Spring Fling Manicure Using Danglefoot Nail polish Moonriver

Hello my lovely readers, I hope you are all having a great week so far mine has been full of nail mail so I am one happy nail addict right now. Today's short post is going to be my simple elegant manicure using one of the beautiful polishes from the Spring Fling box.

The polish I chose to use today is Moonriver, this gorgeous sky blue crelly was the perfect colour for my Spring manicure. This is fully opaque in 2 coats and so easy to work with on the nail, it looks gorgeous in the sunlight and the subtle pink shimmer is stunning when in the right lighting. 

Because Moonriver is so pretty on its own I didn't want to do too much to take the eye away from the actual polish. For my stamping I used Mundo De Unas white and an image from the Yay Spring! plate from Uber Chic, this image can be used as both a french tip and closer to the cuticle as a half moon. 

To make the nail really pop I added a silver rhinestone between the stamping and my cuticle, to stick this on I added a tiny blob of top coat and used tweezers to place my rhinestone in place. I then top coated my whole design to seal it all in. 

I really love how these turned out you can still see the true beauty of the gorgeous Danglefoot polish, and according to my mum it looked very elegant and sophisticated with the stamping and the gem. I think that is the first time my mum has ever used those two words when speaking about me. 

I hope you liked this quick post and would love to know your thoughts on my simple Spring mani, as always I hope you are all having a fabulous nail day and I will chat to all you wonderful people again soon. 


  1. Absolutely love this! Definitely elegant and sophisticated. I think I might have to put an ISO out for this danglefoot x

  2. I love both the base colour, and the nail art you did. The rhinestones really add to it!

    1. Thank you, it was my first time in a while dealing with Rhinestones I forgot how fiddly they can be lol x

  3. Great nail art. I'm loving the use of the rhinestone :)

    1. Thank you I definitely think they tied it all together :D x

  4. Rhinestones are a hit!! They can make any mani a fashion statement!


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