Ejiubas Halloween stamping plate

Good afternoon my wonderful readers, thankfully Lexi was in quite a good mood yesterday so I managed to get swatches done to go along with my review of the Ejiubas stamping plate. A few weeks ago I was watching Youtube videos and saw a stamping plate from a brand that I had never heard of. After doing some research and speaking with the lovely Ashley Parrish on Instagram I managed to get my hands on a set of the holiday plates. She did an awesome review of these plates on her Youtube channel which I will leave a link to here if you wanted to go check that out for yourselves.

Ejiubas is a professional nail/beauty supplier, I can't seem to find out much information about them. From what I can tell they have brought out 4 stamping plates so far, these come in collections of two both are double sided one side with single stamping images and the other has a large image made up of lots of different things. They are selling their stamping sets on Amazon.com and Wish.com, there seems to be a problem with their own personal website at this time. At first I thought I wouldn't be able to buy these as on Amazon.com they don't ship to the UK but after speaking with Ashley I found out they are also selling them on wish.com. I will leave links here for both Amazon and Wish.com if you want to grab these beautiful plates yourself, I got mine for £10 including postage and packaging. Bargain!

In the collection that I purchase there were two plates both double sided, one was for Halloween which is the plate I'm reviewing for you today. The other plate is a Christmas inspired stamping plate full of amazing festive images, I will do swatches and a review for that plate at the end of next month so it's closer to Christmas. 
So let's get into this spooktacular Halloween plate, the plate is etched very deep, the edges are sanded so that you don't have the worry about cutting yourself and it has a clear plastic which must be taken off before beginning to stamp. The images suit the theme perfectly I really wish I had managed to get my hands on this earlier in October. I am loving the skeleton hand, this will be a perfect addition to any Bones manicure I do in the future. I was planning to get a swatch of each image but I have some how managed to go through all 500 swatch sticks that I had, no idea how that happened. The base colour used for all of the swatches is Sally Hansen Insta-dri Pumpkin Queen and I stamped using Born pretty store black stamping polish. I had no problem picking up any of the images, this plate is excellently etched and the Born pretty polish has fantastic opacity.
On the other side of the plate you have a mish mash of different Halloween images, this includes everything from spiders, witches, pumpkins, skeletons and at the base of the plate is a graveyard scene that could be placed across each of your nails to create the perfect spooky night time Halloween scene. I have never seen any other stamping plates that are double sided, it really is a fantastic idea you get four sets of images on two plates. Great way to save space for those of you who have a large collection of stamping plates and a very unique selling point for these plates. 
For the back of the plate's swatches I used Sally Hansen Insta-dri Currant Trend and the Born Pretty store stamping polish in white. Again I had no problems picking up any of the images and the stamping polish is very opaque compared to others I have tried. Overall this plate is fantastic I have had no problems with it and I am definitely going to be buying the other set of plates that they sell. I would highly recommend these plates and can't wait to use the Christmas ones throughout December, I can imagine it creating some very festive mani's.
I hope you have enjoyed my swatches and review of this plate and I am so sorry I couldn't get this up sooner, but it will be great for all Halloweens to come. This will probably be my last Halloween inspired post, I wish October was a lot longer as I have so many more ideas I wanted to try. I guess they will all have to wait until next year (sad face). 

I hope you all have a scarylicious and spooktacular Halloween and I will see you all in the next post, can't wait to see what November will bring. 


  1. Omg I need these plates! And that Sally insta dry, its a perfect pumpkin colour. Why is Halloween tomorrow, I wanna do more designs :( x

    1. Thanks Hun I know I wish Halloween wasn't over by we can start Christmas designs soon :) yay x

  2. Lovely review! So glad I could help and thank you so much for the shoutout! :) xoxo keep up the good work Ashley Parrish

    1. Thankyou Hun :) I love your channel you do great reviews and find some awesome stamping plates x


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