Inside Out Nail Art using my Echoes Custom Polishes

Hello my lovely readers, today as promised I have some Inside Out nail art to go with the gorgeous custom polishes that I purchased from Echoes polish. For this nail art I wanted to try and make each character from the movie come to life on my nails.

To do this I first painted each nail with the holographic polish from the collection, I then used my dotting tool and some white polish to make eyes for each of the characters. For Joy I made her eyes oval, then for Sadness and Fear I made them circular. Then for Angers eyes I made them more on the square side, then disgust was more of a cats eye. Once the eyes had completely dried I drew on their features with my nail art pens. 

Because the holographic didn't show up very well in my other swatches I wanted to take this picture to show you just how gorgeous they are in the sunlight. I am so happy with these polishes and quite proud of this nail art, I know they are not perfect but hopefully the more practise I have the better my nail art will get. 

I hope you enjoyed this short post and have a fantastic day, chat to you all again soon. Some gradient mani's coming your way soon.


  1. I love how you've made each one of their faces properly, they look exactly like the characters! Amazing :) x


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