Monday, 15 January 2018

Little Fudges Beauty Shop: I Choose You Collection

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Welcome back my lovelies, I hope you all had a really nice weekend. Mine was pretty much spent swatching lots of new polishes to share with you all. There are lots of really pretty polishes coming your way and nail art looks too. Trying to get back into the swing of things now that Lexi's first week at School is behind us. The lovely Nikki from UK indie Little Fudge Beauty Shop recently sent me her new collection which is being released on the 20th January, so let's take a look!

The first collection of 2018 that will be released by Little Fudges Beauty Shop, is the I Choose You Collection. As you can probably guess this is inspired by the TV cartoon Pokemon, each polish is representing one of those cute little Pokemon characters. 


The first polish is inspired by Pikachu, probably the most well known Pokemon there is. 'Thunderbolt' has a yellow jelly base and is packed with black and red hex glitters as well as multi-cut black glitters and some fine silver holographic glitter. This was fully opaque in 3 coats for me, if you have longer nails you may need a fourth. The glitter to base ratio was really nice and it made this polish nice and easy to apply. I would definitely recommend a good thick layer of quick dry top coat, just to smooth everything out. 

To go with this gorgeous polish I had to do a little Pikachu accent nail, I used a plate I purchased from Mundo De Unas quite a while ago. This was the perfect opportunity to put it to use.

Flame Thrower 

The second polish from the collection is 'Flame Thrower' this is a beautiful multi chrome for the character Charmander. This polish was perfect it shifted from a red to gold to pink, it was fully opaque in 2 coats and really nice to apply. 

Again I had to stamp the cute little Pokemon character Charmander with this one, I also added on some flaming fire just to give it that extra bit of heat. 

Vine Whip

Next up is another unique polish, this is for the plant Pokemon Bulbasaur. It is a iridescent green shimmer polish with holographic green flakies. This was fully opaque in 3 coats, those flakies might need some manipulating just so they lay flat and are positioned on the nail where you want them. 

The character Bulbasaur gives me those Ivy plant vibes so I paired him with a leaf image from one of the Lina Nail Art Supplies Seasonal plates. 

Water Gun

Finally we have the polish that is probably my favourite out of the four, this is 'Water Gun' which is inspired by the Pokemon character Squirtle. This is a shimmery sea blue with jade undertones, this was so nice to apply and fully opaque in 2 coats. This was really bright on the nails and would be a fabulous colour to wear during the Summer. 

Finally for my Squirtle nails I paired him with some bubbles, so you still get that gorgeous sea blue base shining through. 

Overall I really liked this collection, I was a big Pokemon fan back in the day and really enjoyed revisiting these characters from my youth. This collection is going to be available from the 20th of January. All of Little Fudges Beauty Shop polishes are 5 free, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, this collection will be priced at £17.50 for 5ml and £24.50 for 10ml. They will also be available individually, a 5ml bottle will be £5 and a 10ml will cost £7. 

I would love to know which one of these is your favourite? Also what is your favourite Pokemon? Mine is Jigglypuff, its small, cute and pink the perfect combination. Let me know yours down in the comments. 

As always I hope you enjoyed this post and I will chat to you all again soon. 


  1. Thanks for sharing Kirsty! I love your swatches. I'm hoping to extend the collection at some point and will definitely be including Jigglypuff! xx

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