Mint London Nail Art Gift Set

Hello my wonderful readers, I am now fully recovered from all the party planning and one year old madness. Today I have a swatch and review of a Nail art gift set from Mint London that will be the perfect stocking stuffer for any nail lover. I was lucky to grab these goodies when they were on sale of Amazon, I brought all of these lovely nail art items for £2.99. This was a huge bargain as this set comes with nearly 15 nail related items, its original price is £9.99; I will leave the Amazon link here for those of you that might want to go buy this for either yourself or a another nail art lover you may know.
As you can see that is a whole lot of nail art goodness for a very little price, I had never tried Mint London before this and I was quite impressed for £9.99 you get four nail polishes from their collection, a nail file, nail stickers,rhinestones, finger separators, orange sticks, eye lash curlers and a nail wheel to swatch you polishes and two nail buffing blocks. You also get a white pencil, not really sure how this or the eye lash curler are nail related but I'm sure people wont be complaining.

The first polish I have is called epic this is a light pink with a hint of purple metallic opaque in 1 coat. You have to be quite careful with this polish and apply with the three stroke method or you will end up with brush marks and may need to apply a second coat.

Next up is this beautiful sky blue cream called le jardin opaque in 2 coats, formula with both of these polishes was really good. I did however notice that they do have a strong smell, reminded me of some Kleancolor polishes. If this is something that would put you off I would probably suggest going for something different, personally I don't mind so much if it is a pretty colour and good formula it's won me over.

The last two polishes that they gave me where glitter toppers, this one is called Richy, it is a gold micro glitter in a clear base that will add that extra something to all of your manicures. This swatch is just one coat, the formula with the polish is really good not base heavy and plenty of sparkly glitter will be applied with each stroke.

The last polish I received was Spark which is the silver glitter topper, this swatch is also just one coat. As you can see with both of these toppers you get plenty of glitter for just one coat, I did try and see if I could get both of these opaque on their own but it would take at least 3 coats and even then it's not fully opaque. I would definitely suggest that you stick with using these as toppers, but they certainly will give your mani that bling that it might be missing.
Speaking of bling and sparkle these pots of foils and glitters will come in handy for any nail artist and help to take you manicure to the next level.
Another nail art must have some gorgeous coloured rhinestones, these come in an array of colours, I'm looking forward to using these in some manicure ideas I have coming up for the festive season. 

I am loving the leopard print pattern on both the nail file and buffing block, as we all know we can never have enough of either of these items.

I also love these nail stickers, unique and bright neon colours so many ideas run through my mind just looking at them. 

The last nail related items that were in my stocking stuffer were some orange sticks, which as we all know have multiple uses in the nail art world. I also got some finger separators, to be honest I probably wont be using these but for £2.99 I really wasn't complaining. 

As I said at the beginning of the post I also received a white pencil and eyelash curler, not really sure those items fit in with the nail art theme but this was a huge bargain. Overall I am happy with this purchase and do think it would be the perfect stocking stuffer for all nail art lovers this Christmas. When it was delivered it did come in a jiffy bag, so if you wanted to wrap this for Christmas you would need to do that yourself. None of my items were damaged and my polishes were protected with tissue paper and the bubble wrap inside the jiffy bag.

This lovely set is selling on Amazon now for £9.99, so if you are stuck for Christmas ideas or maybe need something for Secret Santa this set might be right up your ally. Go now and grab yourself a bargain. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post and are having a great nail day, I have lots of festive goodies coming up soon. Stay tuned and I will chat to you lovely people in the next post.


  1. I'm so impressed with this, didn't realise quite how many extra nail art goodies they included, & the glitter toppers give you such good coverage in a single coat! The white pencils can be used to pick up rhinestones for placement, but the eyelash curlers have lost me lol! x

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