Barry M: 40th Birthday Gellys

Hello my lovely fairies!

Hope you are all keeping well, for todays post I have some pretty Barry m's to show you that were released nob long ago for their 40th anniversary. Read on to find out more…

These are beautiful bright polish additions to their gelly collection, this is there high gloss crème collection and there is definitely something here to suit everyone. They are all inspired of various drinks and food you would find at a party.

Party Ring

Party Ring: is a lavender crème that dries with a glossy finish, swatch is 2-3 coats. This is a beautiful pastel toned polish, perfect for an everyday look.

Strawberry Cheesecake 

Strawberry Cheesecake: is a bright hot pink crème that dries to that gorgeous glossy finish, swatch is 2 coats. This is probably one of my favourites as the pink is great for summer and pops off the nails.

Red Velvet

Red Velvet: is a crayola crayon red crème with a glossy finish, swatch is I coat. A definite staple for all collections, but also quite generic so probably one that you can miss but a fab formula.

Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie: is a lime green crème that dries a glossy finish, swatch is 3 coats. This is a definite in your face colour and another great one for summer. 

Fizzy Apple

Fizzy Apple: is a bright green apple crème that dries to a glossy finish, swatch is 2 coats. I love a good green land this is another great staple for any collection.

Gummy Bear

Gummy Bear: is a deep plum purple crème that dries to a glossy finish, swatch is 2 coats. Another fab colour to own and I loved the way this looked on my nails. 

Overall a really lovely collection release for there birthday, some great colours to suit a lot of peoples tastes and as always a great formula on all the polishes. These are all available now from for £3.99 per polish. Each polish has 10ml in the bottle and comes with a wide paddle brush which makes application a breeze. 

All Barry M polishes are vegan friendly and cruelty free, they can also be found in Superdrug and Boots here in the U.K.

1 would love to know your thoughts and which of these colours you might pick up, let me know down in the comments. 

As always l hope you have enjoyed todays post and I will see you back here soon with plenty more nail goodies. 

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