New Opulent Essences Shades- Swatch & Review

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Hello my lovely readers, I hope you have all had a great week. My week has not been an easy one unfortunately, yesterday we said our final goodbye's to my great Auntie. It was an emotional and draining day, so I am spending today recuperating. I had some fabulous nail mail delivered to me this morning which definitely brought a smile to my face. You will be seeing some swatches of these Nine Zero beauties popping up on the blog shortly. For today's post, I have some brand new shades from the lovely Sharon & Zoe over at Opulent Essences. They sent me three of their newest shades to review for you, so let's jump in.

These three polishes could not be more different from one another, I don't even know if I could pick a favourite out of the three. 

First up we have Lapis Lazuli, this is a beautiful cobalt blue jelly with lots of beautiful gold shimmer. 

Being a jelly the formula on this one is quite sheer, you could layer it over a dark blue or black but it will take 4 coats to be fully opaque by itself. This helps build up that squishy look and intensifies that beautiful gold shimmer. 

Next up is Holo Heaven this is a beautiful dusty purple linear holographic, it is so subtle and would be a great colour for work or interviews.

This is so pretty and delicate it takes just two coats to be opaque, the formula was so easy to work and built up really well. 

Last up is Poison Ivy this has a dark black jelly base with a beautiful iridescent green shimmer. When on the nail it can look like a duo chrome with a gorgeous green to blue shift.

Again the formula was really easy to work with and built up to be fully opaque on 3 coats, you can see that beautiful blue shift in my last swatch. 

Yet again three more fabulous polishes from Opulent Essences, the formula's were so easy to work with and they built up really well. In the future, I will probably layer Lapis Lazuli over a base colour but I loved the squishy look it creates on the nail when applying the four coats. None of these polishes left any staining on the nail or around the cuticles and they all removed very easily. 

If you didn't know Opulent Essences is a UK indie brand run by the lovely mother and daughter team Sharon and Zoe. All of their polishes are 5 free, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly they have a wide range of polishes available on their Etsy site which I will link below along with links to their social media.

Let me know which of the new releases is your favourite? As always have a fantastic nail day and I will chat to all you wonderful people again soon. 


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