Another amazing Fragrance Direct Haul

Hello again my lovely polish lovers, I was hoping to get this post up yesterday but due to Lexi having another grr moment that was not possible. However as they say it's better late than never, I am very pleased to share with you today my latest polish haul from Fragrance Direct. A few posts ago I showed you my last Fragrance Direct haul which was full of Essie goodness and a few other bits and bobs. If you wanted to go check that post out I'll leave a link here.
So let me tell you how this little haul came to be, as you all know I recently purchased a few Uber chic nail stamping plates from She Sells Seashells and among the images for collection 5 was the cutest bumble bee I have ever seen on a stamping plate. Once I knew I was going to purchase the plates I went on the hunt for the perfect bumble bee colour. At the time I didn't know that Fragrance Direct had restocked a few of their nail polish brands. So I was pleasantly surprised to click onto their OPI section and come across the best bumble bee polish I could have asked for. After I placed that in my basket I couldn't resist adding a few more polishes, after all they are such a great price how could I say no.
So here is my perfect bumble bee yellow, this is OPI I just can't cope-acabana it's a yellow cream and takes 2 coats to be opaque. Not only do I have lots of bumble bee manicures buzzing through my head but I also think this yellow will be a perfect colour for a Simpson manicure. Keep your eye's peeled for this beauty appearing in nail art posts in the future. 
I have wanted OPI's girls love ponies for a long time so when I saw it among the new stock I had to pick a bottle up for myself. This polish is from the Mustang collection that came out last year, I pretty much want every polish in that collection but I'm so glad this is the one that has landed in my lap, Girls love ponies is a dark pink cream opaque in 2 coats, I am very much looking forward to wearing this one. 
Next up is OPI's Dining Al Frisco it is a sky blue shimmer, this is a beautiful polish and has a lovely frost to it perfect for the weather that will be making an appearance in the near future. It's opaque in 2 coats and I had no problems with application, it is shear on the first coat but built up well. I can see this paired with some beautiful white snowflakes in December.
Speaking of December here is OPI's I'll tinsel you in, perfect for the holiday season, this polish comes from the Gwen Stefani Christmas trio that was released last year. I have the other two from this trio in this haul too and I must say I love all three of them. I'll tinsel you in is a glitter topper with a clear base and white and grey glitters in hex, square and bar shapes. I think this is going to be perfect on top of a lovely red polish on the lead up to Christmas.
The next polish in the Gwen Stefani trio is OPI's Unfrost my heart this is a beautiful silver foil that is opaque in 2 coats but for longer nails you may need a third, It has a sheer formula but builds up well.
The last one in the trio is another glitter topper, this is OPI's so elegant it has a clear base and large and small hex glitters in black and grey. For the swatch I am showing one coat and I had no problems with getting the larger glitters out of the bottle. 
I was going to pick skating on thin Iceland in my last haul but it didn't quite make the cut, so I made sure that this time I would have it in my basket upon checkout. This is a gorgeous deep plum cream that is opaque in 2 coats. 
The next OPI that I purchased is blue chips, I believe this is one of those OPI's that they have renamed from an old collection. This is a gorgeous blue glass fleck polish opaque in 2 coats, I think this one will look stunning in the sunlight. 
My last choice from the OPI section of Fragrance Direct was OPI's wonderous star this is another glitter topper with a clear base. It has tons of gold micro glitter and some very small black hex glitters, I don't think I have anything like this in my collection and can't wait to see what it looks like on top of a dark cream polish.
Because I loved my Sally Hansen Insta-dri's in my last haul I knew I had to pick up some more colours for 99p you really can't say no. Blue by! is a sky blue cream opaque in 1 coat, that's right just one lovely coat and you get this gorgeous colour. I must admit I am slightly worried it might be a bit of a stainer, but I can use it for stamping so there is always a silver lining or blue in this case. 
Insta-dri fuchsia flare is actually not as dark as I thought it would be, it is a lovely fuchsia pink opaque in 1 coat. This colour will be perfect for my upcoming manicure using my heart vinyls from She Sells Seashells. 
As it is October and Halloween is less that two weeks away I had to pick up Insta-dri pumpkin queen, this orange cream is opaque in one coat, you will see this in some Halloween mani's I have coming up. 
I know your probably thinking this haul was a bit heavy on the pink polishes, but I think a girl can never have too much pink. Presto pink is a cream polish opaque in 1 coat another one that I can use for any of my upcoming girly mani's. 
Insta-dri Snappy sorbet is a lovely orange coral cream opaque in 1 coat, I think this one will be perfect for those hot summer months. I can just see this on my nails whilst walking across the warm sand on the beach.
This was the only Essie I picked up this time, and yes it is another pink. Essie's Haute in the heat is a hot fuchsia pink cream that is opaque in 1 coat for longer nails you may need 2. Another polish that will be great in the warmer weather.
The last one in my epic haul is yes you guessed it another pink, this is Orly's Basket case a beautiful pink leaning on the purple side cream opaque in 2 coats. 

So there you have it my latest Fragrance Direct haul, I'm pretty sure all of these polishes are still available on the site so I will leave a link here if you wanted to go check them out for yourselves.

I hope you have all enjoyed this post and are now overloaded with pictures of pink polish. I have some very special posts coming up that will involve nail art and a set of Halloween polishes from a Indie Brand I haven't tried before. I hope you are all having a fantastic nail day and I will see you all in the next post.

Coming up: Tux Polish Wicked Glitters Trio


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