Simply Polished: Mystic plate

**Gifted in exchange for my honest review**

 Hello my lovely fairies!

 Welcome to 2023. I hope you all have had a lovely Christmas and a happy New Year, sorry for the slight break my youngest recently started nursery and I had a personal loss in my family. But I am back and ready to show you some more nail goodness in this fresh New Year. For today’s post, I have a beautiful stamping flight from Simply Polished to share with you.

Simply polished is a UK in the brand that is becoming very popular she offers not only nail polishes, but also her very own designs of stamping plates. I have not had one issue with any of these plates, so far they stamp so beautifully and I etched really well. Her Stamper is also my go to Stamper for all of my designs at the moment, as it picks up so well and cleanly with just the first go. This mystic play is no exception it only and it has some really beautiful images to choose from. 

This plate measures 9.5 cm by 14. 5 cm it is full of lots of mystical images and there is so many different ways of using them. There are an array of singular images which can also be used for layered stamping, and seven full sized images that can create some really beautiful magical looks. Each image is etched really nicely and I have no issues with pick up. 

Stars and Moons pattern

The first design I chose to do was using this pretty stars and moon pattern, I really like the simplicity of this look, and image picked up well. The silver stamping stood out over the midnight blue plum base, I always enjoy some celestial stamping as it gives such a pretty look to your nails.

Gradient Butterfly Nails

Alexa of nails have an autumnal gradient with some pretty butterflies stamped on top, again, the image picked up really nicely and stamped well. I love the simplicity of stamping an image in one colour over a gorgeous gradient it makes such a striking look with minimal effort.

Gem Stone Manicure

Out of the four monies I did for this plate this is probably my favourite, are use multiple gemstone images and built them up over the nails. I did the reverse stamping technique and coloured each gem in using a holographic stamping polish. This made the gems look nice and shiny once I added the glossy topcoat.

Smoosh Snake Nails

To create my final look I did a smoosh face with three different green cream polishes from Color Club, I then stamped on the snake image at the bottom of the plate. I used a black stamping polish to stamp on the snakes and for the smoosh base I used my Stamper and smooshed together the three cream polishes an added this to the nail.

I would definitely recommend this plate if you love all things mystical and magical than this is definitely one that you would like to try. It is available now at for £12.50, and there is now a special offer on to get the Stamper and stamping plate for £18. I am really looking forward to seeing what Ansleigh has coming for the rest of the year.

Let me know which of these designs is your favourite? As always thank you for reading and I hope you have enjoyed today’s post and I will see you back here soon with lots more nail goodies to share.

Coming soon: Prism Polish Autumnal Adventures 


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