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Hello my beauties, let me first start with saying I am so sorry there hasn't been a post in the last couple of days. Lexi was refusing to let mummy do her nails and one of my nails got caught in the cupboard and broke. All that growth gone, and a massive bruise formed underneath my nail all  I can say is ouch! So all in all it's not been a fantastic last couple of days. But I'm hoping your all still wanting to here my random ramblings and you enjoy this post.

So a few weeks ago I saw that She Sells Seashells had started selling the Uber mat and then to top it off they began selling their awesome unique stamping plates. I found this site when I received 2 of their anchor charms in last months Meebox, if you wanted to check that post out I'll leave a link here. .

If that wasn't enough to make me squeal and dance around my living room they have now began selling all 5 of the Uber chic collections each consisting of 3 plates per collection. All I can say is these plates definitely live up to the hype, they are amazing I had no problems picking up images and love how unique and different all the designs are.
As I said the last couple of days have been rather hard to do my nails so unfortunately I haven't got around to making any decals with the Uber mat yet. But I am still in love this thing is amazing and I can already tell it is going to help my nail art improve to a better standard, well that's what I'm hoping anyway. But I did use the Uber mat to check to see if two colours matched, I love that I can now do this rather than just going ahead and maybe having to change the colour scheme of a manicure half way threw. Here is a little sneak preview of a manicure that I'm working on at the moment, I would love to know your opinion, do you think these two colours match?
So lets get into the stamping plates, most of these were brought from She sells seashells however I had to purchase the Halloween plate directly from Uber Chic as it was not being stocked on the other site. I saw lots of manicures and swatches for this plate and I knew I needed it in my ever growing collection. I am not the greatest stamper in the world so I decided to take scans of the plates so you can see the images in there spooktacular glory. I did stamp some of the images onto some nail pop sticks just to give you an idea of what they would look like on the nail. Can I just say one thing look at the cute little spider with the top hat, he is a huge reason I needed this plate. It took just over a week to get to me and I didn't incur any extra charges, so I was very pleased with the service. 

The rest of the plates I did purchase from She sells seashells, once I had placed my order it only took 2 days to receive my package. I thought that was fantastic and when I ordered Collection 5 that only took 2 days again, such quick postage. I'm highly impressed with this company such great customer service and quick postage, I will be using this site for all my future Uber Chic or nail art needs. 

The first plate I placed in my basket had to be the fairytale plate, not only is this the name of this here blog but I am a huge fan of fairytales. Ever since I was little I loved my mum reading me the various tales of heroes and villains, I'm carrying on the same tradition with my daughter it was just the other night we were reading jack and the beanstalk, Lexi found my giant voice very amusing. Another reason I brought this plate is because I love the show Once upon a time and I can just imagine the awesome manicures I could create to go with the show, 

Next up is the geek plate as you all know I'm a huge fan of nail polish, I love to bake and I'm a full time mummy. But something you don't know is I am a huge geek, I love playing on the Xbox especially the Batman Arkham series. I am also a huge lover of The Big bang theory so the minute that I saw this plate say Bazinga I was hooked, the awesome manicures that can be created from this plate are endless and I can't wait to get started and see my ideas become reality. 

So there they are in all there glory, I thought that would be me done for a while but then She Sells Seashells began selling the Uber chic collections. They have all 5 in stock right now and for a very long time I have been wanting collection 5, purely for the bumble bee image in the top right corner. I mean who can say no to them they are so frigging adorable, so many great bumble bee ideas buzzing through my head right now. Once I received the plates I fell in love with just about every image on there, they are more summer or spring appropriate but I wont say no to a pretty floral pattern in winter. 


Anyone who is thinking of purchasing these plates I highly recommend you do I had no problems with picking up the images and they came out crisp and beautiful. Now lets get into the prices and postage of this lovely lot, for the individual themed plates it's £11 per plate. Some people may think that's on the pricey side but for how unique these plates are I think it is well worth it. The collections are going for £18, which I think is a fantastic price for three full size plates. Postage from She sells seashells is based off weight:

Standard UK delivery

0-100g is £1.15
100g+ is £1.50

Takes 1-2 working days

International delivery

0-100g is £2.65
100g+ is £5.25

Europe up to 14 days

For the rest of the world the postage is a little bit higher and takes 21 days

0-100g is £3.50
100g+ is £5.25

However if your order comes to over £25 its FREE UK DELIVERY and anything over £50 is FREE DELIVERY WORLDWIDE.

She Sells Seashells are the official UK stockist of Uber chic products, they also sell nail vinyls, charms, water decals and stencils. It's an awesome little online shop, if you want to go check them out click this link and enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed this post and the next one won't take as long for me to get up, I would love to know your thoughts on the Uber mat and Uber chic stamping plates. I'll be making decals for some up coming manicures I have planned so any tips you may have for me would be highly appreciated. I hope your all having a great nail day and I will see you in the next post.

Coming up: Another epic Fragrance Direct haul


  1. Noo you've made me want some of these plates 10x more! The Halloween plate has to be my favourite, loving all of the pumpkins. And the bees, so adorable! Love that you included swatches of some of the patterns :) x

    1. Thanks hun, that plate is awesome so Halloweeny :D


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