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Painted Polish: At Sea: Rainbow Reef

Hello my lovely fairies! For today’s post, I have some gorgeous reflective glitters from Painted Polish one of my favourite indies to share with you, they come in every colour of the rainbow. This is a six set of polish connection all with reflective glitters, which means that they are in your face blingy when exposed to sunlight or flash from a camera. So if you’re looking for some rainbow goodness read on to find out more…

Uber Chic Beauty: Let It Snow

**Gifted in exchange for my honest review**  Hello my lovely fairies! Today I have a fabulous new Uber Chic plate to share with you kindly sent to me by the lovely Annette from Rainbow Connection. This plate is the perfect accompaniment to any winter or Christmas themed mani, so many stunning snow images to choose from. Read on to see how I used this plate and what pretty snowflake nails I came up with…

Zoya Classic Leathers

 **Gifted  in exchange for my review** Hello my lovely fairies! Todays post is another fabulous autumn collection from Zoya, this time we have 6 gorgeous darker sultry creme polishes all reminiscent of leather handbags you’ll see on the runway at this time of year. Each polish is a fabulous colour to wear at this time of year you have your quintessential mustard yellows and your deep dark chocolate browns. Read on to find out more about this gorgeous collection.