My first doticure

Good morning my lovely nail polish lovers, do you ever just have those days where you have no idea how you want to paint your nails? Well yesterday I was sat here with my beautiful daughter playing peek-a-boo with her polka dot blanket and I was suddenly inspired to try a doticure. First thing I did was to go onto Google and see how difficult a task this might be, turns out not as bad as I thought.

So once that had been decided I had a rummage through my recently purchased polishes from my Fragrance direct haul. You can see these lovely array of colours in my previous post which is linked here. I made my choice quite quickly as Lexi's blanket is purple and that was the inspiration to start with so I chose Sally Hansen's Inst-dri's Orchid Express. After laying down my Nailtiques formula 2 I began to paint my nails.
I'm in love with this beautiful deep purple and it has a lovely shine to it even without topcoat, I wasn't a huge fan of the Inst-dri brush as it is very wide and not as easy to control, this was fully opaque in two coats and dried very quick so it didn't take too long to get the base colour down. 
The next task was to add my dots,  I used a dotting tool I had purchased off Ebay and found that out of the set I had purchased number 6 was a perfect size. I used an old lunch box lid as my pallet and placed a drop of Cassella's Limitless onto the lid. This has become my number one white cream to use for nail art, I received this gorgeous polish in my recent Meebox. If you would like to go check that post out it will be linked here, there were tons of goodies in that box and I am highly anticipating seeing what they come up with next. Cassella is a new UK indie brand and they have some beautiful polishes in their Collection X line, you may be seeing some of them crop up in a future post if I have the funds. 

Enough rambling back to the manicure, once I had my dotting tool and my polish all ready to go it was time to apply my dots. Now I normally have quite steady hands but when it came to placing these little tiny white spots on my nail I was all over the place. I must admit once I got into a rhythm it was a lot easier than I had thought but some dots still ended up a little bigger than others and a few smudges here and there.
So here is the finished project not the best doticure you will ever see but hopefully not the worst either. I was going to get a bit adventurous and maybe add in some pink dots but then I thought best to not push my luck. It is quite simple but I think with practice my doticures may get more advanced, but for now I'm quite pleased, Lexi approved so that's the main thing. 
As always I hope you have enjoyed this post and their will hopefully be many more doticures and attempts at nail art in the future. If you have any ideas of what nail art I should try in the future please leave a comment below, and as always feedback is highly appreciated. I hope everyone is having a fabulous nail day and I will see you in the next post. 

Coming up: Treasures I found in TKmaxx 


  1. The inspiration behind this is so cute! & her little hand awhh! :) My first attempt at dotting was a complete mess, I couldn't get the dots all the same to save my life. Nowhere near as neat as yours! X

    1. Thanks hun :) it was so hard to keep my hand from shaking lol and trust me my left looks loads worse big small medium dots of all sizes and shape haha x

  2. Ah I love these!
    So cute, I always go back to a dotty nail design :)

    1. Awh thanks so much I love your watermelon design they look awesome :)


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