Born Pretty Store Stamping polish 1-6 swatch and review

Hello my lovely readers, today I have some more of the Born Pretty Store stamping polishes for you. I recently brought all of the different colours they have to offer and I couldn't be more happy with my purchase. They are really opaque and most of them can be seen over black and white, as I said in my previous post they do smell quite strong a lot like the Kleancolor polishes. Today's review will just be the first six polishes in the collection and then I will do the rest of them in part 2 and 3. I didn't want these posts to be too long or picture heavy so let's get straight into the swatches.

All of these swatches were taken over black and white using images from Uber Chic collection 3 plate 3. 
The first polish in this set was this gorgeous orange toned gold, this is opaque over black and white and is a beautiful gold. It would look great for a St Patricks day manicure which is coming up shortly. 

This is the beautiful silver stamping polish very opaque over both dark and light colours, I personally love silver so am so happy with this one.

The black stamping polish is great I managed to pick up this delicate writing image first time, it is always good to have a really opaque black to stamp with so you can see every little detail. 

It is the same with the white stamping polish, very opaque and picks up every little detail. For any stamping newbie I always suggest to have a good black and white in your collection as these are the two most used colours used in most manicures. 

This deep scarlet red is gorgeous and looks great over light colours, you can't really tell from the picture but it does show up over the black just not as opaque as I have seen mundo de unas can be. 

The last polish I have to show you today is this bright yellow which is opaque over both the black and the white. When stamped over the black it does have a slight hint of green but you can definitely tell that it is a yellow. 

I am super impressed with all of these stamping polishes, they are all opaque and pick up every detail of the stamped image. None of them smudged when using the top coat and it actually made the colour come out brighter over the black. I would definitly suggest to any stamping enthusiast that these are great polishes to have for nail stamping. They are affordable and good quality, it took about 3 weeks for these polishes to arrive. I did not purchase these from the Born Pretty Store direct but from an Ebay distributor I have used quite a few times for these six polishes I paid £12.99 with free shipping. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post, I will have part 2 and part 3 of the swatch and reviews of all the other colours up soon. As always please leave any comments down below and I hope you are all have a fab nail day. Chat to you all again soon. 


  1. Love when you do these posts! When I finally sort myself out and buy more stamping polishes I'll be deciding on my colours using your reviews haha :) x

    1. haha I am glad I can help hun, I definitly think these are great to go for especially because they are so affordable :) x


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