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Hello my lovelies, now I know that I promised you my Nailbox review for October but unfortunately my post man seems to be slower than others. So instead I thought I would share with you my latest mani for Halloween. Now this isn't exactly sticking to the traditional Halloween nail art but you could still technically dress up in a Pacman costume so it's not too far off the theme.
So lets get started, first thing I did was some research I found quite a few different tutorials for Pacman nails on Youtube which were really helpful. So after choosing one that I felt was within my capabilities I had to pick out some polishes that would make the perfect base colour both for my Pacman and my little ghosts. I'll leave a link here to the video that I tried to follow to the best of my abilities, I did think it would be a lot harder to create this look than it actually was which I was so pleased about.

The polishes that I used were OPI I just can't cope-acabana which I picked up in my latest Fragrance Direct haul, if you wanted to check out the rest of my loot from that haul I will leave a link here for you. I used this as the base colour for my Pacman on my thumb nail, it took 2 coats to get this opaque. Next I had to choose what colour I wanted my floaty little ghosties, on my 1st finger I chose to use China Glaze's Scarlet which is opaque in 2 coats. Then for my middle finger I used Essie's fear or desire this became opaque in 2 coats and is the perfect orange for this time of year. For my ring finger I used Essie's I'm addicted which was picked up in my September Fragrance Direct haul, this is a lovely bright blue cream opaque in 3 coats. Then for my pinky ghost I chose Essie's Go Ginza this is a lovely pastel lavender opaque in 2 coats with a great formula. 
Next I used my Barry M nail art pen to draw my black zig zags on the tips of my nails, this gave the illusion that the ghosts where floating like they are in the game. I love my nail art pens they are so easy to use and give a great effect, this could also be done with a dotting tool or using a chevron nail vinyl. 
Now that my little ghosts are floating it was time to put on their little eyes, for this I used a large dotting tool dipped in Cassella Limitless which I received in my September Meebox. In between all of these steps I top coated my nails with Seche Vite so I didn't have to worry about my design smudging. 
Then came the most difficult part which was to draw Pacman onto my thumb nail, drawing a circle free hand onto your nail is in no way easy. Looking back I wish I had made his eye a bit bigger and after outlining Pacman I wish I had gone over the black background with my Orly Liquid Vinyl. But as I always say practise makes perfect and I'm hoping I will continue to improve as I try more nail art designs. 
So here they are my friends my little Pacman nails, as I said there are a few things that I wish I could go back and change but overall I am very happy with these little guys. I love how the ghosts are all looking at Pacman as if they are ready to run away from him at any minute. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post and like my Pacman nails, please let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. Also if you've ever tried a Pacman inspired manicure I would love to see pictures. I hope you are all having a great nail day and fingers crossed my Nailbox will arrive tomorrow. Plenty of posts coming up this week, I love the end of the month so much nail mail, yay!

See you all in the next post.


  1. I would never be brave enough to attempt this freehand! I would be sticking vinyls everywhere lol! Absolutely love these, especially how all of the ghosts are looking at pacman. Amazing mani lovely! x


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