Twinsie Tuesday- Valentines Pond Mani

Hello my lovely readers, I hope everyone is having a good week so far. Mine has been quite uneventful, I did get some awesome nail mail at the weekend so that helped me feel better about this whole no buy I am on at the moment. 9 days down and only 20 to go! The nail mail I received was from the Born Pretty store and I am over the moon that I now own every stamping polish colour they have brought out so far, I will have swatches of all these over black and white up on the blog soon, and hopefully this will mean my stamping manicures will now have a lot more colour to them.

Enough of my rambling lets get into what you are all here for the nails, today's post is really special to me as it is the first time I have done a twinsie manicure with another blogger. The amazing Becca from A Certain Becca Nails and me decided to do a Valentines pond manicure. I have mentioned Becca in a few previous posts, we met through Facebook on the Nail polish sale page. She has become an amazing friend and as I like to put it my mean little leprechaun, lets just say we are very bad at enabling each other. So for our first twinsie manicure we decided to do a Valentines pond mani, this was my first time doing this type of manicure but Becca had done one before I'll leave a link here to her first pond mani.

For our pond manicure we tried to use the same polishes, unfortunately we didn't own the same stamping plate so there is a bit of a different in the heart image we used to stamp. I also used my clear jelly stamper to place the hearts exactly were I wanted them. This pink one is from Rainbow Connection, I will have a full review and comparison of this and the Born Pretty Store stamper coming up on the blog soon. The polishes we used to create our pond mani were OPI Kiss Me I'm Brazilian and OPI sheer tint Be Megentale With Me.

For my manicure the first thing I did was put a base of OPI Kiss Me I'm Brazilian this is a beautiful pink creme opaque in 2 coats. I received this polish in my July Nailbox called Tropical treats, it has become one of my go to pink polishes. After that was dry and top coated I stamped on my heart image from Uber Chic collection 3 plate 3, I used the small heart and used some sticky tape to remove the words above the image. First I stamped two hearts on each nail and then topped this with the OPI sheer tint, then once that was dry I kept repeating the process until I was satisfied. To finish off I stamped two more hearts and left them white, I loved the depth of the end product and how each heart had turned a different shade of pink.

I am quite pleased with the end result, I really did enjoy doing this mani and will definitely try to do some more pond manicure's in the future. Head on over to Becca's blog to see how she created her Valentine pond manicure, and be sure to give her some love as she is such a lovely girl and one of my best polish friends. Her nails are fabulous! 

Hope you have enjoyed this twinsie Valentine mani and you are all having an awesome nail day. Chat to you all again very soon.


  1. Yayyyy I love it! It's a bit disappointing that we didn't have the same plate but I like how our mani's are different too! I will continue to be your mean leprechaun and tempt you with pretty goods ;) x

    1. haha and I will be the devil on your shoulder always saying you should buy more :D definitly have do to this again x


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