Painted Polish By Lexi Mother's Day Trio- Swatch & Review

Hello. my lovely readers, I hope you all had a relaxing and fun filled weekend. Mine wasn't very eventful yet again, Lexi went to my Mums on Saturday night so I was able to relax and chill for the night. I was also able to swatch these gorgeous Painted Polish By Lexi polishes, this is my first time trying this brand. I won't deny that I was attracted to the brand because another Lexi makes them but I also loved the look of her crellies. So when my mum went to America she brought me back the Crellies Of The Rainbow and the Mothers Day Trio.

This trio consists of 2 ultra holographic polishes and a crelly, they are all inspired by the two 2016 Pantone colours. Seeing that blue and pink of any shade are my favourite colours especially to wear on my nails, so I knew that I had to get this collection whilst I could.

The first polish in this three piece collection is called Radiant & Rosy, this is a stunning rose quartz ultra holographic. 

The formula for this one was really easy to work with it was fully opaque in 2 coats and that holographic is so strong even inside. 

Out in the sun, this polish is blinding that linear holographic causes a rainbow to burst forth on your nails. This was the perfect polish for the Pantone colour and I believe this polish is perfect at all times of the year, it is never too cold or hot for a beautiful pink after all. 

The second ultra holographic in the collection is called Sweet and Serene, it is a beautiful Serenity blue. It is not pastel not dark and not periwinkle it sort of falls between all three. 

This is so beautiful out in the sun, this also takes 2 coats to reach full opacity. The formula is really easy to work with and slides onto the nail like butter. 

The linear holographic might not be quite as strong as it is in Radiant & Rosy but it is absolutely stunning in the sunshine. This is definitely a perfect polish to wear this summer to the beach and any other summer activities you may have planned. 

The last polish in the trio is called Pantone Crelly this has a beautiful white based crelly with pink and blue micro glitters as well scattered holographic glitter spread throughout. 

This Pantone crelly takes 2 coats to be fully opaque, it is on the thick side but not too thick that it isn't easy to manage. You could even layer this over a white base and have 1 coat of the crelly, this will make the glitters pop off the nail even more. 

This crelly is so pretty and one of the easiest I have used when it comes to building it up to be opaque. The blend of the two colours in the white base is really stunning and I love how girly and pretty it looks on the nail. 

I was really looking forward to trying this brand and I was not disappointed in the slightest, they live up to all the expectations I had built up in my head. Painted polish is created by Lexi who is a fellow nail polish addict and decided to start an indie brand. All of her polishes are 5 free and cruelty-free, I can not wait to try her Crellies of the Rainbow, I am looking into getting a Stackry account so I can continue buying indie's from America it is safe to say I am fully addicted. I will leave all of Painted Polish By Lexi website links and social media links down below. 

I can safely say I am in love with this trio and look forward to trying out different nail art looks with all three. I totally forgot to post photo's of my American Haul so I will try and get them up on my Instagram soon. All of the polishes that my Mum brought home for me will be up on the blog in the coming months. 

Let me know what your thoughts are about this beautiful trio below and if you have tried Painted Polish before have you got any recommendations? As always have a fabulous nail day and I will chat to you all again soon. 


  1. Looove this trio! So gutted I didn't get it myself. The polishes are so delicate and pretty :) x

  2. Those holos are dreamy-gorgeous!

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  4. I love Painted Polish and this trio is some of my favorites!

  5. Pretty colors! I love this trio.

  6. Love all these colors! I remember not being thrilled when they announce the colors of the year, but these are all so lovely and delicate so I guess I'm hoping on board! =)

  7. Very pretty! Sweet and Serene is my favorite here!

  8. I love this trio!! I swatched it around Mother's Day! Great post!

  9. I get drawn to the crelly more ☺

  10. I get drawn to the crelly more ☺

  11. Wow gorgeous colours! So girly x

  12. Seriously loving Sweet & Serene

  13. I love both of the holos!xx


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