Pueen Love Box Stamping Set Review and Swatches

Hello lovely readers! Today I have four new stamping plates from Pueen, I was given these as a Christmas present from my lovely Auntie. I thought now would be the perfect time to review and swatch these plates as we lead up to Valentines day, these are some really lovely plates and they stamp beautifully. The Pueen love box stamping set consists of 4 new stamping plates a stamper and scraper, I did try out the stamper but wasn't able to pick up any of the images. I think it may need priming, so instead I stamped all of these swatches using my trusty Moyou London rectangular stamper.

All four plates have different themes, there is a Fairytale plate, Geometric plate, Fancy plate and Nature. All of these plates have lovely images that go really well with the theme, this set is selling on the Pueen website for $18.99 which is £13.09. If you don't want all of them they are available separately for $4.99 which is £3.44. These plates are the same size as Moyou London ones and have a lovely hard backing which does not get damaged by acetone. There are roughly 12 stamping images on each plate they are definitely worth the money. 

The first plate I have is called the Fairytale lover plate, this has some beautiful images I especially like the hearts image this would be perfect for a Valentines manicure. Each image stamped really well, sorry that the swatches are on paper this time I was at my mums house and didn't have my swatch sticks with me. 

On the Fancy lover plate they have this gorgeous image that looks like a intricate ships wheel and the butterfly on the left hand side in the middle is so beautiful, unfortunately I wasn't able to get a good swatch of the butterfly on paper as it had dried before I stamped it down. Across the middle of this plate there are 2 french tip images one is a lovely lace pattern. The other french tip image are some lovely little paw prints all in a row, this will go perfectly with the new Uber Chic Pets plate. I am hoping to get the new plates when they go on sale at She Sells Seashells.

The third plate is a geometric plate full of geometric images and some illusion ones too, I don't actually own many plates with these sort of images so I was pleased to see the different looks I could create with this plate. 

The last plate in this set might actually be my favourite, this is the nature plate there are some lovely flowery images. I especially love the clouds and moon image at the top of this plate in the middle, you could either use this image as it is or make it into a decal and use just the clouds for a daytime manicure instead of a night time one.

This set is sold out on the site at the moment, but you can always sign up to be notified for when it comes back in stock. I am really impressed with these plates, I much prefer them to the small round plates that Pueen sold before, the images are perfect for people with both long and short nails. I am not sure how much shipping would be as I didn't purchase this myself, but my Auntie did say that it was reasonable and once she had placed her order it arrived in less than 14 days. If you liked Pueen's old plates then these will be right up your alley. Pueen sell tons of different nail items, nail polish, nail decals, stamping polish and plates and other bits and bobs that are great for nail art. Their products are always to a high standard and affordable I would definitely recommend them, you can also buy Pueen products from Amazon and the shipping is a lot faster. 

I hope you have enjoyed this swatch and review post, as always leave your comments down below. What do you think of these new rectangle plates from Pueen? Do you like the images that they chose for each plate? I would love to know, I will definitely be using these plates to create some very cute mani's in the future. I hope you are all having a fab nail day and chat to you all again soon.


  1. These are gorgeous plates! I've never even thought about trying Pueen until now. That geometric one is calling my name haha :) x

    1. Thanks hun. They are lovely plates, I'm looking forward to using that one too as I don't have loads of geometric images in my stamping collection x

  2. I keep seeing all of these GREAT plates and I'm thinking I need to start stamping. I haven't tried and I'm afraid I might be awful at it lol!

    1. It does take a lot of practice but the most important thing is to get good materials I highly recommend Uber Chic I have not had any problems with all of their plates. I will have swatches of the Born pretty stamping polishes over black and white up soon, they are really opaque and a really reasonable price :) I am sure you will be great at it hun, if you need tips I will be happy to help x


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