Danglefoot nail polish swatch and review

Good afternoon my lovely ladies, I hope everyone had a great Halloween. Lexi and I had a lovely relaxing evening watching Harry Potter, one good thing about living in this flat is we didn't have the hassle of trick or treater's knocking on the door. However we did have the issue of fireworks waking her up throughout the night, all part of the parcel with a 11 month old I suppose. 
Today I have a very special post for you all, the lovely Hayley over at Danglefoot nail polish sent me some of her amazing polishes to review. I have been wanting to try these for a very long time and they were definitely worth the wait. Danglefoot nail polish is a UK indie brand 5 free and handmade by Hayley, all of the polishes are so unique and her prices are beyond excellent. Her polishes come in both 5ml mini's at £3.50 and 12ml full size bottles at £6.50. I will leave a link here for you to go check out her Etsy shop and pick up one of these pretties for yourself.

She also sells cuticles oils the sample she sent me was cedar wood and lime, I'm not even joking when I say it's good enough to eat. The minute I smelt this luscious cuticle oil I instantly thought of Lime Calypso's, a few summers ago I got addicted to these and the lime in this cuticle oil just made me want one then and there. It soaks into the skin lovely and my fingers didn't feel oily after applying it, which is good for me as I'm not keen when a cuticle oil makes you feel like you need to wash your hands a few minutes later. Her cuticle oil comes in a lip gloss container with 8.5ml at £5.75, she has it in 3 other scents; sweet pea and apple, sweet orange and chocolate lime. At the moment she is out of stock of the sweet orange and the chocolate lime, but I'm hoping I can try them out when I make an order in the new year.

So lets get into these lovely polishes first up is Garnet, this is a beautiful limited edition polish perfect for this time of year. It's a burnt orange creme with micro gold glitters and larger gold flakes, this beauty is opaque in just one coat. 

I was so impressed with the formula of this nail polish, at first I thought it would be quite shear but I was pleasantly surprised when it only took one coat to cover my nail. I can honestly say I don't have another nail polish in this colour, it reminds me so much of the colour of the leaves laying on the ground being crunched under peoples feet. 
The other polish that Hayley sent me was Cosmic Girl, this is a silver glitter in a clear base it can be used as either a topper or built up to full opacity in 3 coats. I love this polish in different lights you will see all the colours of the rainbow, you can never go wrong with a bit of sparkle after all. This polish will be perfect for the Christmas period coming up, any girl could wear it to their Christmas work do and whether its low key or a gala their nails will certainly look the part.

Again the formula was fantastic no problems with application and not too thick when applied. This polish does dry to a textured finish but with a coat of top coat you'll have a smooth nail and a lovely shine.
I am in love with both of these polishes, they have a great formula and are so unique. Thank you so much to Hayley for these polishes, I will certainly be buying more in the new year when Lexi's birthday and Christmas are out of the way. I must stock up on plenty of the cedar wood and lime cuticle oil that's for sure, all I can say about that is yum yum.

I hope you have all enjoyed this post and go grab your Danglefoot nail polish as soon as you can, as always hope your having a great nail day and chat to you all in the next post.


  1. Absolutely love these! Garnet looks amazing - I might have to pick this one up for myself! This has got me super excited for my danglefoot haul in the post! Yay x


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