January Nailbox-Valentines Day

Hello my lovely readers, as we are now finishing up January it is time to start thinking about that lovey dovey day in February. That's right Valentines is just around the corner, and the great girls at Nailbox decided to make sure our nails would be prepared for the occasion. January's Nailbox theme was Valentines day, when I read this my mind immediately went to one paticular colour PINK! I am a huge lover of all things pink, I have pink hoodies, jumpers and trainers. So when I opened this months box I was very happy to see that beautiful colour among my packing peanuts.

This month we were treated to another nail treatment, two polishes, one glitter topper and some very handy dandy orange sticks. My little pack of love hearts almost didn't even make it to this picture as my boyfriend loves them and wanted to eat them before I had even finished gazing at the beautiful pink polishes. 

Lets dive right in with this gorgeous glitter topper from Nails Inc called Alexa Hearts, this is the perfect topper for valentines day as nothing screams love more than a pretty red heart. There are thousands of red heart glitters in a clear base, This polish is designed to be more for placement than coverage. You get a very small brush to pick out the hearts and place them where you want them on your nail. This is a limited edition polish and sells for £15 on the Nails Inc website.

The next polish that caught my eye was this Sinful Proshine called Babydoll, this is a baby pink creme opaque in 2 coats. You may even need a third if you have longer nails as it is quite sheer but builds up well. This is my second Sinful Proshine from Nailbox, I love Show off which I received in last years Septembers Nailbox and used it for a Halloween mani. You can pick up this gorgeous polish at the Sinful Nails website for £7.95.

The last polish in this months box is Seche Rendezvous this is a cerise pink creme opaque in 2 thin coats I even think you may be able to get away with one thick one. The formula was great went on the nail smoothly and built up very well. I love this colour and am so happy to finally have a Seche polish in my collection. You can pick Rendezvous up from Nail polish Direct for £8.95.

We also received another nail treatment from Elegant touch, this is a 24KT Gold flecks Ridge Filler. this treatment is suppose to improve the appearance of any imperfections on your nails and protect the nail from any yellowing or discoloration. I will probably get around to using this one day but at the moment I am still relying on my trusty Nailtiques Formula 2. It's always great to have something like this in my collection though if there is ever a day were I have naked nails I am sure this filler would make them look fabulous. You can purchase this from the Elegant touch website for £8.95.

The last item in this months box are some Nailbox orange sticks, as all of us nail addicts know there are many uses for an orange stick. So it is always handy to have to have some stashed away in my helmer. 

Overall I am in love with this months Nailbox, there are some great polishes and I can think of many different manicures I could create with all of these goodies. Nailbox is a monthly subscription service for £15 per month you get lots of nail products. The total of this months box was £49.80 that is a whooping £34.80 saved. BARGAIN!

I hope you have enjoyed this post, I would love to know what you thought of this months box. I will have my Valentines manicure posted soon using some of the beauties I received. As always hope you are having a fab nail day and chat to you all again soon.


  1. Blimey I never calculate the costs of the boxes, wow! This is one of my fave nailboxes so far, loving all of the pink. Can't wait to see your mani x

    1. I know it was such a huge saving when you add it all up :) thanks Hun it will be up tomorrow x


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