Born Pretty Store Stamping polish 14-22 review and swatches Part 3

Hello my lovely readers I hope you all have a great weekend and a lovey dovey Valentines day. Me and my boyfriend never really celebrate Valentine's day he always says that we show our love every day of the year so no need to spend loads of money on one specific day. Our 7 year anniversary is coming up soon so we are saving up to treat each other, I see a Rainbow Connection Haul in my future. This is part 3 of my review and swatches for the Born Pretty Store stamping polishes, this one has 10 polishes as they added 3 new polishes to their collection recently.

As always all swatches are done over black and white and I used Uber chic collection 3 plate 3 for the swatches, if you can't already tell I love this plate.  

This beautiful fuchsia stamping polish is beautiful over both black and white very opaque and doesn't lose much colour when stamped over dark colours. As a huge pink lover I am extremely happy to have this for when I want some awesome pinky purple toned nails.
This dark brown looks lovely over the white but it does not show up very well over the black, it is a great colour for any wood details on your mani. 

This is a definite favorite for me this lovely baby pink is extremely opaque over the black and white and I love how delicate this colour comes across. 

This is going to be a definite favorite for my cousin as this teal colour is her go to colour for everything, it is opaque over both the black and white. I am sure I will be lending this one to my cousin to have a play with.

This beautiful blue is so opaque over both black and white, it is really stunning can't wait to play around with this one. 

This milk chocolate brown is just a tad bit lighter than the other brown, great over the white but doesn't stand out very much over the black. 

The last 3 polishes are some of my favorite, these are some of the most recent ones that Born Pretty have added their collection. This gorgeous bright pink is stunning and is opaque over both the black and the white. 

The next two polishes are perfect for Easter, this pastel yellow is opaque over both the black and the white and would look great if you wanted some funky looking Easter eggs on your nails.

The last polish is this beautiful lilac looks great over both the black and the white and will be a great colour to add to any up coming spring manicures. 

There we have it, that is every stamping polish that the Born Pretty store offer as of this date. I am so happy I finally bit the bullet and ordered these, they are better than I had even expected. For such a great price, as I said in my first post I ordered these from an Ebay distributor but they also have them on the Born Pretty Store website. If you are looking to get into stamping or are looking for some great colours that will stamp over both light and dark colours these polishes will certainly work well for you. 

I hope you have all enjoyed these swatch and review posts and let me know what you think of these stamping polishes? Do you think there are worth the money? Or would you recommend a different brand? I would love to know all your thoughts in the comments section below. 

As always I hope you are having a fab nail day and Happy Valentine's day to you all! Chat to you all again really soon. 


  1. Ooh think this is my favourite post out of the three, loving how well those pastel colours show up! Can't wait to see what designs you come up with! x

    1. Thanks hun :) I have so many ideas don't know where to start lol x


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