Girly Bits-Dancing Phalanges

Hello my nail polish junkies, today I have an amazing polish to share with you. Now I will admit that at first this polish was brought for its name and the affiliation it had to one of my most treasured TV shows. But I am sure there are many of us that have a polish or two sitting in our stash that were purchased for that exact same reason.

A few days ago I was surfing the web looking for polishes that I could purchase and inspiration for nail art, when I found out that Girly Bits had released a Bones trio for their fall collection in 2013. From that moment on I knew that I needed these in my life, I hadn't even seen swatches and I still was craving these three polishes. I was quite lucky as a lady on one of my Facebook pages let me know that they had all three on mei mei's signatures website. I headed over there as quickly as I could and scooped up all three polishes to add to my ever growing collection. Unfortunately they seem to now be out of stock, but it is a great site and my polishes arrived in less than a week so thought I would add that link in their for you. 

For those of you who don't know Bones is a show about a forensic anthropologist and a FBI agent solving murders with just the bones of the victims to help them. If you haven't watched this you really should Bones is amazing it has drama, comedy, action everything you could want in a television series is in this show.

The polish I'm going to talk about today is dancing phalanges, this refers to a specific episode where Brennan the forensic anthropologist is playing with a little baby and making her fingers dance in front of him. I must also add that thanks to watching Bones I knew what phalanges where when they popped up in a family trivia game, knowing this led my team to victory so there's another reason to tune in. 
Ok enough about my obsession with Bones lets get into the fun part the polish, dancing phalanges is a raspberry pink polish with a glass fleck pink shimmer. I may have initially brought this for the name and its affiliation but this polish is absolutely beautiful. For those of you who love pink this is a must own polish for you. It became opaque in 2 coats for me but for longer nails I would say 3 would be a safer bet. 
Look at how beautiful that colour is, and trust me in the sunlight this baby is absolutely stunning, I didn't want to diminish the colour, so when choosing to stamp onto my ring finger and middle finger I went for some small images so that the polish would still be the focal point of the manicure. The first plate I chose was from the Cheeky Gals Fairy stamping plate collection, plate number 121.

After stamping on the heart with wings I wanted to go for another heart design so I had a flick through my stamping plate folder and came across my born pretty plate number 11 and another small heart design at the bottom of the plate caught my eye. 
Once they had been stamped on I left the manicure at that not wanting to ruin the prettiness that is Dancing phalanges. So the final thing is quite simple but I still like it, this will be going into the breast cancer awareness link-up which can be found here.

I  hope you have enjoyed this post and are loving Dancing phalanges just as much as I am. Some very exciting new in the Fairytales Nails world I had some fantastic nail mail today. I now have a Uber Chic mat and some Uber Chic stamping plates, so hopefully in some future manicures we will be seeing some advanced stamping techniques. I can not wait to have a play and hopefully improve my nail art and fulfill some of the ideas I have swirling around in my head. I also have a light box coming in the mail, so hopefully picture quality will also improve.
Please leave a comment below and let me know what you thought of Dancing Phalanges and any little tips or tricks for using the Uber Chic mat would be a huge help. As always I hope your having a great nail day and see you in the next post. 

Coming up: Gravedigger & King of the lab


  1. This polish is so gorgeous! I will forever be on the lookout! Love the minimal stamping :)
    I realllyy want to watch Bones now haha! Might have to watch the new episode :D x

    1. You should hun the new episodes are really great so far, thank you i wanted to go simple as I didn't want to take over the amazing colour x


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