October 2017 Nail Art Round-Up

*Contains Press Samples*
Welcome back my lovelies, we have now finished October, so as you all know now is the time I take a look back on all the nail art I managed to whip up this month. Be prepared for a whole lot of Halloween themed nails.

I managed to create 20 nail art looks this month, 16 of these were Halloween themed. As always I will link the blog post or the Instagram post for you so you can go to the original post to find out what products I used.

Beauty Big Bang Pumpkin Nails

What's Up Nails Candy Corn mani

Clear Jelly Stamper Haunted Mansion Plate Mani

Painted Polish Spooky Crows 

Ejiubas Spider

Models Own Boo Ghost Nails

Dripping Green Goo Mani

What's Up Nails Haunted Scarecrow Nails

IZ Beauty London Witch Nails

Lea's Harry Potter Birthday Nails

Marianne Nails Arabesque Stamping Plate

Angry Mummy Nails

Pink Creepy Crawly Spider's

Happy Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns Mani

Holographic Bats

Dancing Skeleton Nails

Squirrel Acorn Nails

Painted Polish Sunflower Nails

Zombie Nails

Lina Nail Art Supplies Spooklicious!02 Skulls & Moths Mani

I am so pleased with the amount of Halloween nails I managed to accomplish last month, it was so much fun and I still had so many more ideas left over. I guess they will all just have to wait until next year, bring it on! 

I hope you really enjoyed this round-up of all the manicures I managed to do in October, would love to know which one is your favourite? Let me know down in the comments.

As always guys have a great day and I will chat to you all again soon.


  1. You did SO much nail art, I love them all! :D xx

  2. Seriously - all winners. I really like the acorns oddly!

  3. I can't imagine doing 20 manicures in a month - and to top it off they are all so beautiful. It's hard to pick a favorite.

  4. OMG, so many good ones! I love the haunted house scene and the candy corns!

  5. Do you plan your nail art or spur of the moment creativity?

  6. So may great manis! I like the creepy spiders and zombie/brains ones best.

  7. So many cute ones!! I love the sunflowers!!

  8. I really like the green goo look, it's so bright!

  9. So many adorable manicures, I love the bright green dripping nails!!

  10. Love your designs, so creative!

  11. I love the holo bats, the candy corn, and the haunted scarecrow manis best!

  12. You kicked butt this month! Love all of the Halloween looks :)


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