Friday, 30 October 2015

Ejiubas Halloween stamping plate

Good afternoon my wonderful readers, thankfully Lexi was in quite a good mood yesterday so I managed to get swatches done to go along with my review of the Ejiubas stamping plate. A few weeks ago I was watching Youtube videos and saw a stamping plate from a brand that I had never heard of. After doing some research and speaking with the lovely Ashley Parrish on Instagram I managed to get my hands on a set of the holiday plates. She did an awesome review of these plates on her Youtube channel which I will leave a link to here if you wanted to go check that out for yourselves.

Ejiubas is a professional nail/beauty supplier, I can't seem to find out much information about them. From what I can tell they have brought out 4 stamping plates so far, these come in collections of two both are double sided one side with single stamping images and the other has a large image made up of lots of different things. They are selling their stamping sets on and, there seems to be a problem with their own personal website at this time. At first I thought I wouldn't be able to buy these as on they don't ship to the UK but after speaking with Ashley I found out they are also selling them on I will leave links here for both Amazon and if you want to grab these beautiful plates yourself, I got mine for £10 including postage and packaging. Bargain!

In the collection that I purchase there were two plates both double sided, one was for Halloween which is the plate I'm reviewing for you today. The other plate is a Christmas inspired stamping plate full of amazing festive images, I will do swatches and a review for that plate at the end of next month so it's closer to Christmas. 
So let's get into this spooktacular Halloween plate, the plate is etched very deep, the edges are sanded so that you don't have the worry about cutting yourself and it has a clear plastic which must be taken off before beginning to stamp. The images suit the theme perfectly I really wish I had managed to get my hands on this earlier in October. I am loving the skeleton hand, this will be a perfect addition to any Bones manicure I do in the future. I was planning to get a swatch of each image but I have some how managed to go through all 500 swatch sticks that I had, no idea how that happened. The base colour used for all of the swatches is Sally Hansen Insta-dri Pumpkin Queen and I stamped using Born pretty store black stamping polish. I had no problem picking up any of the images, this plate is excellently etched and the Born pretty polish has fantastic opacity.
On the other side of the plate you have a mish mash of different Halloween images, this includes everything from spiders, witches, pumpkins, skeletons and at the base of the plate is a graveyard scene that could be placed across each of your nails to create the perfect spooky night time Halloween scene. I have never seen any other stamping plates that are double sided, it really is a fantastic idea you get four sets of images on two plates. Great way to save space for those of you who have a large collection of stamping plates and a very unique selling point for these plates. 
For the back of the plate's swatches I used Sally Hansen Insta-dri Currant Trend and the Born Pretty store stamping polish in white. Again I had no problems picking up any of the images and the stamping polish is very opaque compared to others I have tried. Overall this plate is fantastic I have had no problems with it and I am definitely going to be buying the other set of plates that they sell. I would highly recommend these plates and can't wait to use the Christmas ones throughout December, I can imagine it creating some very festive mani's.
I hope you have enjoyed my swatches and review of this plate and I am so sorry I couldn't get this up sooner, but it will be great for all Halloweens to come. This will probably be my last Halloween inspired post, I wish October was a lot longer as I have so many more ideas I wanted to try. I guess they will all have to wait until next year (sad face). 

I hope you all have a scarylicious and spooktacular Halloween and I will see you all in the next post, can't wait to see what November will bring. 

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Breast cancer awareness manicure

Hello my lovely readers, since last posting I have some good news and some bad news. Good news first my post was returned to me the other night, bad news is that they had gone through all my boxes and have kept three polishes. So I still won't be doing a review for Meebox or Nailbox this month as I don't have the complete set of polishes to show you. However my friend Becca over at A certain Becca Nails will be reviewing both boxes and has already done a review for this months Nailbox. I will leave a link here if you wanted to go check those out. Keep an eye out for her upcoming Meebox review which I'm sure she will have up the next couple of days.

So moving on from the stolen postage saga today I have for you my Breast cancer awareness manicure. As I am sure you are all aware by now October is Breast cancer awareness month and people have been dusting off their pink polishes and doing lovely manicures for this amazing cause. I will leave a link here to the breast cancer awareness link up so you can see pics of some lovely ladies pink mani's, please feel free to go add yours to the link up would love to see what the rest of you have come up with.
Ok so let's get started first thing I did was paint all my nails with Cassella limitless, this is my go to white cream which I received in Septembers Meebox. If you want to go check out all the sailor goodies I received in that box I'll leave a link here for you. This polish is excellent no problems with application and opaque in two coats, the perfect white base for any nail art. Once that was dry I top coated with my trusty Seche Vite and then waited about 10 minutes to make sure it was dry enough to put my vinyls on top. 
Because I am doing a sponged gradient I applied liquid latex all around my fingers to help with clean up, I then placed each chevron on my nail and tried to make sure they were lined up. These lovely chevrons I got from the amazing site She Sells Seashells for £1, I purchased the variety pack so they came in all sizes. These applied really easily and did not pull up any of the white base when I went to remove them. 

Next I picked out three different shades of pink polish from my Barry M collection, the colours I used are; speed demon, dragon and pink punch. Speed demon is the Barry M quick dry and a new polish to my collection. It's a beautiful pastel pink cream that is opaque in two coats, it has a lovely shimmer running throughout which translates beautifully to the nail. Once I had chosen my three polishes it was time to create my pink ombre gradient. For this I put a thin line of each polish onto a make up sponge and then dabbed it onto my nails, it took about two coats to reach the opacity that I desired. 

Among the items that I did get back from this months Meebox were these lovely ribbon vinyls from Nail-Mail; and this pretty Cuccio colours polish called Love potion no.9 from their Hearts of fire collection. So for my ring finger I decided to do a glittery ribbon so that it was clear what the manicure was in aid of. To do this I placed the ribbon vinyl onto my nail and then used a sponge to dab on the glitter, I used a sponge rather than the brush as I didn't want loads of the clear base I just wanted the glitter to give the manicure that extra sparkle. 
Once all the layers had dried I sealed them all with the Barry M matte top coat, I feel it brings out the colours more and makes the manicure more crisp. So there you have it my final manicure for breast cancer awareness, I will be putting this in the link-up when I'm done here. I hope you all like it and please feel free to share you pink mani's with me. As always if you have any tips or tricks for me please leave them in the comments below. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post and your all having a great nail day, up next I will be reviewing the Halloween Ejiubas plate. I'm hoping to get that up either tomorrow or the next day as I would like to show you the beauty of this plate before Halloween. 

Take care and chat to you all in the next post my lovely fellow nail polish addicts.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Echoes polish-October Thermal Freebie

Hello my lovely readers, now I know I promised you all a review on this months Nailbox and Meebox but unfortunately when they were delivered to my flat Lexi was asleep so I asked the postman and My Hermes guy to place them on top of the letterboxes. I have had many parcels left here before and as security in our building is very high I assumed they would be safe there until I was able to go downstairs to pick them up. Once Lexi had woken up from her nap I went straight down to collect not only my nail mail but also a package from Amazon containing teething medicine for Lexi. When I went down there was no packages what so ever, I searched in every place I could think of but still nothing. So not only has someone stolen my Nailbox and Meebox they have also taken my daughters medicine, to say I was angry is an understatement.

Unfortunately after reporting this to all the authorities nothing can be done, I have even left a note on the main door asking for them to at least return the medicine but no one has come forward. It's horrible to think that you can't even trust people who live in your own building. So I'm afraid there will not be a Meebox or Nailbox review for this month, I have changed my address with both companies to my mums house so this will not happen again. I will still try and do a Breast cancer awareness manicure for you and an autumn inspired mani will be up some time at the beginning of November.

But anyway enough doom and gloom let's get into this amazing thermal polish that I received from Echoes polish. Echoes polish is a Canadian Indie nail polish brand run by two sisters, I found these lovely ladies on Etsy as I was looking for a indie brand to create some custom polishes for me. They responded to my messages very quickly and created my polishes within a couple of days. The custom polishes will be up on the blog shortly, they did an absolutely amazing job and I am so pleased with the final outcome.

They have such unique collections and fantastic customer service, they are 5 free, cruelty free, vegan friendly and in my opinion amazing. Their shop is closed at the moment but they are planning to bring out some new collections soon which will include a winter collection and they are also releasing some books and polishes to go along with them. They are aiming to re-open on the 15th of November, and I will be checking out there new collections as soon as they do. I will leave a link here for you all to do the same.

Now lets get into what your here for polish, with my order which consisted of my two custom polishes and some of their recently released autumn collection they kindly gave me there October thermal freebie. I have never tried a thermal polish before and I must say I was highly impressed with this polish not to mention its so so pretty.

This beauty is opaque in 2 coats as you can see on the first coat it is quite sheer but builds up well on the second coat. For longer nails you may feel it gets better opacity on the 3rd but for mine 2 coats were perfect. It went on very smoothly and has a beautiful micro shimmer running throughout which translates to the nail lovely.

On the left hand side is a shot of the polish after it has just been dipped in cold water, it turns this beautiful forest green and on the right is a shot of my nail after it has been dipped in warm water which is a lovely emerald green. I feel both colours are absolutely stunning and I'm not going to lie every chance I get I have been playing about to see the thermal in action.

Now not only is this polish an amazing thermal polish, but that night I went to bed and all of a sudden I looked down at my hands and yep you guessed it they were glowing in the dark. Unfortunately my camera isn't good enough to get a good glow in the dark photo for you, but believe me when it glows it is very bright. It scared the pants off my boyfriend when he woke up to go to work and he looked over at me, he actually woke me up to say babe your hands are glowing.

I don't think this polish is available anymore but Echoes polish have made plenty of thermals in other collections, so if you see one you might like take it from me if the formula is anything like this one you should definitely pick it up.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, once again I am so sorry I can't give you reviews on Meebox and Nailbox this month but rest assured there will be reviews up for next month. I hope you are all having a fantastic nail day and please let me know what you think of this thermal polish in the comments section below. There will be plenty more polishes coming from Echoes polish in the near future so keep your eyes peeled for them.

Speak to you all in the next post.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Pacman nails

Hello my lovelies, now I know that I promised you my Nailbox review for October but unfortunately my post man seems to be slower than others. So instead I thought I would share with you my latest mani for Halloween. Now this isn't exactly sticking to the traditional Halloween nail art but you could still technically dress up in a Pacman costume so it's not too far off the theme.
So lets get started, first thing I did was some research I found quite a few different tutorials for Pacman nails on Youtube which were really helpful. So after choosing one that I felt was within my capabilities I had to pick out some polishes that would make the perfect base colour both for my Pacman and my little ghosts. I'll leave a link here to the video that I tried to follow to the best of my abilities, I did think it would be a lot harder to create this look than it actually was which I was so pleased about.

The polishes that I used were OPI I just can't cope-acabana which I picked up in my latest Fragrance Direct haul, if you wanted to check out the rest of my loot from that haul I will leave a link here for you. I used this as the base colour for my Pacman on my thumb nail, it took 2 coats to get this opaque. Next I had to choose what colour I wanted my floaty little ghosties, on my 1st finger I chose to use China Glaze's Scarlet which is opaque in 2 coats. Then for my middle finger I used Essie's fear or desire this became opaque in 2 coats and is the perfect orange for this time of year. For my ring finger I used Essie's I'm addicted which was picked up in my September Fragrance Direct haul, this is a lovely bright blue cream opaque in 3 coats. Then for my pinky ghost I chose Essie's Go Ginza this is a lovely pastel lavender opaque in 2 coats with a great formula. 
Next I used my Barry M nail art pen to draw my black zig zags on the tips of my nails, this gave the illusion that the ghosts where floating like they are in the game. I love my nail art pens they are so easy to use and give a great effect, this could also be done with a dotting tool or using a chevron nail vinyl. 
Now that my little ghosts are floating it was time to put on their little eyes, for this I used a large dotting tool dipped in Cassella Limitless which I received in my September Meebox. In between all of these steps I top coated my nails with Seche Vite so I didn't have to worry about my design smudging. 
Then came the most difficult part which was to draw Pacman onto my thumb nail, drawing a circle free hand onto your nail is in no way easy. Looking back I wish I had made his eye a bit bigger and after outlining Pacman I wish I had gone over the black background with my Orly Liquid Vinyl. But as I always say practise makes perfect and I'm hoping I will continue to improve as I try more nail art designs. 
So here they are my friends my little Pacman nails, as I said there are a few things that I wish I could go back and change but overall I am very happy with these little guys. I love how the ghosts are all looking at Pacman as if they are ready to run away from him at any minute. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post and like my Pacman nails, please let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. Also if you've ever tried a Pacman inspired manicure I would love to see pictures. I hope you are all having a great nail day and fingers crossed my Nailbox will arrive tomorrow. Plenty of posts coming up this week, I love the end of the month so much nail mail, yay!

See you all in the next post.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Creepy Crawly Spider Mani

Good morning my lovelies, I hope everyone has been having a great week so far. Mine hasn't been very eventful as my insomnia has returned and half the time I have been walking around like a zombie, perfect for Halloween right. I managed to rally up enough energy to create this creepy crawly kind of cute spider mani, with some beautiful glistening spider webs to give it that extra bit of sparkle.
For this manicure I used the beautiful Sinful PROshine's Show off as the base, I received this gorgeous polish in Septembers creepy colours Nailbox I'll leave a link here if you wanted to check out the rest of the goodies that came in that box. 
After my base coat was completely dry I applied my trusty Seche Vite top coat, this polish is stunning just by itself but I wanted a bit of Halloween magic on my nails too. So once my top coat was dry I used my Born pretty silver stamping polish to stamp on my spider webs. This polish always stamps really well and the silver glistens in the light, the images I used for my spider and my webs were from the Uber chic Halloween stamping plate.
 I recently reviewed and swatched this plate along with some more of their fantastic collections which are now available on She Sells Seashells, I'll leave a link here if you wanted to go check that out. For the stamping I used my Fab Ur Nails stamper which I recently purchased from Rainbow Connection, I'll leave a link here if you wanted to grab one for yourself. I highly recommend it as I've had no trouble with picking up any images, this and my Moyou London stamper are my number one choice for stamping.  
Once my webs had been stamped and top coated I then moved onto placing my little spider on both of my ring fingers. I decided I only wanted my spider to be an accent nail as I thought too many spiders might take away from the prettiness of the web and the silver stamping polish. Instead of placing my spider in the center of my nail I put him coming in from the side as if he was just peeking his head around the corner of my nail. 
To stamp my little spider I used Cassella Limitless which is not only a fantastic white cream but is also a great stamping polish too. I received this in my September Meebox I'll leave a link here if you wanted to see what else was supplied in that box.
Overall I am very happy with the final product and think that my spider is adorable, I love the Uber chic Halloween plate as their are so many images that you can choose from both scary and cute. The sinful PROshine is such a gorgeous colour as the base, it really is a beautiful purple polish I am so glad I have this in my collection, thank you Nailbox! 

I hope you have enjoyed this post and I would love to know what you think of my creepy crawly manicure. What mani's have you come up with for Halloween? Also would love to know what your go to stampers are and if you think there are any others I should try please leave a comment below. 

As always I hope you are having a great nail day and I will see you all in the next post. 

Coming up: October Nailbox

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Tux polish Wicked Glitters Trio

Hello my fellow polish addicts, I hope everyone is having a great day. Today I have a very special post for you, I have the Wicked Glitters Trio from Tux polish. About a month ago I was on Instagram and I saw swatch photo's for these gorgeous Halloween glitters. I hadn't actually heard of Tux polish before so after doing some research on shipping costs and emailing the company I decided I had to buy these unique Halloween polishes to add to my ever growing collection.

Tux polish is a American Indie brand that focuses on producing unique polishes its 5 free and I received excellent customer service. I emailed them to ask how much it would be to get the trio shipped to me and within a few minutes I received a reply. They sell every polish you could think of creams, glitters, holo's, crelly's and many more. For their Halloween collection they released 7 brand new polishes. This collection is called the Holo-ween night complete collection, it consists of 3 creams, 3 glitters and 1 holographic. I went with the three glitters as they are so unique, and a girl can never have too many glitters.

All three glitters cost me £14.21 and shipping was £8.07, considering they were coming all the way from America I thought that was quite a good price. If I added it up it was about £7.40 per polish I felt they were worth that. I ordered on the 26th of September and it was with me by 5th of October so it didn't really take long at all. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for their future collections, and I'm already wanting their new fall collection but unfortunately my no buy is in affect until December so they will have to wait.

Let's get into what you are all here for, the polishes. For each manicure I wanted to use my Uber chic Halloween stamping plate, I reviewed this along with some other Uber chic goodies a few posts ago, I'll leave a link here if you wanted to go check that out.
In my package were my 3 polishes wrapped in bubble wrap so no chance of breakage, a Tux polish business card and they kindly gave me a nail file as a sweet little extra. From left to right is Pumpkin Witch Fairy, Holo-ween night and Wicked Witch of the Westside. 
Let's get started with Holo-ween night this a beautiful glitter topper with a clear base and orange, black and white glitters in hex's, bars and shreds it also has holo micro glitters. This is a beautiful glitter topper and screams Halloween. For this topper I wanted my accent finger to scream Halloween too, so I chose to use the Uber chic pumpkin face for my accent nail.

The base colours I used to go with this beauty were Cassella's limitless which I got in my September Meebox, if you wanted to check out the other goodies that I received in my sailor box I'll leave a link to that post here. For my pumpkin accent nail I used Sally Hansen's Inst-dri's pumpkin queen which I picked up in my latest Fragrance direct haul, I'll leave a link here if you wanted to see what else I picked up on my latest bargain hunt. 
I was happy with how this one turned out, it screamed Halloween and I think my little pumpkin is so adorable. I had no problems picking up the image and I used my Moyou London stamper to apply it to my nail. 
Next up is Wicked Witch of the Westside this is another gorgeous glitter topper that is in a clear base and has the same shaped glitters as Holo-ween night but in green, white and black. When I first saw this my immediate thought was Frankenstein's monster. So for my accent nail I went back to my Uber chic Halloween stamping plate and used the Frankenstein image for my accent nail.

As my base colour I used OPI's lost my bikini in molokini as I thought this would really make those glitters pop. Looking back I kind of wish I had just stuck with a white base as they didn't show up as much as I wanted them to. The accent nail base colour is Nailsinc London Queen Victoria street, I received this beauty in my September Creepy colours Nailbox. I'll leave a link here if you wanted to go check out what other spooktacular polishes I received. 
I felt like Frankenstein would look better with a matte topcoat, I do like the final product but a white base may have been a better choice to make those glitters really pop. Never the less I had no problem with application from either of these glitters, there was no fishing and they weren't base heavy. 
The last glitter in the trio is a crelly, I'm in love with crelly's right now. I love the look you can get from them and Pumpkin Witch Fairy is fabulous and perfect for Halloween. This has every Halloween colour all mixed into a white base, the glitters are in lots of different shapes and every time I look at the bottle I see something new this baby was opaque in 3 coats. To go with the crelly I wanted to try and incorporate all the different glitter colours. 

For my accent nail I used my trusty Cassella Limitless as the base, once that had completely dried I turned to my Uber chic Halloween plate one last time and picked out the trick or treat image. I used OPI's left my bikini in molokini, Nailsinc London Queen Victoria street and pumpkin queen to create a stamped gradient. All of these polishes stamp really well and I had no problems with picking up the image. 
I'm very happy with how this turned out I love this crelly and my accent nail, it is a bit off center which bugged me a bit but the over all effect was what I was going for. I love all of these glitters and can see them being used every Halloween or whenever I want to give my nails a bit of that something extra. I'll leave a link here for you to go check these polishes out for yourself and have a look at all the other beauties that Tux polish stock.

So there they are, I am so glad I have these awesome glitter mixes in my collection and so happy I found this great indie brand. I hope you have enjoyed this post and would love to know your thoughts on these polishes. What do you think of my three different accent nails, do you think I should have used the white base for Wicked Witch of the Westside? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, I love to hear from other addicts. 

As always I hope you are having a great nail day and I will see you all in the next post. Take care.

Coming up: Creepy Crawly Spider mani 

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Another amazing Fragrance Direct Haul

Hello again my lovely polish lovers, I was hoping to get this post up yesterday but due to Lexi having another grr moment that was not possible. However as they say it's better late than never, I am very pleased to share with you today my latest polish haul from Fragrance Direct. A few posts ago I showed you my last Fragrance Direct haul which was full of Essie goodness and a few other bits and bobs. If you wanted to go check that post out I'll leave a link here.
So let me tell you how this little haul came to be, as you all know I recently purchased a few Uber chic nail stamping plates from She Sells Seashells and among the images for collection 5 was the cutest bumble bee I have ever seen on a stamping plate. Once I knew I was going to purchase the plates I went on the hunt for the perfect bumble bee colour. At the time I didn't know that Fragrance Direct had restocked a few of their nail polish brands. So I was pleasantly surprised to click onto their OPI section and come across the best bumble bee polish I could have asked for. After I placed that in my basket I couldn't resist adding a few more polishes, after all they are such a great price how could I say no.
So here is my perfect bumble bee yellow, this is OPI I just can't cope-acabana it's a yellow cream and takes 2 coats to be opaque. Not only do I have lots of bumble bee manicures buzzing through my head but I also think this yellow will be a perfect colour for a Simpson manicure. Keep your eye's peeled for this beauty appearing in nail art posts in the future. 
I have wanted OPI's girls love ponies for a long time so when I saw it among the new stock I had to pick a bottle up for myself. This polish is from the Mustang collection that came out last year, I pretty much want every polish in that collection but I'm so glad this is the one that has landed in my lap, Girls love ponies is a dark pink cream opaque in 2 coats, I am very much looking forward to wearing this one. 
Next up is OPI's Dining Al Frisco it is a sky blue shimmer, this is a beautiful polish and has a lovely frost to it perfect for the weather that will be making an appearance in the near future. It's opaque in 2 coats and I had no problems with application, it is shear on the first coat but built up well. I can see this paired with some beautiful white snowflakes in December.
Speaking of December here is OPI's I'll tinsel you in, perfect for the holiday season, this polish comes from the Gwen Stefani Christmas trio that was released last year. I have the other two from this trio in this haul too and I must say I love all three of them. I'll tinsel you in is a glitter topper with a clear base and white and grey glitters in hex, square and bar shapes. I think this is going to be perfect on top of a lovely red polish on the lead up to Christmas.
The next polish in the Gwen Stefani trio is OPI's Unfrost my heart this is a beautiful silver foil that is opaque in 2 coats but for longer nails you may need a third, It has a sheer formula but builds up well.
The last one in the trio is another glitter topper, this is OPI's so elegant it has a clear base and large and small hex glitters in black and grey. For the swatch I am showing one coat and I had no problems with getting the larger glitters out of the bottle. 
I was going to pick skating on thin Iceland in my last haul but it didn't quite make the cut, so I made sure that this time I would have it in my basket upon checkout. This is a gorgeous deep plum cream that is opaque in 2 coats. 
The next OPI that I purchased is blue chips, I believe this is one of those OPI's that they have renamed from an old collection. This is a gorgeous blue glass fleck polish opaque in 2 coats, I think this one will look stunning in the sunlight. 
My last choice from the OPI section of Fragrance Direct was OPI's wonderous star this is another glitter topper with a clear base. It has tons of gold micro glitter and some very small black hex glitters, I don't think I have anything like this in my collection and can't wait to see what it looks like on top of a dark cream polish.
Because I loved my Sally Hansen Insta-dri's in my last haul I knew I had to pick up some more colours for 99p you really can't say no. Blue by! is a sky blue cream opaque in 1 coat, that's right just one lovely coat and you get this gorgeous colour. I must admit I am slightly worried it might be a bit of a stainer, but I can use it for stamping so there is always a silver lining or blue in this case. 
Insta-dri fuchsia flare is actually not as dark as I thought it would be, it is a lovely fuchsia pink opaque in 1 coat. This colour will be perfect for my upcoming manicure using my heart vinyls from She Sells Seashells. 
As it is October and Halloween is less that two weeks away I had to pick up Insta-dri pumpkin queen, this orange cream is opaque in one coat, you will see this in some Halloween mani's I have coming up. 
I know your probably thinking this haul was a bit heavy on the pink polishes, but I think a girl can never have too much pink. Presto pink is a cream polish opaque in 1 coat another one that I can use for any of my upcoming girly mani's. 
Insta-dri Snappy sorbet is a lovely orange coral cream opaque in 1 coat, I think this one will be perfect for those hot summer months. I can just see this on my nails whilst walking across the warm sand on the beach.
This was the only Essie I picked up this time, and yes it is another pink. Essie's Haute in the heat is a hot fuchsia pink cream that is opaque in 1 coat for longer nails you may need 2. Another polish that will be great in the warmer weather.
The last one in my epic haul is yes you guessed it another pink, this is Orly's Basket case a beautiful pink leaning on the purple side cream opaque in 2 coats. 

So there you have it my latest Fragrance Direct haul, I'm pretty sure all of these polishes are still available on the site so I will leave a link here if you wanted to go check them out for yourselves.

I hope you have all enjoyed this post and are now overloaded with pictures of pink polish. I have some very special posts coming up that will involve nail art and a set of Halloween polishes from a Indie Brand I haven't tried before. I hope you are all having a fantastic nail day and I will see you all in the next post.

Coming up: Tux Polish Wicked Glitters Trio