Stolen my heart

Hello my lovelies, this is my second post for the blog and I have found one of the most perfect polishes just sat in my Helmer on this drizzly September morning. Autumn has definitely come to England, I looked out my window this morning and could see the raindrops dripping down the glass and plenty of puddles on the pavement. After the normal breakfast routine was out of the way I decided to look through my collection of OPI's to see if there was a polish that could bring a bit of magic to my morning. OMG I definitely found it that's for sure, this may not be to everyone's taste but I just can not say no to the colour blue on my nails. This blue sung out to me from the depths of my Helmer draw,  I believe I picked this beauty up at TKmaxx on one of my random hauls for £3.99 and I am so glad I did.

Fellow nail polish addicts i give to you OPI Miss Piggy's Big Number:

None of the photos I have taken do this colour any justice, it is a gorgeous blue metallic that in some lights has a hint of purple. This is a beautiful polish on the first coat it was quite sheer but then built up well and became beautifully opaque on the second coat. 
This is without topcoat and i was amazed at the shine you would get and that hint of purple as it hits the light. I would have loved to take a picture of this in the sunlight but as I've said it does not look like the sun will be making an appearance in my town today. 

Finally hear it is in all its glory, the topcoat I used was Seche Vite which is my go to top coat and I must say I am loving this manicure. Initially I was going to stamp over top of this but once I saw that gorgeous blue metallic shining back at me I couldn't bare to tarnish that wonderful colour. I am not a huge Muppet's fan but my advice is if you don't have this in your collection you are definitely missing out. I do not want to take this off and it has definitely made its way into my top 10 polishes, this may change as in the new year I will start buying Indies and I am sure that I will be swayed by all the indie goodness but for now OPI's Miss Piggy's Big Number has stolen my heart on this miserable September day.

I hope you have enjoyed my random ramblings and would love to hear what your top 10 polishes are and if there is a polish out there that has stolen you heart. If you have any nail tips for me or recommendations on polishes I should try please let me know. Hope everyone is having a great day and chat to you all very soon.


  1. I don't normally like darker blues but this looks so nice! It would be so bright and shiny in the sun! Will definitely keep an eye out for it x

    1. I know I can't wait to go out in the sunlight, I think it will look amazing. You should definitely purchase it if you can Hun it's spectacular :)


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