Nailzopia Nail Art Box- Unboxing & Review

Hello my lovely readers! I hope that you all had a lovely weekend in the sun, unfortunately I have been suffering from my migraines again so haven't been able to post for a couple of days. Today's post is a really special one though to make up for it, I have the Nailzopia Nail Art box to show you today. This is a debut nail art box created by the lovely Teena, she recently asked a few of us nail addicts on Facebook if we would be interested in a nail art subscription box packed full of everything you need to create some gorgeous mani's. I jumped at the chance to try her Spring themed debut box, so lets crack this baby open.

I was totally shocked at the amount of goodies I received, Teema really outdid herself. Just before she posted the boxes she asked us if we had any specific colours we would like. I obviously said pink and purple and she really did an amazing job. There are 8 sheets of nails foils, 5 packs of gorgeous glitter, water decals, nail stickers, a stamping plate, nail wheel, nail file and orange sticks along with a double ended dotting tool. Like I said plenty to create some amazing nail art looks, so lets take a closer look at all of these stunning nail goodies.

These gorgeous glitters are stunning, they will definitely add that extra sparkle to any manicure. The first bag is a gorgeous rosey pink metallic glitter with gold shimmer, the second is a lovely bright pink perfect for summer. The third bag of glitter is a stunning dark purple with lighter pink glitters mixed in. 

The last two glitters are a dark blue with lighter blue glitters mixed in and the last pack is a light lilac with green mixed in. I haven't used loose glitter very often because it is so messy and gets everywhere but these are just so pretty. I will definitely be trying to incorporate these into a future mani, especially that bright pink. 

Once I was done admiring those gorgeous glitters I had a closer look at the nail foils we were given. The first one is a purple chequered pattern, I can imagine this will look so pretty on the nail especially for this Spring. Then there is the stunning butterfly foil, this will look gorgeous over a sky blue background. It will look like you have colourful butterflies fluttering across your nails, who wouldn't love that. Then you have the beautiful pink flowers foil, this will make a very pretty elegant mani. 

Next up is a foil that everyone would love to have one their nails, a gorgeous silver holographic foil. If I can get the stamping foil method to work this will look amazing i am sure. The foil in the middle is a black lace design, this would look beautiful in a Gothic themed manicure. The dark pink holographic is another stunner, this would look great just by itself for a night out. 

The last two foils are perfect for these sunny days we seem to be having, the pink geometric pattern will be a great Spring time mani and the rainbow gradient foil will just make every passer by stare at your nails in awe. 

The loose glitters are perfect for me, the first bag is full of lots of hearts, stars and Mickey mouse head glitters. These will be great to adding a Disney feel to a mani, the little flower gems are great too for adding that bit of sparkle and the Spring look to your nails.

The last few items inside this massive goody box are perfect for the Spring theme and good for all nail artist's both beginner and advanced. There were three rolls of nail tape blue, pink and purple, these come in handy for many different nail looks even though they can be quite fiddly. The nail stickers are also beautiful lots of flowers perfect for Spring, these will give your nails that pop without having to stamp or make a decal. 

I will be using these butterfly water decals in a mani coming up very soon, I have only ever used water decals once before but I was so surprised how easy they were to get onto the nail.  

The beautiful stamping plate we were supplied with is QA55, this has lots of pretty flowers, bows and girly images. I did try this plate out to see how it would stamp, it stamped a lot better when I used a firmer stamper and the push down motion instead of the rolling one. 

I completely feel this nail art box was worth the money for all of these goodies and postage it was £9.50, that is a massive bargain considering how much all of these would cost individually. Teema is hoping to make plenty more of these nail art bags with different theme's each time and brands. I would highly recommend picking one up if you love your nail art and can never have too much to play with like me. I will leave the link to Nailzopia's Facebook page below so you can go check her page out, and give her some love. At the moment she only has a Facebook site but she is hoping to set up a shop in the near future.

I hope you have liked this post, so sorry it was so long and picture heavy. If you have made it all the way to here then big hugs and kisses from me.

 As always I would love to know all your thoughts about the Nailzopia box? Will you be getting one in the future?  I hope everyone is having a fabulous nail day and I will chat to all you wonderful people again soon. 


  1. Ah this really is an amazing box! If I didn't have nail art stuff coming out of my ears I would definitely order lol - I might have to anyway :D x

  2. Replies
    1. It sure is :) I couldn't beleive how much there was when I opened the box x

  3. What an awesome idea - a nail art box!! Genius!!

  4. OMG this is so awesome!!! I loved the heart, stars, mickey mouse head, all loose things.. are those sequins, or 3D deco??

  5. That's a cool box! Brill review x

  6. nice stuff...hope you are feeling better now

  7. nice stuff...hope you are feeling better now

  8. I love all the stuffs inside the box...specially the butterfly water decals and loose glitters....

  9. That is a ton of stuff for one box!


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