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UK Indie Box: Sweet Treats

 Hello my lovely fairies; I hope this week is treating you well so far. Weather has been typical UK summer time weather over here. Lots of lovely rain especially at school drop off and pick up, ahh the joys of mum life LOL. Today I have the most recent UK Indie Box which is organised by my wonderful best friend Becca of A Certain Becca Lacquer. So if you are interested in seeing what was in this last box, read on to find out more...

Whats Up Nails: Monsoon collection

 Hello my lovely fairies; hope everyone is keeping well and been enjoying the sunshine. I've had a poorly baba this week so not much sleep being had here, if its not one of them its the other it seems; the joys of mummyhood :D. So for today's post I have a really fun exciting collection to share with you from What's Up Nails/ What's up Beauty. I was lucky enough to win their recent competition for the launch of their own brand of beauty products which included nail polishes, an eyeshadow palette and eyeshadow brushes. Today i'm showing you the nail polishes so read on to find out more...

Kiki London: Spring Bling 2021

**Ad/Gifted**  Hello my lovely fairies; hope we are all having a good week so far. We went back to school today so getting back into the swing of our routine. The lovely summer weather seems to be finally coming to the UK, so lots of fun in the sun and a new paddling pool has been ordered. Today I have some really pretty glittery gel polishes to share with you from the fabulous brand Kiki London. Read on to find out more about the polishes they sent me from their recent collection release...