Tkmaxx Treasures

Good afternoon my lovelies, the other day me and Lexi were sat here watching Mickey mouse clubhouse, her choice not mine. When my amazing boyfriend came home with a bag of goodies for me, now I'm not a big fan of flowers and chocolates so when I saw that little Tkmaxx bag in his hand I was thrilled. He will only ever buy me nail polish once in a blue moon as he calls it my bad little habit, but he said he saw these and thought of me.

I must say my man has good taste, he picked up 4 Butter London's, 3 OPI's, 4 Orly's, 2 Essie's and 1 Nicole by OPI. After looking through the amazing haul he had brought me I got straight onto swatching. I wish I could say all of these polishes were amazing but unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the case. Lets start off with the butter London's, this brand has slowly grown to be one of my favourite main stream brands.
This lovely chocolate brown cream is Butter London's Tramp stamp, I must say I love the name's that they come up with. This was opaque in 2 coats and had a really good formula, this reminds me so much of chocolate good enough to lick off the nail if you ask me. 
Next up is Butter London's Jasper a lovely pastel yellow, it does take 3 coats to be fully opaque though and does suffer from the usual pastel yellow formula where you can see streaks on the nail. I do love the colour and think it will be great in the spring just wish the formula was a bit better. 
Butter London's Stratford honey is a gold shimmer overcoat, this one is a lot like China glazes fairy dust and will add that extra sparkle to any manicure. Since getting Stratford honey I must admit I really want to try Butter London's stardust, as I'm much more drawn to silver than gold. 
The last Butter London he found for me was Bossy Boots he said it was the name of this one that attracted him, I have no idea what he's trying to insinuate. This is a pastel green that reminds me of the tea my Nan used to drink, it goes on really well fully opaque in 2 coats and another great colour for spring. 
Now onto the Essie part of the haul, this is one of my favourite out of the bunch. It's a beautiful periwinkle blue glitter topper from their luxe effects line. It has small circle and hex glitters in a clear base, no need for fishing and spreads on the nail nicely on the swatch this is just 1 coat I'm thinking this would look awesome on Cassella's Limitless. Give it a bit of a winter wonderland theme, you may see this appear in a future post, perhaps accompanied by a friendly snowman. 
Sable colar was a bit of a let down for me, in the bottle you can see this reddish shimmer but this did not translate to the nail for me. Under a different light this might be different but it took 3 coats to be opaque and very sheer on the first coat. I wasn't overly thrilled with this one, doesn't mean I will be getting rid of it but it might not make as many appearances on my nails as I had first hoped.
Now onto the Orly's, first up was Sweet Tart a red jelly that is so squishy and reminds me of the red part of a Haribo heart sweetie. This is 3 coats on the nail and obviously because it's a jelly you can't really get it opaque but I'm definitely looking forward to doing some jelly sandwiches with this one perhaps around valentines day.
Unfortunately not so happy with Orly's watch it glitter, this is a copper glitter with small circle and hex glitters in a clear base. I had problems with this one as it's very base heavy and every time I would wipe my brush over the nail the glitter would literally start to drip off the nail and if I wiped the brush on the neck of the bottle I would lose all the glitter off the brush. I still love the colour and effect and think it will look fabulous at Christmas time particularly on top of a red but I just wish the formula was a tad better. 
Here is Orly's Taffy and I love the subtlety of this one a beautiful pale pink cream with a golden shimmer that I'm happy to say does translate to the nail. This beauty is opaque in 3 coats but can be forgiven due to being so pretty, it is very sheer but I can never say no to pink. 
Last one for Orly is glitterbomb and this is exactly what it says on the packet, a full on glitterbomb on your nails. There are colours from every aspect of the rainbow and will definitely bling up your manicure. However the formula was very similar to watch it glitter, very base heavy and glitter would be lost if you wipe the brush lightly on the neck of the bottle. But glitter is glitter I'm pretty sure I have a few dupes for this but it's very pretty none the less.
Now after talking about some not so great glitters let's go onto an amazing glitter and my number one favourite out of the whole haul. I saw this beauty and jumped up and down, it is so pretty my photo is not doing this the justice it deserves. This is OPI's Blush hour opaque in 2 coats and absolutely stunning it has a pink tinted base with light pink, dark pink and purple glitters, if you don't want a fully opaque manicure 1 coat will give you a beautiful glitter topper. I have many plans for this polish and I expect it will show up a lot throughout this month. 

OPI's malaga wine is a beautiful red cream opaque in 2 coats good formula, will probably be using this around Christmas time as red is always good for that time of year.
Then there is OPI's bubble bath a lovely subtle pink cream very similar to Orly's Taffy just without the gold shimmer, its opaque in 3 coats and great if your going for a neutral sort of look.

The last Tkmaxx treasure was a Nicole by OPI's colour me country this is a bright pink cream opaque in 3 coats I found the formula for this very sheer. I'm not a big fan of Nicole by OPI never had one that I find easy to apply and all my glitters get gloopy and separate. But this is pink so therefore it will live in my helmer tucked up nicely with its friends. 

I hope you lovely people have enjoyed this haul post and the amazing goodies my awesome boyfriend purchased for me. I would love to know what goodies you managed to find in your Tkmaxx and any feedback is always appreciated.

As it is now October there will be many Halloween manicures coming up and it is also breast cancer awareness month so plenty of pink polish will be making an appearance also. My friend Becca from A certain Becca nails has created a link-up for all pink manicures created for Breast cancer awareness month. So if you have any pink pretties that you would like to contribute click this link and add your pics in.

As always hope you are having a great nail day and I will hopefully see you in the next post. 

Coming up: Batman manicure with a twist


  1. Love how he spoilt you with all of this! I had to stop and laugh for a minute at Bossy Boots, oh dear! Love the idea of your sparkly winter wonderland snowman :) My favourite has to be OPI Blush Hour. My TKMaxx is rubbish but I'll keep an eye out for that! Xx


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