Echoes polish-October Thermal Freebie

Hello my lovely readers, now I know I promised you all a review on this months Nailbox and Meebox but unfortunately when they were delivered to my flat Lexi was asleep so I asked the postman and My Hermes guy to place them on top of the letterboxes. I have had many parcels left here before and as security in our building is very high I assumed they would be safe there until I was able to go downstairs to pick them up. Once Lexi had woken up from her nap I went straight down to collect not only my nail mail but also a package from Amazon containing teething medicine for Lexi. When I went down there was no packages what so ever, I searched in every place I could think of but still nothing. So not only has someone stolen my Nailbox and Meebox they have also taken my daughters medicine, to say I was angry is an understatement.

Unfortunately after reporting this to all the authorities nothing can be done, I have even left a note on the main door asking for them to at least return the medicine but no one has come forward. It's horrible to think that you can't even trust people who live in your own building. So I'm afraid there will not be a Meebox or Nailbox review for this month, I have changed my address with both companies to my mums house so this will not happen again. I will still try and do a Breast cancer awareness manicure for you and an autumn inspired mani will be up some time at the beginning of November.

But anyway enough doom and gloom let's get into this amazing thermal polish that I received from Echoes polish. Echoes polish is a Canadian Indie nail polish brand run by two sisters, I found these lovely ladies on Etsy as I was looking for a indie brand to create some custom polishes for me. They responded to my messages very quickly and created my polishes within a couple of days. The custom polishes will be up on the blog shortly, they did an absolutely amazing job and I am so pleased with the final outcome.

They have such unique collections and fantastic customer service, they are 5 free, cruelty free, vegan friendly and in my opinion amazing. Their shop is closed at the moment but they are planning to bring out some new collections soon which will include a winter collection and they are also releasing some books and polishes to go along with them. They are aiming to re-open on the 15th of November, and I will be checking out there new collections as soon as they do. I will leave a link here for you all to do the same.

Now lets get into what your here for polish, with my order which consisted of my two custom polishes and some of their recently released autumn collection they kindly gave me there October thermal freebie. I have never tried a thermal polish before and I must say I was highly impressed with this polish not to mention its so so pretty.

This beauty is opaque in 2 coats as you can see on the first coat it is quite sheer but builds up well on the second coat. For longer nails you may feel it gets better opacity on the 3rd but for mine 2 coats were perfect. It went on very smoothly and has a beautiful micro shimmer running throughout which translates to the nail lovely.

On the left hand side is a shot of the polish after it has just been dipped in cold water, it turns this beautiful forest green and on the right is a shot of my nail after it has been dipped in warm water which is a lovely emerald green. I feel both colours are absolutely stunning and I'm not going to lie every chance I get I have been playing about to see the thermal in action.

Now not only is this polish an amazing thermal polish, but that night I went to bed and all of a sudden I looked down at my hands and yep you guessed it they were glowing in the dark. Unfortunately my camera isn't good enough to get a good glow in the dark photo for you, but believe me when it glows it is very bright. It scared the pants off my boyfriend when he woke up to go to work and he looked over at me, he actually woke me up to say babe your hands are glowing.

I don't think this polish is available anymore but Echoes polish have made plenty of thermals in other collections, so if you see one you might like take it from me if the formula is anything like this one you should definitely pick it up.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, once again I am so sorry I can't give you reviews on Meebox and Nailbox this month but rest assured there will be reviews up for next month. I hope you are all having a fantastic nail day and please let me know what you think of this thermal polish in the comments section below. There will be plenty more polishes coming from Echoes polish in the near future so keep your eyes peeled for them.

Speak to you all in the next post.


  1. Such a shame about your parcels :( thank goodness they didn't get their hands on your echoes order! You've inspired me to try thermals again, this ones gorgeous x


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