Sunday, 28 February 2016

February's Meebox- Red Carpet

Hello my lovely readers! I was so happy to finally get this months Meebox yesterday, I was clicking on the tracking link for what seemed like every hour of the day. I always love the themes that Meebox choose to go with, this months theme fit really well as we are in award season. So when we were told it was going to be a Red Carpet theme my mind immediately went to reds and golds. There was also an opportunity for five lucky people to receive a special Classic Chanel polish, I was not one of the winners but my amazing friend Becca was. Huge congratulations to her! So let's open up this months box and see what we have.

As usual when I opened my box the first thing I saw was the card telling us about this months theme and what brands where inside the box. I placed that to one side and rummaged around in the paper worms that were keeping my little award winning polishes safe.

The first polish I picked out was this large circular bottle made by Smith & Cult, I have never even heard of this brand before let alone tried them. The bottle is quite heavy and unlike any other brand of polish that I own, the bottle alone screams sophistication and good quality. The colour we were given is called Porn-A-Thon, this is a pastel peach creme polish opaque in just one coat. Unfortunately for me this polish does not suit my skin tone so will probably be given to my mum as she loves these sort of colours for work. Smith & Cult are a high end brand of nail lacquer with 5 free formula each bottle contains 15ml of polish, you can purchase this bottle of Porn-A-Thon from Selfridges for £19.

The second bottle of polish is from Leighton Denny another high end brand of polish, they have won many awards for their nail polish formula. The polish we received is called Feel the Burn, it is a dark deep red opaque in 2 coats. It is not too bright so would go with many other colours and would give that great finishing touch to any classy evening time outfit. I am sure many celebrities would wear this whilst walking down the red carpet, you can pick this Leighton Denny polish up from nail polish direct for £11. 

The final polish in this months box is another fabulous Nails Inc glitter, this is Chelsea Embankment a gold glitter that is fully opaque in 2 coats. This would look great with the Leighton Denny polish as either an accent nail or a glitter gradient. I do love the Nails Inc formula and there brush is night and wide so you get good coverage with the three stroke method. You can buy Chelsea Embankment from the Nails Inc website for £15.

The last item in this months box are these gold and silver nail art studs from Sparkly Nails, these are a great way to finish off any red carpet ready mani. You can pick these studs up from the Sparkly Nails website for £1.99.

As I mentioned there were 5 subscribers who received the Chanel polish and Becca from A certain Becca Nails was one of those lucky ladies. Click on the link to go see that highly sort after classic Chanel polish!

Overall this months box was fabulous very appropriate for any Red Carpet event, The total price of all the goodies in this box was £46.99 that is a huge £26.99 saved. Meebox is a monthly subscription box you can get for £20 per month, they also do other plans so it can suit each persons financial situation. They are always coming up with great theme's for each month and the polishes and goodies included are fantastic. If you haven't signed up for a box yet I highly suggest you do; next months theme will be announced on the 1st of March and I can not wait to see what they have chosen. 

As always I hope you have enjoyed this unboxing and review of this months Meebox, I would love to know your thoughts on this Red Carpet box and can't wait to see what mani's people come up with. Hope you are all having a fab nail day and chat to you all again soon.

Friday, 26 February 2016

Essie Starry Starry Night Swatch and Review

Hello my lovely readers! Today's post is a quick one to show you one of my recent manicure, this has to be in my top 10 favourite mani's just because this Essie polish is gorgeous. I was browsing Facebook recently and came across a post stating that you could buy any Essie polish in Boots for £5.99. This offer included the newer retro revival collection, I like many others have been wanting to get my hands on the very popular and highly talked about Essie Starry Starry Night. So let me show you what I created with this gorgeous polish and an amazing stamping image.

Like I said this polish is amazing it may not be a complete dupe for the original Essie Starry Starry night which apparently had smaller glitters and more of them but the revival version is still stunning.

First I used two coats of Essie Starry Starry Night, this is a dark blue jelly polish with silver glitters. I didn't have any problems applying the polish and it did reach full opacity in 2 coats for me. It does have a thick formula which I actually like in a polish rather than having something very sheer that takes 3 coats to cover the nail line. 

After a night of admiring this amazing polish and how squishy is looks on the nail I decided I wanted to stamp over it. In the end I thought nothing would look better than a star design, so I chose this image from Uber Chic collection 1 plate 3.

For the stamping I used my Born Pretty silver stamping polish, I really love the way it turned out. I think the silver worked well with the dark blue and if you look close you can see some of those beautiful silver glitters shining through.

I was really happy with this polish and the fact that I could use my boots points to purchase it was just the icing on the cake. I would love to know what you think of the newer Starry Starry Night vs the older one? Do you like both? Or are you disappointed that they changed the formula? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 

I really hope you have enjoyed this post and you are all having a fab nail day, I have some amazing collections coming up and a Uber Chic haul. Chat to you all again soon. 

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

February Nailbox- Retro Theme

Hello my lovely readers, it is that time of the month again. Nailbox! I always dread and love the end of the month I dread it because it is when all of the bills go out and my bank balance looks like it wants to cry. But I also love it because we get amazing nail mail, this months Nailbox is retro themed. When I opened my box I immediately thought of hippies and old time discos. So let's see the goodies inside the box.

This month the lovely people at Nailbox treated us to four different polishes and a set of 3D nail wraps. I love how bright and funky these colours are, and the nail wraps look really unique and different. 

The first polish is this gorgeous cobalt blue shimmer full of blue and silver micro glitters, this applies well but does take at least 3 coats to become opaque. It has a very sheer formula and with longer nails you may even have to apply a fourth coat to not have any visible nail line. You can buy this Nicole by OPI from Amazon for £8.

I was really happy to see another Essie polish in this months box, this is Essie Flowerista a beautiful plum purple creme. It was almost opaque in 1 coat but just needed that second one to even things out, the brush is the wide rounded paddle brush. I love this deep plum colour, this polish was released in last years spring collection so it is fairly new. You can purchase Essie Flowerista from nailpolishdirect for £8.95. 

I haven't actually tried this brand of polish before, this is Eye Candy London Juicylicious. Eye Candy London is a UK beauty brand that can be purchased from Tesco, Sainsburys and Amazon. Juicylicious is a very sheer light orange creme, it took 3 coats to become opaque. It is £4.00 from both supermarkets and is out of stock on Amazon right now.

The last polish in the box is Rimmel Wedge Of Lime, this is a pretty lime green creme opaque in 2 coats. It has that great formula you come to expect from Rimmel and there are no brush stroke marks once dry. You can buy Wedge Of Lime for £2.99 from Amazon.

The last item in this retro box are these pretty Eye Candy 3D nail wraps, I have only ever used nail wraps once when I received them in my very first Meebox. These wraps have gems in all sorts of different colours including white, red, green, blue and yellow. You would definitely catch peoples attention with these shining on your nails. You can purchase these nail wraps at Fragrance Direct for £1.49.

Overall I am happy with this box it is lovely to see some bright colours and they definitely do give off a retro vibe. The price of this box was £15 including postage and the total price of the goods inside the box is £25.43 so that is a great saving of £10.43. Another fabulous box for a great bargain, you can sign up to Nailbox today for £15pm. The theme for March is Easter so I am looking forward to seeing some lovely pastel colours and maybe some little bunnies. 

I hope you have enjoyed this months Nailbox and you are all having a great nail day, chat to you all again soon. 

Monday, 22 February 2016

Deadpool Nails using Sebastian from Christina Marie Handmade UK

Hello my lovely readers! I hope all of you had a great weekend, I am happy to say that on Friday night I finally watched the new Deadpool movie. You may not know this about me but I am a huge Marvel comic book fan, so I was thrilled to see they were finally making a Deadpool movie. The movie did not disappoint at all it lived up to all my expectations, and Ryan Reynolds is the perfect actor for the roll. If you have not gone to see this movie yet I would highly recommend it, even if your not into comic books it is still a fabulous movie. I was laughing pretty much the whole time I was in the cinema, it is a great mixture of action, comedy, romance and just pure Deadpool madness.

Before me and my boyfriend went off to the Cinema I wanted to make sure my nails looked the part, so I created this mani. These Deadpool nails were really easy to create; all that was needed is a red base colour, a black polish for the half moon nails and his mask along with some paper reinforcement stickers to create the curve for the half moon and a dotting tool.

For my red base I used this beautiful polish by Christina Marie called Sebastian, I received this polish in my recent polish swap with Becca from A certain Becca Nails. I have never actually used this brand of nail polish before, it is a lovely red creme with some gold shimmer, unfortunately the shimmer doesn't show up on the nail as much as I would like. This polish takes 3 coats to be opaque and is quite sheer, it builds up well and just needs that final third coat to even things out. I do have some more polishes from this indie brand so I will do a full review once I get to swatch them. 

Once Sebastian was top coated and fully dry I used my paper reinforcements to create the half moon shape on my nail and painted the black over top. I pulled the reinforcement off of the nail before the polish had time to fully dry so I would get crisp lines. Then for his face I used my large dotting tool to create two oval shapes and then a smaller dotting tool to create the cats eye shape with some white polish. 

I am quite pleased with how this turned out, its simple yet effective. I hope you have enjoyed this short post, as always have a fabulous nail day and I will chat to you all again soon.

Friday, 19 February 2016

HPB Presents- 1st Indie Brand Owned

Hello my lovely readers! I hope everyone has had a great week, I had some amazing nail mail today from the lovely Becca who writes A Certain Becca Nails. We have been organising a swap between ourselves for months and today was the day we finally got our packages. I will probably try and get a post up next week showing all you lovely people the amazing nail goodies I received. However today's post is another HPB link-up this months theme is 1st Indie Brand, for this link-up all of us blogger's have to create a manicure using the first Indie Brand we ever owned. this can be the exact polish we purchased or just our favourite polish from that Indie maker. We can do either a simple mani or create nail art using the polish from that 1st Indie brand we owned. So let me show you the manicure I decided to create for this theme.

The first ever Indie polish that I owed was this beautiful True Brit London called Taxi Cab, this is a black creme polish opaque in 2 coats. It has a really great formula, it builds up incredibly well and there are no brush strokes visible after the second coat. This really is a great black creme it works well as a black base and for nail art. I received this polish in last years September Nailbox, it was the first ever Indie brand to come into my collection. You can buy True Brit London Taxi Cab from their website for £12.50.

On top of Taxi Cab I wanted to try out one of my new Born Pretty stamping polishes, because we are coming into spring I decided to use this flower image from Fab Ur Nails plate Fun 13. This plate has some really lovely images on it, I will hopefully be buying some more Fab Ur Nails plates in the near future. For the stamping I chose to go with the pastel pink as when I swatched this over black it looked really delicate and pretty. 

I used my Rainbow Connection clear jelly stamper for the stamping and a dotting tool to add the yellow dots in the middle of the flowers. I really do like how this turned out, I think it made the black polish look less harsh and I am loving that pink stamped over black.

I hope you have enjoyed this quick post, I will leave a link to the link up below so you can see everyone's beautiful mani's. For those of you who don't know Hobby Polish Bloggers is a Facebook page for all nail bloggers to interact with each other to get advice and general tips and tricks about running a nail polish blog. This group is full of wonderful people who have helped me with my blog and are always there to lend a helping hand. This months link-up will be open from today until the 29th of February so make sure to keep checking back as I am sure plenty more manicures will be added from now until then. As always I hope you are all have a fabulous nail day and chat to you all again really soon. 

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

When Colours Collide- Orange, Purple, Pink Manicure Challenge

Hello my lovely readers! I hope everyone had a lovely Valentines day, today's post is another Colours Collide Challenge I took part in. About two weeks ago I posted a green and purple mani for the last challenge, this time the colours were pink, purple and orange. I could not resist doing a Valentines theme manicure for this one and using my amazing Born Pretty Store stamping polishes. For those who have not read my last post Colours Collide is a group on Facebook that post bi-weekly challenges for nail addicts to take part in. So let's get into what you all came for the nails.

For this theme I knew I wanted to use my new Born Pretty stamping polishes so I chose this beautiful dark purple, a dark pink and the pumpkin orange. I wanted to try and do some gradient stamping and I must admit I love how it came out. 

First I put down my white base using Cassella Limitless, I do love this polish it applies really easily and is opaque in 2 coats. Once that was dry and top coated I used one of my Fab Ur Nails stamping plates for this beautiful heart image Fun 13. For the stamping I used my Rainbow connection clear jelly stamper, I love that I own these clear stampers it helps so much with lining up the image and making sure it is straight. 

I hope you like my orange, purple and pink mani as much as I do, here is a lovely collage of all of the other amazing manicures that were created for this theme. The new theme was posted today which is grey and yellow, I have so many ideas running around my brain. If you want to take part in this awesome nail challenge simply go to this link and request to join the group. It is full of amazing people with amazing nails, great for all nail enthusiasts. 

As always I hope you have all enjoyed this post and you come and take part in this great nail challenge. I am absolutely loving playing with my new stamping polishes and the clear jelly stamper makes stamping so much easier. I will have a review on the Rainbow Connection and Born Pretty clear jelly stampers up soon. 

Hope you are all having a fab nail day and chat to you all again soon.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Born Pretty Store Stamping polish 14-22 review and swatches Part 3

Hello my lovely readers I hope you all have a great weekend and a lovey dovey Valentines day. Me and my boyfriend never really celebrate Valentine's day he always says that we show our love every day of the year so no need to spend loads of money on one specific day. Our 7 year anniversary is coming up soon so we are saving up to treat each other, I see a Rainbow Connection Haul in my future. This is part 3 of my review and swatches for the Born Pretty Store stamping polishes, this one has 10 polishes as they added 3 new polishes to their collection recently.

As always all swatches are done over black and white and I used Uber chic collection 3 plate 3 for the swatches, if you can't already tell I love this plate.  

This beautiful fuchsia stamping polish is beautiful over both black and white very opaque and doesn't lose much colour when stamped over dark colours. As a huge pink lover I am extremely happy to have this for when I want some awesome pinky purple toned nails.
This dark brown looks lovely over the white but it does not show up very well over the black, it is a great colour for any wood details on your mani. 

This is a definite favorite for me this lovely baby pink is extremely opaque over the black and white and I love how delicate this colour comes across. 

This is going to be a definite favorite for my cousin as this teal colour is her go to colour for everything, it is opaque over both the black and white. I am sure I will be lending this one to my cousin to have a play with.

This beautiful blue is so opaque over both black and white, it is really stunning can't wait to play around with this one. 

This milk chocolate brown is just a tad bit lighter than the other brown, great over the white but doesn't stand out very much over the black. 

The last 3 polishes are some of my favorite, these are some of the most recent ones that Born Pretty have added their collection. This gorgeous bright pink is stunning and is opaque over both the black and the white. 

The next two polishes are perfect for Easter, this pastel yellow is opaque over both the black and the white and would look great if you wanted some funky looking Easter eggs on your nails.

The last polish is this beautiful lilac looks great over both the black and the white and will be a great colour to add to any up coming spring manicures. 

There we have it, that is every stamping polish that the Born Pretty store offer as of this date. I am so happy I finally bit the bullet and ordered these, they are better than I had even expected. For such a great price, as I said in my first post I ordered these from an Ebay distributor but they also have them on the Born Pretty Store website. If you are looking to get into stamping or are looking for some great colours that will stamp over both light and dark colours these polishes will certainly work well for you. 

I hope you have all enjoyed these swatch and review posts and let me know what you think of these stamping polishes? Do you think there are worth the money? Or would you recommend a different brand? I would love to know all your thoughts in the comments section below. 

As always I hope you are having a fab nail day and Happy Valentine's day to you all! Chat to you all again really soon. 

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Born Pretty Store Stamping polish 7-13 Review and Swatches Part 2

Hello my lovely readers, I hope you are all having a lovely weekend I don't have much planned this weekend as Lexi is suffering from a bad cold at the moment. So the plan is to stay inside and keep her warm, I have been having a few bad night sleep as she can't breath through her nose very well so I have made sure I have plenty of tea bags and sugar to keep me going through out the day. In my last post I showed you the first 6 gorgeous stamping polishes from the Born Pretty Store, today I have polishes 7 to 13 to share with you.

All swatches are over black and white using the Uber Chic collection 3 plate 3 for the images, I love that Born Pretty have brought out so many colours in there stamping line. 

This gorgeous deep blue is absolutely stunning, it is opaque over black and white and considering it is quite a dark blue is very vivid over the black. I am so happy this stamps over the black as I do not have another blue stamping polish that will show up over dark colours. 

This beautiful light purple shows up over both but is not as vivid as I would have liked over the black, I think if I chose a larger image with less detail it may have been a bit better. It is still a lovely shade of purple and looks gorgeous. I have actually used this one for a manicure which will be posted shortly and it is really pretty and stamps so well.

This stunning sky blue is opaque over both black and white and is so pretty, this is the sort of colour I will be using around Easter and in the spring as it has that beautiful pastel quality to it that works so well at that time of year. 

This pumpkin orange is so pretty it stamps well over both colours, this will be a fantastic polish to have for Halloween and would work well on a bright Summer mani. 

This one is rather odd when I first looked at the bottle it had looked a lot lighter than when it is actually stamped on the nail. It is opaque over both black and white and would look lovely if you wanted some dark pink Valentine's hearts.

I was so happy to see they had a beautiful grass green stamping polish in their collection, this is opaque over both the white and black and will come in handy for so many different manicures. After seeing how cute this strawberry stamping image is I can see a fun summery strawberry manicure in my future. 

Unfortunately this maroon polish didn't stamp as opaque as I would like over the black but looks lovely over the white. Can't get over how adorable this ladybird stamping image is, ever since I was little I have always called them ladybugs (sounds cuter to me) I can't wait to have these little guys crawling across my nails in a future mani. 

So there we have it my wonderful readers that is part 2 of the review and swatches for the Born Pretty Store stamping polishes. I hope you have enjoyed this post and are all having a fab nail day, part 3 will be posted shortly and then play time! I can not wait to see how many colourful mani's I can now create with these in my stamping collection. Chat to you all again soon.