Glam Polish: Suicide Squad Duo

Welcome back my little fairies, I hope you have all been having a better time than I have lately. I am so sorry for my long absence, I unfortunately was bitten by my dog my hand was the worst of the wounds so nails were put on hold while it healed. Thankfully the swelling is gone and the bruising has gotten a lot less painful. So to kick things back off I have two beautiful Glam Polishes to share with you. Read on to find out more...

As you might know I am a bit of a comic book geek and my all time favourite character  is the awesome Harley Quinn. So when Glam Polish released a duo for both her and her boyfriend based off of their characters from the movie Suicide Squad I just had to have them. And believe me I was not left disappointed.

Hey Puddin' 

The first beauty is Hey Puddin' for the loony toon lovable character Harley Quinn, this is a stunning crelly polish with a whiteish silver holo base and pink, blue micro glitter with multi-chrome flakies. Shown is 3 coats with a glossy top coat. 

All That Chit Chat's Gonna Get Ya Hurt

The second part of this awesome duo is 'All That Chit Chat's Gonna Get Ya Hurt' for the maniacal character The Joker. This is a gorgeous lime green crelly filled with iridescent flakies and ultra holo glitter. Shown is 3 coats plus a glossy top coat. 

Overall this duo was fantastic the formula was lovely to work with and they are super pretty. They are definitely great representations of both characters from the movie. These are still available now from the Glam Polish store they are facebook group exclusives so if you want to purchase them you will need to be a part of the Glam Polish Facebook Page. There is luckily also a UK store that distributes Glam Polish's to us UK ladies which can be found here.

I hope you enjoyed today's post and I would love to know which of the duo is your favourite?? I'm not sure I can choose to be honest, they are both really pretty and perfect for Harley and Joker. 

I will be back soon with plenty more swatches to share and as always I will be posting nail art over on my Instagram so make sure you come and check those out too. Chat to all you lovely lot soon. 


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