Girly Bits- Gravedigger & King of the lab

Hey everyone and welcome back, today I have the last two in the Girly Bits Bones trio. In my last post I swatched and reviewed the beautiful Dancing phalanges, I will leave a link here if you would like to go check that out. Today I have Gravedigger and King of the lab, these two polishes are perfect for Halloween and fantastically named to tie in with the Bones TV series.

First polish I want to talk about is Gravedigger, this is a very unique polish with a dark purple jelly base and pink, green, orange and purple glitters. The glitters are all different sizes and shapes, on the nail Gravedigger does come across very dark and could be mistaken for a black base. But the glitters are definitely a great addition to the polish they give it that extra bit of colour and they are very suited to Halloween.

Gravedigger is named after one of the stand out serial killers on Bones, it turns out to be a women and what she does is kidnaps people and buries them alive. She will then ring their families and ask for money in exchange for their location, if the families pay up then they will be able to find their loved ones if not they will stay buried forever. This Baddie is particularly a stand out as she buried the main characters alive and appeared in multiple episodes. As I said in my previous post if you haven't watched Bones I would highly suggest checking it out, because it is quite honestly amazing.

It was very fitting that they choose this name for this polish as it is the one that stood out to me when I first opened my package from mei mei signatures. It became opaque in 3 coats but I didn't have a problem with getting the glitters out and even though it was very sheer on the first coat it built up well. After putting on the last coat and top coating I would suggest not touching anything for at least 10 minutes as it can easily be smudged if all the coats are not fully dry.
Even though it takes 3 coats it is still a fantastic polish and I am very pleased to have this in my collection especially for this time of year. 

The last polish from the Trio is named King of the lab after Jack Hodgkins and Zack Addy, these are two of the characters in Bones who in the first three seasons were always competing to one up the other. This polish is a great Halloween pumpkin orange that has the same glass fleck shimmer that was in Dancing Phalanges. This was another 3 coater, went on sheer to begin with but built up well. 

I decided I wanted to use King of the lab as a base colour for a Halloween themed manicure, so I got out my Cici &Sisi Halloween plate and tried to find a image I would like to use. 
I purchased this plate earlier this year from Amazon for £9.99, I'll leave a link here if you would like to go check this plate out for yourselves. It has many different Halloween designs it has 34 full nail stamping images and a buffet style image at the bottom full of singular images that could be used for a spooky mani.
My choice this time was the Boo image with bats and stars, however because I have quite small nails at the moment the whole image wouldn't fit onto my nail. After Stamping this on my ring finger, I decided I would try to free hand the rest of the images onto the rest of my nails with the Barry M nail art pen.
First I drew some stars onto my middle finger and then wrote trick or treat onto my other finger, on my pinkie I tried to do a swirly pattern and on my thumb I wrote Happy Halloween. I found working with this pen a lot easier than I had thought, and although the design might not be perfect I'm quite happy for my first try. 
I will definitely be using the Barry M Nail art pen for my manicures in the future, i love how easy it was to use and didn't have any difficulty of getting the polish out of the pen. Barry M has 2 for £7 on all their nail polish and nail art pens now at Boots. These pens are £4.99 each so it was a bargain to pick up two for £7 as that saved me some money, and I am always a fan of saving money as I'm sure many of us nail polish junkies are.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and have loved the Girly Bits Bones trio as much as I have, Girly Bits is an excellent Indie nail polish Brand and I will hopefully have some more of these coming into my collection in the near future. 

Hopefully my nail art will continue to improve and my nails will continue to grow, they have gotten a bit longer but I'm hoping that my Nailtiques formula 2 continues to work its magic. Please leave a comment below if you have any tips or tricks for me and let me know what you think of Dancing phalanges, Gravedigger and King of the lab. I hope you are all having a great nail day and I will chat to you soon. 

Coming up: Uber chic mat and Stamping plates  


  1. My love for Girly Bits definitely went threw the roof when you told me about this trio. They fit Bones so perfectly. LOVE the Halloween plate, think I might need to go and grab one! x

    1. You should Hun this plate is really good and a great price :) I know girly bits have a massive spot in my heart now after creating these beauties :D x


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