Sunday, 31 January 2016

Nailbox Valentines Day Mani

Hello my lovely readers! After yesterday's January Nailbox unboxing and review I was dying to try out those two pink polishes we received. So for today's quick Sunday afternoon mani I give to you my Valentines Day mani that screams nothing but love.

As you all know by now I am a huge lover of all things pink, so when I found out this gorgeous Seche polish called Rendezvous stamps I was over the moon. For the stamping I used one of my favourite stamping brands Uber Chic. This image is from collection 6 using plate 1, I have been meaning to try out this inverted heart image for quite a while and I think it works really well with these two polish colours.

Sinful PROshine's Babydoll is such a lovely baby pink creme, I did however need to use three coats to get this fully opaque and if you use to thick a coat it can get quite gloopy. It isn't the best baby pink I have tried but is not the worst either, as long as you do thin coats it will build up well. I left it to dry for quite some time to make sure all three coats had fully dried and then used my HK Girl top coat before stamping on my hearts with Seche Rendezvous. 

Overall I am please with how this stamping design turned out and am loving these two shades of pink together. I hope you have enjoyed this quick post and you have all had a great weekend, as we're now coming into February you will probably see quite a few Valentines mani's coming from me. So expect plenty of pink and lots of love, Hope you are all have a fabulous nail day and chat to you all again soon.

Saturday, 30 January 2016

January Nailbox-Valentines Day

Hello my lovely readers, as we are now finishing up January it is time to start thinking about that lovey dovey day in February. That's right Valentines is just around the corner, and the great girls at Nailbox decided to make sure our nails would be prepared for the occasion. January's Nailbox theme was Valentines day, when I read this my mind immediately went to one paticular colour PINK! I am a huge lover of all things pink, I have pink hoodies, jumpers and trainers. So when I opened this months box I was very happy to see that beautiful colour among my packing peanuts.

This month we were treated to another nail treatment, two polishes, one glitter topper and some very handy dandy orange sticks. My little pack of love hearts almost didn't even make it to this picture as my boyfriend loves them and wanted to eat them before I had even finished gazing at the beautiful pink polishes. 

Lets dive right in with this gorgeous glitter topper from Nails Inc called Alexa Hearts, this is the perfect topper for valentines day as nothing screams love more than a pretty red heart. There are thousands of red heart glitters in a clear base, This polish is designed to be more for placement than coverage. You get a very small brush to pick out the hearts and place them where you want them on your nail. This is a limited edition polish and sells for £15 on the Nails Inc website.

The next polish that caught my eye was this Sinful Proshine called Babydoll, this is a baby pink creme opaque in 2 coats. You may even need a third if you have longer nails as it is quite sheer but builds up well. This is my second Sinful Proshine from Nailbox, I love Show off which I received in last years Septembers Nailbox and used it for a Halloween mani. You can pick up this gorgeous polish at the Sinful Nails website for £7.95.

The last polish in this months box is Seche Rendezvous this is a cerise pink creme opaque in 2 thin coats I even think you may be able to get away with one thick one. The formula was great went on the nail smoothly and built up very well. I love this colour and am so happy to finally have a Seche polish in my collection. You can pick Rendezvous up from Nail polish Direct for £8.95.

We also received another nail treatment from Elegant touch, this is a 24KT Gold flecks Ridge Filler. this treatment is suppose to improve the appearance of any imperfections on your nails and protect the nail from any yellowing or discoloration. I will probably get around to using this one day but at the moment I am still relying on my trusty Nailtiques Formula 2. It's always great to have something like this in my collection though if there is ever a day were I have naked nails I am sure this filler would make them look fabulous. You can purchase this from the Elegant touch website for £8.95.

The last item in this months box are some Nailbox orange sticks, as all of us nail addicts know there are many uses for an orange stick. So it is always handy to have to have some stashed away in my helmer. 

Overall I am in love with this months Nailbox, there are some great polishes and I can think of many different manicures I could create with all of these goodies. Nailbox is a monthly subscription service for £15 per month you get lots of nail products. The total of this months box was £49.80 that is a whooping £34.80 saved. BARGAIN!

I hope you have enjoyed this post, I would love to know what you thought of this months box. I will have my Valentines manicure posted soon using some of the beauties I received. As always hope you are having a fab nail day and chat to you all again soon.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Meebox Blackberry Margarita Mani

Hello my lovely readers, I hope everyone is well and having a fabulous week. Mine hasn't been fantastic have lost my voice and have a really bad head cold. This time of year all I seem to do is pick up bugs and spend lots of time in my PJ's curled up with Lexi on the sofa. As you all probably know I recently received January's Meebox and in it were some gorgeous goodies, I knew straight away that I would be try the 'Ard As Nails polish called Little legs. I have wanted to try out this indie brand for quite some time now and was super thrilled to see that little bottle sitting among the paper worms when I opened my Meebox. So today's post is all about my boozy mani using 'Ard As Nails little legs and the lovely cocktail glass stencil from She Sells Seashells.

First I did 2 coats of 'Ard As Nails Little legs and then top coated with HK Girl and left it to dry, once that had fully dried I placed the stencil onto my ring finger nail and used my Born Pretty Silver stamping polish to paint over the stencil. Before that had chance to fully dry I pulled back the stencil with some tweezers to try and get as straight an edge as possible.

Because I didn't want to leave my little cocktail glass all alone I decided to stamp cheers on my middle nail with my silver stamping polish. The plate I decided to use is from Bundle Monsters second set of celebration plates, this was primarily for New Years Eve but the little cheers at the bottom of the plate in the middle was perfect to finish off my simple elegant mani.

I am completely in love with this raspberry holographic polish, I wish I had a better lamp or some sunlight so I could show you just how holographic this polish really is. I will definitely be purchased more 'Ard As Nails polishes in the future, the formula is great and the colour is to die for. 

I hope you have enjoyed my simple mani, if you would like me to swatch any 'Ard As Nails polish in particular please post a comment down below and I will see what I can do. As always hope your all have a fabulous nail day and chat to you again soon.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

January's Meebox- Blackberry Margarita

Hello my lovely readers; it is that time of the month again I must admit I love the end of the month because there is plenty of nail mail coming through my door. Today's blog post is going to be a swatch and review of this months Meebox, the theme for this month was Blackberry Margarita. When I heard of the theme I honestly could not imagine what they were going to send us. But I am over the moon with the goodies we received from Meebox this month, there are two brands this month I have never tried but have been on my wish list for a very long time. So lets get into this fabulous boozy box.

The colour combination this month is fantastic there is literally every colour of the ingredients that you would put inside a blackberry margarita. I was so happy to see the UK indie brand 'Ard as nails in this months box as I have been meaning to try them for a very long time. I was also very excited to see an A England polish and love the dark plum colour of this polish. 

The 'Ard as Nails we received was called Little Legs, it was the 9.5ml bottle and it is a stunning raspberry holographic polish in a jelly base, this is opaque in 2 coats and looks stunning on the nail. I am wearing this polish right now and can not stop staring at my nails. 'Ard as Nails is a UK indie brand made by Soap Dodger, they are 5 free, cruelty free and EU approved. At the moment they only post in the UK and as long as you are only buying polish from them there is no added shipping, if you do buy some other products such as bath or fragrance products they there will be a shipping charge added. At the moment they only have a mini size bottle of Little legs on their site. you can grab this beauty for £3.50 for a 4.5ml bottle. 

The A England polish we received is called Elaine, this is a lovely plum coloured creme polish, this becomes opaque in 2 coats and has a lovely formula. A England is a high end mainstream brand that produce lots of lovely polishes based off of mythical stories, such as Merlin. You can get Elaine at the A England website for £9.00,

We also received a Models Own polish from the splash collection, this beauty is called pink paradise, this has chunky glitter flakes in a clear base. this is meant as a topper so I don't think you could get this fully opaque. You can get this topper for £4.99 at the Models Own website or from a Models Own bottle shop. They also sell Models Own in some Superdrug stores. 

The last polish item we received was this Nubar Nail Art striper in neon lime, while this isn't particularly a colour I would go for I am sure it will come in handy when doing nail art. You can get this from the nubar website for £4.95 for a 7.4ml bottle.

The final product in this months box was these lovely cocktail glasses stencils from She Sells Seashells, as always these are great quality and easy to use. I think these were specifically made for this box as they are not on the site, but she has loads of nail art goodies on her site, including some of the Uber Chic stamping plates. 

Overall I am super impressed with this months box, the polishes are fabulous and a lovely selection of colours. I will try and get a manicure up tomorrow to go with this awesome boozy box, I hope you have enjoyed this review. Meebox is £20 a month including postage and I am always impressed with the themes they choose and they polishes they put in. Can't wait to see what next months theme will be!

As always hope you are having a fantastic nail day and chat to you all again soon.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

HPB Presents Watermelon Gradient

Hello my lovely readers! Today's post includes an InLinkz link up with the lovely people from Hobby Polish Bloggers, this is a Facebook page I recently joined for nail polish bloggers. There are some lovely ladies on there and they are always willing to give out helpful hints and tricks to help you improve your blog. Each month they come up with a theme for a link-up that anyone in the group can participate in, for January the theme is gradients. Luckily there was a gradient manicure I had been meaning to do for some time, so lets get into my Watermelon Gradient mani.

I was inspired by Kelli Marissa from Youtube, she was previously called The Nail polish Challenge and creates fantastic nail art tutorials that are easy to follow and super cute. For this manicure I chose to use Cassella Limitless as my white base, I received this white creme in my first ever Meebox last September. This is opaque in 2 coats and has a great formula, it creates the perfect base for any gradient. Then for the two pink colours in the gradient I used Barry M Pink Punch and Barry M Speed Demon, then I used the white again for the tip of my nail.

After my gradient was opaque enough and dry I added a layer of top coat so that it would even it out and not smudge when I wanted to add the details of my watermelon.

Once the top coat was dry I used Essie's Vices Versa to add the french the green skin of the watermelon, I didn't have any french tip guides on hand so I had to do this by eye. After that was dry I used my small dotting tool to add 3 black seeds. First I put a dot of black polish and then dragged this out a little bit to make it more of a seed shape.

So there we have it my watermelon gradient mani, I am really happy with how this turned out and even my boyfriend said they look yummy. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post and are having a fab nail day and a good weekend, plenty more nail art to come and some nail stamping plate reviews. Chat to you all again soon.

Make sure you go check out all the other Hobby Polish Bloggers mani's, there are some amazing mani's and each one of the lovely ladies are fabulous. If your a nail polish blogger come on over and join us, it is a great group full of some great people.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

China Glaze Electric Nights Gradient with Doticure

Hello my lovely readers, well I hope you are all having a good week so far. Mine hasn't been the best as I've been suffering from more migraines. According to the doctors they are called visual migraines which is why I keep getting the black splodge in front of my eyes. Not much I can do really just keep taking strong painkillers and wait for them to pass, but I did not let that stop me from making today's gradient manicure.

I recently picked up the China Glaze Electric Nights mini baby beats collection from my local TKMaxx, all 6 had been reduced to £10 for the set, Bargain! Whilst I was there I also picked up some of the Nails-Inc gel effect polishes, swatches and some some nail art will be posted soon.

To create this manicure the first thing I did was apply a white base coat so that the Electric Nights gradient would be a neon as possible. After that had dried I used a make-up sponge from Poundland and applied 4 colours from the set. From cuticle to tip I used Daisy know my name, Treble Maker, DJ Blue my mind and Glow with the flow. the pink and blue seemed to blend well into a shade of purple. It took a 2 coats to be opaque enough for my liking and I love how the different colours blended well together. To finish this manicure off I got my dotting tool and added dots to each nail using China Glaze White on White. 

I wasn't a 100% sure if I liked this at first but it has grown on me the longer it's been on my nails, once the dots were fully dry I used my HK Girl Top coat to seal in my design and then used my Eye shadow brush from Wilko to clean up around the cuticles. 

I hope you have enjoyed this short post, I love the Electric Nights collection and can definitely see me investing in the full size bottles in the future. I hope you are all having a fab nail day and chat to you all again soon. 

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Born Pretty Store Shimmer Stamping Polish review and swatches

Hello my lovely readers, I hope you all had a great weekend. After posting my Essence polish post I had a few people ask me to do a review on the Born Pretty Store Shimmer stamping polishes. So today I have a full review and swatches on both black and white for all 6 of the colours they have available.

All 6 polishes come in 15ml bottles so you get a lot of polish and a little goes a very long way, there is a bit of a smell when you are using the Born pretty polish. The best way I could describe it would be the smell of a Kleancolor polish, it isn't off putting for me but might be for others so keep that in mind. For all of these swatches I used Uber Chic collection 6 plate 2, there are some gorgeous images on this plate and all the polishes picked them up really well.

The first polish I have is this dark blue, it stamps really well over black and white. I wasn't expecting this to show up as well as it does on the black being quite a dark colour.

This gorgeous emerald green is breath taking over both the white and the black, this would be a great colour for a St Patrick's day mani. Four leaf clovers over a dark green would look gorgeous.

The next polish is this gorgeous icy blue, this again shows up over both black and white. This would look great if you were stamping snowflakes onto your nail, as it has that really wintry feel to it.

The rusty orange shimmer shows up really well on the white, you can see it on the black but not as prominently as I would have liked. This is a beautiful colour for autumn leaves and would look great if you wanted to have a bronze stamped over dark colours.

This pink shimmer leans more towards a red tone but stamps beautifully over both black and white. It is a lovely colour and think it will create some really gorgeous valentines day mani's.

The last of these shimmer polishes is this beautiful royal purple, looks gorgeous over light colours doesn't show as well over the black unfortunately. I actually used this in my recent manicure with Essence polish lucky, I loved the way it came out and how deep the purple looks.

Overall I am highly impressed with these stamping polishes, all of them stamp over black really well except the purple and orange. If the smell of Kleancolor polishes affect you then they might not be to your liking but I didn't find it too overpowering at all. You can buy all 6 of these beautiful polishes from the Born Pretty Store website for £18.75 which comes to £3.12 per bottle, a huge bargain considering they are 15ml bottles. It is free world wide shipping from the Born Pretty Store and does take a while to arrive to the UK, it took 3 weeks to arrive to me but definitely was worth the wait

I have purchased some more of their stamping polishes and can not wait to see what sort of manicures I can come up with. I hope you have enjoyed this post and I would love to know what you think of the Born Pretty stamping polishes so feel free to leave a comment below. As always I hope you are having a fab nail day and chat to you all again soon.

Friday, 15 January 2016

Essence gel polish Swatch and Review

Hello my lovely readers, I hope everyone has been having a fabulous week. Me and Lexi went to baby bounce yesterday and I am absolutely shattered today. So I am sat here on my sofa with a cup of tea in hand writing this post for you, and I do not plan to move position any time soon. For today's post I have a new brand that I have recently began to try, Essence polish.

I have always glanced over at the Essence cosmetics stand when I go into Wilko but never actually purchased any until now. They are a brand that can only be brought from certain Wilko stores and they sell a wide range of different cosmetics, as I am not into make-up my eyes drifted straight towards their polish collection. The company prides themselves on selling high quality items and none of their products are tested on animals. They have a wide range of colours and finishes available in their nail polish line. Each bottle of the gel nail polishes are £1.60 in store and you can also pick up the ones that aren't in your store online and have them either delivered to you, or to your nearest Wilko store. 

One of the first polishes that I decided to try was this gorgeous mint creme called 'play with my mint', this was opaque in 2 coats and applied smooth and even. I was highly impressed with this colour as sometimes with pastel colours I have issues with brush strokes but I had no problems applying this polish. The brush that Essence polish use is a wide short brush quite similar to Sally Hansen Insta-dri line. Once 'play with my mint' was top coated and fully dry I stamped on a simple geometric pattern from Uber Chic collection 6, I will have a full review on this plate and the other two from that collection up shortly. For the stamping I used Born Pretty Store green stamping polish.

The other polish I chose is called 'Lucky', this is a beautiful bright pink creme opaque in 2 coats. With this polish you may even get away with one thick coat, it has great coverage and is a lovely colour for all those girls out there who can't get enough pink, this is one for you. For the stamping I again used Uber Chic collection 6 plate 1, I loved this illusion pattern and decided to stamp it in Born Pretty Store purple shimmer stamping polish. I actually own all of the shimmer stamping polishes, if you wanted to see a review on those please let me know in the comments section below.

Overall I am highly impressed with the Essence gel nail polish, the formula was good for both a dark creme and a pastel and I really like the brush and how it applies evenly. For only £1.60 a bottle there will definitely be more of these polishes showing up in a future haul, and with such a wide array of colours the possibilities are endless. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post, let me know what you think of the Essence nail polishes below, feel free to leave pics of the designs you have created with these awesome polishes. As always hope you are having a fab nail day and chat to you all in the next post.

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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Inside Out Nail Art using my Echoes Custom Polishes

Hello my lovely readers, today as promised I have some Inside Out nail art to go with the gorgeous custom polishes that I purchased from Echoes polish. For this nail art I wanted to try and make each character from the movie come to life on my nails.

To do this I first painted each nail with the holographic polish from the collection, I then used my dotting tool and some white polish to make eyes for each of the characters. For Joy I made her eyes oval, then for Sadness and Fear I made them circular. Then for Angers eyes I made them more on the square side, then disgust was more of a cats eye. Once the eyes had completely dried I drew on their features with my nail art pens. 

Because the holographic didn't show up very well in my other swatches I wanted to take this picture to show you just how gorgeous they are in the sunlight. I am so happy with these polishes and quite proud of this nail art, I know they are not perfect but hopefully the more practise I have the better my nail art will get. 

I hope you enjoyed this short post and have a fantastic day, chat to you all again soon. Some gradient mani's coming your way soon.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Echoes custom polishes- Inside Out collection

Hello my lovely readers, I am so sorry for the massive gap between posts I have been suffering from a week long migraine and have not been able to look at a computer screen for more than a few minutes. I hope today's very special post will make up for my absence.

A few months ago I contacted the ladies from Echoes polish to make me some special custom crelly's for my daughters birthday. If you haven't seen the Minnie Mouse and Sophia the First polishes they made for me please feel free to click on the link. Just before Christmas I contacted Echoes polish again through there Etsy site and spoke with them about ordering 6 more custom polishes. This time I wanted to get an entire collection so I asked them if they could make 6 holographic polishes based off of the Inside Out movie. The whole collection was better than I could have even imagined.

The first polish is for the character Joy, the holographic on this one is very subtle but this is an amazing sunshine yellow polish. I did use 2 coats for this swatch but you could even get away with one thick coat and for a yellow polish I thought that was amazing. There is no denying just looking at this polish brings a huge smile to my face and is the perfect colour for Joys character.

The next polish is for Sadness, this is a sky blue holographic when this polish catches the light that holo really shines through. This was also opaque in 2 coats and had a fantastic formula, no problems with brush strokes or staining. This polish is great for that character but definitely doesn't make me feel sad, I love blues and this one is definitely in my top ten. 

As we all know it is very hard to find a proper red holographic polish, but this red coral polish is great for the character Anger. The holo in this polish is quite subtle yet again but is stunning on the nail. It is opaque in 2 coats, no problems with the formula. This will be a great polish for the summer on your fingers and toes.

For disgust I have this gorgeous apple green holographic, I love this character in the movie and this polish suits her perfectly. This is opaque in 2 coats and I definitely don't own a green polish in this colour, its very unique just like Disgust herself. 

This gorgeous purple berry holographic reminds me of Ribena, and is a lovely colour for the character Fear. Yet again opaque in 2 coats and a fantastic formula, this is a great colour for all times of year.

Finally no Inside Out collection would be complete without Bing Bong, this pink elephant was definitely one of my favourite characters in the movie and this pink holo is by far my favourite out of the collection. The holographic in this is gorgeous in the sunlight, it is opaque in 2 coats and no problems with brush strokes or application. Bing Bong is a happy go lucky elephant and so is this polish, great for summer or if your like me perfect all year round. 

I hope you have enjoyed my swatch and review of these beautiful polishes, if you are wanting some custom polishes of your own Echoes polish sell them for £5.50. They can make whatever you can think of and I am sure I will use them again in the future. Shipping is very quick, I ordered these on the 19th of December, by the 22nd they were made and shipped on the next day. It took just under a week to reach me and all polishes were individually wrapped in bubble wrap so they were very secure from breakages. 

As always I hope you are having a fantastic nail day, I would love to know what you think of these Inside out Holographic polishes and will have some nail art to go with these up soon. Chat to you all in the next post and hope you have had a great weekend.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

First manicure of 2016 using Morgan Taylor Best Ball Gown Ever

Hello my lovely readers I hope you are all having a great week so far, I received some very special nail mail yesterday of some custom polishes that the lovely ladies at Echoes Polish made for me. There will be a full swatch and review coming up of those very shortly. but for today I thought I would do a quick post and share my latest manicure with you.

For this manicure I used the beautiful Morgan Taylor Best Ball Gown Ever, I received this in Decembers Nailbox. This is a gorgeous periwinkle frosty blue with a golden shimmer, I loved how clean and crisp this colour made my nails look. This polish is opaque in 3 coats and is quite a sheer formula but builds up well. 

This is the polish on its own it really is a gorgeous shade of blue, for the final look I wanted to just stamp on something extra but try not take away from the beauty of the polish. 

For the stamping I turned to my Ejiubas Christmas plate and found this gorgeous delicate image of hearts and snowflakes with a swirling pattern. I felt this fit perfectly as it wouldn't cover up the pretty Morgan Taylor polish and was well suited to this time of year. I chose to stamp with Born Pretty Store stamping polish in white and I used my trusty Moyou London rectangular stamper.

I hope you have enjoyed this quick post and like my first manicure for 2016, check back soon as lots of hauls and amazing polish are coming your way. Hope you are all having a fab nail day and look forward to chatting to you in the next post.