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Nailbox Candy Cane Manicure

Good morning my lovelies, it is absolutely freezing today me and Lexi are both wrapped up in the quilt trying to keep warm like a couple of penguins. I really wanted to try and get this post up last night but my brother and future sister in law (who is also my best friend) came around for an unexpected visit, and then Lexi was being stubborn about going to bed. So today I have for you my manicure using all my nail polish goodies from my November Nailbox , click on the link if you haven't already checked that out. It was crammed full of classic festive colours to use for this coming month.  When I received my Festive Nailbox my first thought was that the nail polish's we were given are the perfect colours for a candy cane manicure. So with that in mind I began planning out my festive fingers mani, first things first I used 2 coats of China Glaze White on White for my base and then topped that with OPI's Happy Anniversary. This gave the base a lovely silvery glow, I was h

Novembers Nailbox review - Festive Fingers

Hello my fellow nail polish peeps, well it is that time of the month again. I must admit I love the end of the month now so much nail mail, it makes me burst with excitement. Thankfully this month I made sure both my Nailbox and Meebox were sent to my mums house so I didn't have a repeat of last months stolen post fiasco. I must admit the minute that I opened this months Nailbox I had it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas playing in my head. Nailbox definitely 'nailed' it this month. (excuse the pun) If you are looking for classic Christmas colours then this is the box for you. All of these nail goodies for only £15 what a bargain!  The brands included in this months box are two mainstream classics and an Indie brand that is becoming a staple in a lot of our nail collections. The last time I received a True Brit London polish was Taxi Cab in Septembers Creepy colours Nailbox , and I loved it.  For this festive season we all need a Christm

She Sells Seashells Mega Christmas Mystery Box Opening and Review

Hello my lovely readers, I hope everyone has had a great weekend and is feeling well in this freezing weather. My weekend consisted of baking goodies for my cousins 18th Birthday party and trying to fight off a cold. At the moment I'm feeling awful so I don't think I am winning the battle at this present time. But today I have an awesome post for you, it was only a few weeks ago that She Sells Seashells announced she was going to be selling a Christmas box full of lots of nail art goodies that can get your nails ready for the festivities. At the moment I am really skint so when it came out on the site I was so worried it would sell out before I had my chance to grab a box for myself. Luckily for me I have a great friend in Becca from  A certain Becca nails  who offered to get the box for me so I wouldn't miss out. So I am saying a huge thank you to my fantastic nail friend for not only getting me the box but also picking up the Uber Chic Christmas plate for me. I will pay y

Pastel Penguins

Hello my wonderful readers, I hope everyone has been keeping well. I must say I am absolutely freezing today, apparently it isn't very cold so I think I maybe coming down with something. I really hope not, as Lexi is due her 1 year jabs next week and I don't want her catching anything from me before she has them. Also I have plans to go watch the final installment of The Hunger games, I can't wait to see that after reading all the books I am highly anticipating part 2 of Mockingjay. Anyway enough of my random ramblings lets get into today's manicure, as we are now entering into winter and Christmas is just around the corner I wanted to start of my chilly/Christmas mani's with some cute little penguins. I saw the tutorial for these little fella's on the Cutepolish Youtube channel, I will leave a link to her tutorial here  if you wanted to go check her out. She is a great nail artist and comes up with some fantastic designs, she is always inspiring me to try new

Mint London Nail Art Gift Set

Hello my wonderful readers, I am now fully recovered from all the party planning and one year old madness. Today I have a swatch and review of a Nail art gift set from Mint London that will be the perfect stocking stuffer for any nail lover. I was lucky to grab these goodies when they were on sale of Amazon, I brought all of these lovely nail art items for £2.99. This was a huge bargain as this set comes with nearly 15 nail related items, its original price is £9.99; I will leave the Amazon link here  for those of you that might want to go buy this for either yourself or a another nail art lover you may know. As you can see that is a whole lot of nail art goodness for a very little price, I had never tried Mint London before this and I was quite impressed for £9.99 you get four nail polishes from their collection, a nail file, nail stickers,rhinestones, finger separators, orange sticks, eye lash curlers and a nail wheel to swatch you polishes and two nail buffing blocks. You also ge

Autumn manicure using ILNP Champagne Blush

Hello my fellow nail polish addicts, well the weekend is nearly officially over and I have to say I am absolutely exhausted. Yesterday was Lexi's birthday party and I am happy to say it went swimmingly, everyone had a great time and most importantly Lexi thoroughly enjoyed herself. So now that Minnie mouse is no longer constantly on my mind and I'm not trying to go over a huge check list in my mind I was able to finally try out some of my newly purchased nail polishes. The nail polish I used for the manicure I'm going to show you is my first ILNP (I Love Nail Polish), and I have to say I was highly impressed with the formula of this gorgeous polish and how easy it was to apply. ILNP is a highly successful Indie polish that are based in Las Vegas, Nevada. They are vegan friendly, cruelty free and 3 free, they ship internationally and are also stocked at Rainbow Connection .. I will leave a link here  to their direct site so you can go check out all the other beauties that