Beauty Big Bang Metal Holder Stamper- Review

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Welcome back my lovelies, Halloween is now behind us and we are officially in November. For me that means making my diet even stricter to prepare for Christmas and Lexi's 3rd Birthday. For today's post I have a short review on a clear stamper sent to me from the lovely people at Beauty Big Bang, so let's take a look. 

This stamper is different from all of the other ones that I have tried as it has a metal holder, this was really lovely to hold and made using the rolling motion when stamping a breeze.

This stamper is really squishy so has a lot of give and wraps around the nail nicely so you don't miss the edges of any image you are trying to apply to your nails.

Pick up was really good with a variety of stamping plates and stamping polishes, the images come out nice and crisp and transfer to the stamper first try. The stamper is slightly sticky so that makes picking up the images even easier. 

Overall I really liked this stamper, it was simple to use and needed no prepping with soapy water. The stamper measures 4cm in diameter, so will pick up both small and large images. I would definitely recommend this stamper to a beginner, the stickiness makes it a lot easier to pick up images and the holder gives you a good grip when rolling the stamper or placing the image on the nail.

This stamper is available now on the Beauty Big Bang website for £2.70, it comes in 4 different colour holders. You can chose from pink, silver, blue and gold. SKU: J2914TM-4A

Don't forget to use FAIRY10 to get 10% off your orders. I will leave links to the Beauty Big Bang website down below as well as their social media so you can go browse yourself.

I would love to know your thoughts on this stamper? Let me know down below. 

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Hope you have a lovely day and chat to you all again soon.


  1. I love the design of the stamper and I think my daughter will love it for sure. Its not that cheap either so I think I'll be getting two of these.


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