B. Loves Stamping Polish Snow Land Trio

 Happy New Year my lovely fairies; I can't believe we are already two weeks into January. It has been a bit of a mad house around here with another UK lockdown put into place and now having to home school Lexi again. Nail activities have not been easily achieved and I am sure there are many others in my position, let me just say you are super heroes keep up the great work. So for today's quick post I have some stamping polishes to review for you all. These are from B. Loves plates and were purchased in my black Friday mega haul. Read on to find out my thoughts on these...

B. Loves Plates is a polish company founded by a fellow blogger and nail art enthusiast Anna. She like many of us is a stampaholic and loves to create fun and great quality products for us all to use. Her stamping polishes have been some of the best that I have tried in the past. So when she released this new winter inspired trio I knew they had to pop into my cart asap. Let's take a closer look at these pretty polishes that can both stamp and be using for full manicures. 

B. A Fern Frost

'B. A Fern Frost' is a gorgeous pale blue creme that is really smooth and easy to apply. Swatch pic is 2 coats plus a glossy top coat and below you can see how opaque they are stamped over black and white. 

This was stamped on my nail art mat and with an image from B.10 Merry Christmas which is there Christmas inspired stamping plate. 

B. A Frozen Heart 

'B. A Frozen Heart' a stunning candy floss pink creme again with a lovely creamy formula. Swatch pic is 1 coat. Again see this stamped over black and white. 

Again this is stamped on my mat using the same image. You can really see how crisp the details of the snowflakes pick up. 

B. A Winter Sunlight

'B. A Frozen Sunlight' a pale yellow with a beige undertone creme another lovely one to apply. Swatch pic is 2 coats plus a glossy top coat. Let's see it stamped over black and white. 

This one really impressed me stamped over both the black and white. 

Overall three fabulous stamping polishes and cremes for a full colourful manicure with great shades for Winter. The formula on all three was easy to work with not thick like some stamping polishes can be but really nice and even to apply. I would say they are definitely great polishes for stamping over darker colours as the opacity really shows. 

These are available now from B. Loves Plates for £12.95 plus shipping. I'm not 100% sure on what the shipping costs are at the moment with all the changes coming into effect but I would definitely say grab them if you can. 

Hope you enjoyed tonights quick little post and you are all staying healthy and keeping well during this horrible time. Stay safe my lovely fairies. 


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