Esmaltes Da Kelly: I Love Paris

Welcome back everyone, I hope you had a really nice weekend unfortunately my house has been hit with a sickness bug that was going around. First Lexi had it then she felt nice enough to pass it on to me, so I'm still feeling a bit shaky. However I have an awesome post to share with you today, the new Esmaltes Da Kelly stamping polishes, read on to find out more...

As I am sure you are all aware by now I am in love with the brand Esmaltes Da Kelly, so when she said she was releasing some more stamping holo's I knew I needed them all. 

Mon Amour

The first polish I have to show you is 'Mon Amour' this is a rose toned gold linear holographic, opaque in just 1 coat and a lovely formula. This is fabulous stamped over black and white and that holo really shines through.

Mon Petit

The second polish is 'Mon Petit' a beautiful warm toned yellow linear holo, another great 1 coater polish, this stamps really nicely over the lighter colours but not as bright on the black. 

Je T'aime

The next polish is 'Je T'aime' a lovely olive toned green linear holo, this is opaque in 1 coat with another fabulous formula. This stamps really nicely over both the white and the black.

Mon Cheri

The next polish is 'Mon Cheri' this is a gorgeous rusty orange linear holo, again fully opaque in 1 coat and stamps really over both the black and white. 


The next polish is 'L'amour' a beautiful sea blue linear holo, fully opaque in just 1 coat and another great stamper over both light and dark colours. 

Mon Couer 

The final polish is 'Mon Couer' a bright berry toned red linear holo, again this is a 1 coater polish with a great formula. This too stamps really nicely over the black and the white.

Overall I am totally in love with this collection from Esmaltes Da Kelly, they all stamp really nicely and are great 1 coater polishes. I love these for when I'm in a rush, I can just apply 1 coat and I am ready to go. 

All of these polishes are available now at Nail Artisan for £9.50 per polish, I find that a great bargain when they can be used for both a base colour and stamping. The owner did recently announce that she is expecting and will be shutting up shop in 6 months. This might be a permanent closure so make sure you grab these before they disappear for good. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post and I will see you back here later this week, lots more nail goodies to share with you all. 


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