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My first doticure

Good morning my lovely nail polish lovers, do you ever just have those days where you have no idea how you want to paint your nails? Well yesterday I was sat here with my beautiful daughter playing peek-a-boo with her polka dot blanket and I was suddenly inspired to try a doticure. First thing I did was to go onto Google and see how difficult a task this might be, turns out not as bad as I thought. So once that had been decided I had a rummage through my recently purchased polishes from my Fragrance direct haul. You can see these lovely array of colours in my previous post which is linked  here . I made my choice quite quickly as Lexi's blanket is purple and that was the inspiration to start with so I chose Sally Hansen's Inst-dri's Orchid Express. After laying down my Nailtiques formula 2 I began to paint my nails. I'm in love with this beautiful deep purple and it has a lovely shine to it even without topcoat, I wasn't a huge fan of the Inst-dri brush as it

Fragrance Direct Haul

Good morning my fellow nail polish lovers, is there anything better than nail mail? The other day I made a rather large order on Fragrance Direct and I was super excited when I received my package 3 days later. For those of you who don't know Fragrance Direct is a gem of a site that I found thanks to Amy from  Nailpolishbabyy90 . They sell many different brands of great nail polish for a fraction of the normal price. O.P.I-£3.49 Essie-£2.49 Orly-£1.99 Sally Hansen Insta-dri-99p Nicole by O.P.I-£2.35 Rimmel-99p These are just some of the brands that they stock, I would highly suggest any bargain nail polish hunter to check out this site. Click this link  for super savings, but be warned this site is highly addictive. They recently restocked their O.P.I's and I'm already itching to make another order, so much polish so little time. This time my order did consist of mostly Essie's one thing about Fragrance Direct is that the colours they show you are not a

Sailor manicure

Morning my fellow nail polish addicts, as promised here is my sailor inspired manicure using my goodies from my Meebox. In my previous post I reviewed Septembers Meebox, review can be found  here . So here is a sort of tutorial on how I created these nautical nails, I must admit this is my first time doing nail art that isn't stamped so they are not the best but I'm pretty pleased. I will definitely be using different methods in the future as I really enjoyed the freedom of creating my own design instead of using a stamping plate so watch out for those. First thing I started with was choosing my accent nail, I decided to go with one of the nail wraps i received in my Meebox. I thought it might be a bit fiddly but I found it so easy to apply to the nail, first I put on my Nailtiques formula 2 base coat which i use before every manicure. Just a small FYI about the Nailtiques it is fantastic, in my very first post I did a full review on this nail strengthening system that can

Meebox September review- Sailor

Ahoy there mateys, today I have the review for September's Meebox this is my first time receiving the Meebox and I definitely wasn't disappointed. After seeing the great reviews about last months box the first thing I did at the beginning of this month was to subscribe. The theme for this months box is sailor and I must say they nailed it, pun intended. When I first opened my box I was really impressed with the way it was packaged, there logo was plastered on the front and when I opened it there was this cute tissue paper with lots of colours, this just made me more excited to see what goodies where inside. To protect the polishes there are lots of paper worms to make sure they don't smash, it looked like they were laying on their own little nest which I thought was very sweet. The first thing to catch my eye was the white wallet with  in golden writing, after looking inside I found some straight line stencils. These will always come in ha

Bloglovin woop woop

Hey my fellow nail polish addicts my blog is now active on Bloglovin Click this link to follow me . All followers will be highly appreciated, hope everyone is having a great day. See you in the next post, hint hint MEEBOX hehe x

Nailbox September review- Creepy Colours

The end of the month has arrived again. and if your a nail addict you know what that means. Nail mail! I was so happy when my Nailbox arrived this morning, I was highly anticipating this month as I am a huge fan of Halloween. Anything supernatural based is right up my alley, so when I heard this months box would be a creepy colour theme I was over the moon. For those of you who don't know Nailbox is a monthly subscription service where you can receive 3 or 4 polishes and other nail related items every month for £15, I've been subscribed now since June and every month I have never been disappointed. The colours have always been great and highly appropriate to the theme of the box and the season we are in when the box is released. This month was no exception, I must admit when I think Halloween my mind automatically thinks black and orange. However I like the direction the box took, not only are the colours good for Halloween but they are also colours that could be worn all

Stolen my heart

Hello my lovelies, this is my second post for the blog and I have found one of the most perfect polishes just sat in my Helmer on this drizzly September morning. Autumn has definitely come to England, I looked out my window this morning and could see the raindrops dripping down the glass and plenty of puddles on the pavement. After the normal breakfast routine was out of the way I decided to look through my collection of OPI's to see if there was a polish that could bring a bit of magic to my morning. OMG I definitely found it that's for sure, this may not be to everyone's taste but I just can not say no to the colour blue on my nails. This blue sung out to me from the depths of my Helmer draw,  I believe I picked this beauty up at TKmaxx on one of my random hauls for £3.99 and I am so glad I did. Fellow nail polish addicts i give to you OPI Miss Piggy's Big Number: None of the photos I have taken do this colour any justice, it is a gorgeous blue metallic that i

Magic in a bottle

Hello fellow nail polish addicts and welcome to my blog, I was debating what to write as my first post ever but then I had that light bulb moment and there wasn't a doubt in my mind. My first post had to be about this miracle cure in a bottle. If you've read the about me page  you know by now that I am an ex nail biter. After biting my nails for the last 10+ years I was looking for a miracle cure to make my nails look longer and healthier. I've tried quite a few products that are on the market but none seemed to give me that growth I was looking for, and by that I mean I still had my little stubs of finger nails. That was until a few weeks ago when I found this magical clear potion in a bottle. I give to you Nailtiques Formula 2: This nail strengthening system for bitten, weak, thin and peeling nails has been my savior, within just a couple of weeks I have seen actual nail growth, not saying that they are the most beautiful nails to ever grace the internet but for