Echoes polish custom polishes swatch and review

Hello my lovely people, today is a very special day for me and a special post. Today is the 12th of November and my beautiful baby girls 1st Birthday, for this occasion I did what any polish addict would do. I had two polishes especially made for my gorgeous baby girl, the lovely ladies at Echoes polish made me two polishes that I know Lexi would love.
Both polishes are based off of Lexi's favourite TV shows, she loves both Mickey mouse's clubhouse and Sophia the first. When I asked for these polishes all I said to Echoes polish was that I wanted two crelly based polishes that would represent both Minnie Mouse and Sophia the first. The polishes they came up with are even better than I had imagined they fit my little girls personality perfectly and she has gave them both a huge thumbs up. 

The first polish that I swatched was the Sophia the first, this is a crelly with a pink tinted base and tons of purple, pale yellow, pink and lilac glitters in hex's and circles both small and large. This is opaque in 3 coats and builds up really well, I had no problem with fishing around for glitters and the formula was really easy to handle. This polish is the perfect representation for my little girl, good enough for a special little princess. 
The next polish I asked for was for a polish that would represent Minnie mouse as this is Lexis favourite character from Mickey mouse's clubhouse. I can't really blame her after all who doesn't like Minnie Mouse, whether your 1 or 40 everyone loves Minnie. 

This is the most glitter packed polish I own, this crelly has a white base with a ton of different glitter's in all shapes and sizes. There is pink hex glitters, purple, turquoise and blue circle glitters; it is also packed full of black and pale pink heart glitters and mickey mouse heads in both black and white. I am totally in love with this polish it is so girly and perfect for all occasions. In the future I probably would wear a white base coat underneath to make the glitters pop even more but I love it just the way it is too, the larger glitters do need a bit of fishing but that doesn't bother me. 
We will be having a Minnie mouse themed Birthday party on Saturday, so I'm hoping I will be able to create some Minnie mouse themed nail art to go with my Minnie mouse onesie. But these polishes are by far the most awesome and special in my collection. I will be able to always look back and know that these were made for Lexi's 1st Birthday and they will no doubt be on my nails quite a lot throughout the next few years until I get to the bottom of the bottle. 

I highly recommend Echoes polish there polish is amazing, and the formula is fantastic. If you wanted to buy a custom polish and know that it will be just what you're looking for and more then go to Echoes polish they will give you exactly what you want. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post today and sorry it is quite short but we have lots of plans for our little girl on her 1st Birthday. I hope you are all having a great nail day and I will chat to you in the next post. 


  1. Yay I absolutely love this! Happy Birthday again to Lexi! These have to be the most special polishes you own x


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