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Orly: Day Trippin' Spring 2021

 Hello my lovely fairies; I hope we are all doing well. It has been nothing but rain here for the last two weeks and it is driving me insane. Where is that lovely Spring weather that will help my flowers and plants grow and help me not be totally soaked every time I do a school drop off. So to cheer things up and let us take a look at the Orly Spring collection from this year. Read on to find out more...

Wikkid Polish: Friday Night Fever

 Hello my lovely fairies! Hope we are all getting on well and your week is going smoothly. Not much happening here unfortunately the weather is not allowing me to get on with the garden, was really hoping to start some planting this week. But as i'm sure all you UK lovelies know the weather here is unpredictable to say the least. I've gotten drenched on more than one school run over past couple weeks that is for sure. So to bring myself away from this dreary english weather and to more tropical climates; I have been playing with the beautiful 'Friday Night Fever' collection from uk indie Wikkid polish. Read on to find out more...

Kiki London Nail Gel: Monthly Swatches

**PRESS SAMPLE/ GIFTED**  Hello my lovely fairies, long time no chat. Sorry for my absence recently; its been a bit tough finding the motivation and time to blog. But I am really determined to get back to posting as much content as I possibly can. It just getting that right balance between personal health, kids and day to day chores, honestly I really need to work on giving myself more time for nails and blogging as this is definitely my passion and helps keep me sane in this very insane world. So today I have some beautiful gel polishes to share with you from the lovely people over at Kiki London. Read on to find out more...