Creepy Crawly Spider Mani

Good morning my lovelies, I hope everyone has been having a great week so far. Mine hasn't been very eventful as my insomnia has returned and half the time I have been walking around like a zombie, perfect for Halloween right. I managed to rally up enough energy to create this creepy crawly kind of cute spider mani, with some beautiful glistening spider webs to give it that extra bit of sparkle.
For this manicure I used the beautiful Sinful PROshine's Show off as the base, I received this gorgeous polish in Septembers creepy colours Nailbox I'll leave a link here if you wanted to check out the rest of the goodies that came in that box. 
After my base coat was completely dry I applied my trusty Seche Vite top coat, this polish is stunning just by itself but I wanted a bit of Halloween magic on my nails too. So once my top coat was dry I used my Born pretty silver stamping polish to stamp on my spider webs. This polish always stamps really well and the silver glistens in the light, the images I used for my spider and my webs were from the Uber chic Halloween stamping plate.
 I recently reviewed and swatched this plate along with some more of their fantastic collections which are now available on She Sells Seashells, I'll leave a link here if you wanted to go check that out. For the stamping I used my Fab Ur Nails stamper which I recently purchased from Rainbow Connection, I'll leave a link here if you wanted to grab one for yourself. I highly recommend it as I've had no trouble with picking up any images, this and my Moyou London stamper are my number one choice for stamping.  
Once my webs had been stamped and top coated I then moved onto placing my little spider on both of my ring fingers. I decided I only wanted my spider to be an accent nail as I thought too many spiders might take away from the prettiness of the web and the silver stamping polish. Instead of placing my spider in the center of my nail I put him coming in from the side as if he was just peeking his head around the corner of my nail. 
To stamp my little spider I used Cassella Limitless which is not only a fantastic white cream but is also a great stamping polish too. I received this in my September Meebox I'll leave a link here if you wanted to see what else was supplied in that box.
Overall I am very happy with the final product and think that my spider is adorable, I love the Uber chic Halloween plate as their are so many images that you can choose from both scary and cute. The sinful PROshine is such a gorgeous colour as the base, it really is a beautiful purple polish I am so glad I have this in my collection, thank you Nailbox! 

I hope you have enjoyed this post and I would love to know what you think of my creepy crawly manicure. What mani's have you come up with for Halloween? Also would love to know what your go to stampers are and if you think there are any others I should try please leave a comment below. 

As always I hope you are having a great nail day and I will see you all in the next post. 

Coming up: October Nailbox


  1. Absolutely loving these! Love how you used silver to make the webs glisten. We seem to be getting so much good use out of the creepy colours nailbox! X


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