thick coat for this one. It is really pretty on the nail and a great colour for summer. 

It is such a pretty polish and has such an easy formula to work with, I would say out of the duo Charming would definitly be my favourite. Neither of these polishes left staining in my cuticles or on the nail. 

This duo is now completely sold out and the Danglefoot shop is closed whilst Hayley moves house. I would definitely recommend trying Danglefoot polish out if you haven't already, her polishes are fantastic and I have not come across a polish that I haven't been happy with so far. I will leave all the links to the Danglefoot Etsy shop down below and all of her social media too.

I hope you have enjoyed today's post, I would love to know which one out of the duo is your favorite? As always leave your comments down below I love reading them and thank you all so much for coming to my blog and joining me in my little nail polish world. 

Have a fabulous nail day and I will chat to all of you wonderful people again soon. 


Thursday, 9 June 2016

Freckles Polish Gradient Manicure Using The Creme's Collection

Hello my lovely readers, I hope you have all had a great week so far. I am loving all of the Summer manicures floating around at the moment. Especially the beautiful gradients, I do love the effect of a gradient but not so much the clean up after. However once I had finished swatching the Freckles polish cremes collection I couldn't resist seeing how well they would blend together. Lets get straight into it!

For this paticular manicure I used Oh Boy, Parma Violets and Make The Boys Wink for my gradient base full swatches of these are in my previous post. These polishes blended so well together. I had to do about 3 layers to get the blend of colours I was happy with and to make sure they were opaque. I did put down a white base before sponging my gradient onto my nails. For this I used Color Club French Tip which is a lovely 1 coat white, great for nail art. I also had to add a little bit of glitter so I used China Glaze Fairy Dust to add that little bit of sparkle to the gradient 

For my stamping I used one of my new Fab Ur Nails plates Fun 14, I really loved the look of the girl letting the birds and flowers go and thought it would look pretty over the gradient. I love the way it works across all of the nails. 

I used my clear jelly stamper to make sure each image went in the right place, I was tempted to stamp white over each image to create a silhouette look. But I was happy with how the black looked by itself, once everything was dry I top coated all of my nails to seal the design in and make the holo glitters more prominent. 

I was so pleased with how well the Freckles Polish cremes blended, they were extremely each to use and created just the look I was going for. You can pick all of these polishes up from the Freckles Polish Etsy store. I will leave links to that and all of their social media down below. 

I have plenty more summer manicures to come so keep your eyes peeled for those, a huge American Haul is coming soon too. My lovely polish mule (also known as my Mum) will be bringing me home plenty of polish when she comes back from Kentucky later this month. I am so excited to see them all, lots of neons coming your way soon!

As always have a great nail day and I will chat to all you wonderful people again soon. 

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Freckles Polish Creme's Collection- Swatch & Review

Hello my lovely readers, I hope you are all having a great week so far and are enjoying all of this beautiful sunshine we have been having lately. I have been making sure Lexi and myself have plenty of sun screen on as we are both so pale, the joys of having Irish skin. For today's post I would like to show you the full 6 piece creme collection from Freckles polish.

This collection is all about creme's it was released a few months ago and has 6 gorgeous pastel shades with a creme finish; I believe this will be part of the Freckles Polish core collection and will be added to as the year goes on. Let's get into the swatches!

The first creme in the collection is called Banana Milkshake, this is a pastel yellow that takes 3 coats to be fully opaque. 

This polish was on the sheer side but built up really well, if manipulated too much this may get streaky so the three stroke method will probably be best for this one. 

This polish is perfect for Spring and Summer, or if your like me all year round. I can not resist a pretty pastel yellow on my fingers and toes. 

The second polish in the collection is by far my favourite, this is a bubble gum pink creme called Make The Boys Wink.

This reaches full opacity in 2 coats, the formula was easy to work with and built up really well.

I love this shade of pink; as you all know by now pink is one of my favourite colours so this was bound to be in my top 3 from this collection. This would look lovely with a floral pattern stamped over it. 

The third polish in the collection is called Fuzzy Peach, it is a peach shade with a few drops of pink. Because I am so pale this one made me feel like I had manikin hands, I would definitely say it looks more like a nude on me. 

Fuzzy Peach takes 2 coats to be fully opaque, this was another one that could get a little bit streaky if manipulated too much.

If you are a fan of nudes then you will love this polish, especially if you prefer them to be more pink toned. 

This beautiful violet creme is called Parma Violets, it is a gorgeous light pastel purple with a really easy to apply formula.

This took 2 coats to be fully opaque, you could even get away with just one thick coat but to make sure its not streaky I did add a second. 

This was one of the darker colours in the collection, I absolutely love it it is perfect for the Spring season and will work really well in a gradient. 

When you think of Spring and Summer what comes to mind? Gorgeous clear blue skies of course. Oh Boy is the perfect colour to bring that beautiful colour to your nails. 

Oh Boy is fully opaque in 2 coats and has an easy to apply formula. 

This is the perfect polish if you are wanting a gorgeous bright pastel blue on your nails, this would be the perfect base for a beach scene with a beautiful blue sky.

The last polish in the creme collection is called Minty Fresh, this is a beautiful mint colour that leans more green than blue.

Minty Fresh reaches full opacity in 2 easy to apply coats.

I love a good mint creme especially in the Spring, it goes so well with any design especially white daisies.

All of these creme polishes dry to a shiny finish, I did add top coat just so that the polish would last longer on the nail without chipping. None of these pastels left any staining around the cuticles or on the nail, the formula was really easy to work with and I would definitly recommend these if you are looking to add some pretty pastels to your collection. For the 5ml mini bottles it is £3.50 and for a full size 10ml bottle it costs £6.50, shipping charges start from £1.50 I have always received my parcels quickly and well bubble wrapped so very little chance of breakages.

Freckles Polish is a UK indie brand made by Julieann Byrne, she has loads of different polishes in different finishes. She has told me she will be releasing some new collections soon, I can not wait to see what she comes up with. I will leave the link to her Etsy shop below and all of Freckles Polish social media accounts below. 

I hope you have all liked my swatches for this creme collection and the new layout of my blog. I am always trying to improve my photo quality and blogging content. I would love to know what your favourite polish was from this collection, mine is definitly Make The Boys Wink. I am just a huge sucker for those beautiful pinks.

As always have a fabulous nail day and I will chat to all you wonderful people again soon.