March 2017 Miami Nice Meebox- Unboxing & Review

Welcome back lovelies, I hope you all had a really nice weekend and a wonderful Mother's day to all those yummy mummy's out there. We are not coming close to the end of yet another month, which means it is that time again. Meebox! March's theme was Miami Nice, so as you can imagine a beautiful collection of some bright summery polishes. So let's open up the box and take a look. 

When I opened the Miami Meebox my first thought was woohoo bring on summer! We were treated with 3 beautiful polishes 2 from brands we have tried in the past and one from a new to me brand. Along with these 3 stunning polishes, there were some nail art goodies from Charlie's Nail Art and a nail care item from Leighton Denny.

Coral Canyon

The first polish is from Lauren B a beautiful coral creme, unfortunately the formula wasn't that easy to work with it was quite sheer and streaky. My swatch is 3 coats and it probably could have done with a fourth as you can still see some streaking. 

Lauren B Coral Canyon (14.4ml) is available from Amazon for £7.70


The second polish is from the lovely Floss Gloss, this is definitely the polish that first caught my eye. It is a beautiful turquoise neon creme, as with a lot of neon polishes it was quite streaky and did require 3 coats to be fully opaque. It is definitely a fabulous colour for summer, perfect for a lazy day at the beach. 

Floss Gloss Wet (5.5ml) is available from Nail Polish Direct for £7.95


The final polish is from a new to me brand called NailBerry, this is a plum purple creme that was full opaque in 2 coats. It was really close to being a 1 coater, if you did one thick coat I am pretty sure you could get away with it. it had a lovely formula to work with and I didn't have any staining to the nail or cuticles when removed. Nailberry is an award-winning breathable polish made here in the UK, they are 5 free and cruelty-free.

Nailberry Extravagant (14,4ml) can be found on their website for £14.50

The nail art items from this month box are from Charlies Nail Art, we received a sheet of holographic foil (39p) and some Rhombus nail glitter (75p). Both of these items could create some really beautiful nail art looks. I haven't actually used nail art foil yet so I'm looking forward to doing some experimenting.

The final item from the box and a nail care item from this month's box is a gorgeous mini crystal nail file from Leighton Denny. You can pick this up from Boots for £12.50

Overall this months box was really nice, I was a bit bummed that 2 of the 3 polishes didn't have the best formula but that is the case for most bright creme polishes. The full price of all these items came to £43.79 and the box was £20 so still a great bargain. I would love to try some more of the Nailberry polishes, as the formula was really nice to work with and a beautiful colour, and can't wait to give the nail file a go too. 

What do you think of this months box? Let me know in the comments. All of the links for Meebox will be left down below. It is a great subscription service and if you love some surprise nail mail, then you will love this box.

As always have a fabulous nail day and I will chat to all you wonderful people again soon. 


  1. Fab swatches! I'm happy to have a nice bright box this month xx

  2. Fab swatches hun!! I loved this month's box xx

  3. Gorgeous swatches and although the nail art bits were over shadowed by the amazing glass nail file, I think you can create some gorgeous looks with the polishes and the bits that were included.
    Vicky x


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