Danglefoot Nail Polish: Under-appreciated Disney Holo's

Welcome back my lovely little fairies, I hope you all have all had a fabulous week and a great start to the new year. A few days ago I posted a poll on Instagram asking what you would like to see me swatch next and Danglefoot's Disney collection won, so here they are. Read on to find out more about these magical polishes...

This collection was released a few months ago so I am late with showing this to you, it consists of 6 different polishes and I have 5 out of the 6 to show you today. There is a nice mix of colours and different finishes so something to suit everyone's taste. 

No Touchy

The first beauty is 'No Touchy' this is for the character Kuzco from the movie Emperor's New Groove, a movie that I loved watching when I was younger with my brother. This is a stunning pink rose gold toned linear holographic. My swatch pic is 2 coats plus glossy top coat. 

Today Is A Very Big Day Pascal

The next polish is for one of my favourite Disney cuties, the adorable Pascal from the move Tangled, this is one of Lexi's favourites. A Very Big Day Pascal is a light green linear holographic magnetic, unfortunately I couldn't get the magnetic effect to show in my pics. Show is 2 coats plus a glossy top coat. 

Is That My Voice?

Next is another polish inspired by The Emperors New Groove, this is 'Is That My Voice?' for the villainous character Yzma. This is a really pretty blue toned grey linear holographic with a strong purple shimmer. My swatch pic is 2 coats plus a glossy top coat. 

I'm Gonna Wreck It

Next we have one of my favourites from this collection, this polish is inspired by the character Ralph from Wreck It Ralph. 'I'm Gonna Wreck It' is a stunning chocolate brown linear holographic with a strong red/copper shimmer. Shown is 2 coats plus glossy top coat, but this one was very close to being a one coater. 

You Broke My Smolder 

The final polish I have to show you is another favourite for me, this is 'You Broke My Smolder' for the character Flynn Rider/Eugene from Tangled. This is a really stunning multi-chrome linear holographic that shifts from green to purple to pink to orange. Shown is 3 coats plus a glossy top coat. 

Overall another fabulous collection from the lovely Hayley at Danglefoot Nail Polish. All of these polishes are 5 free, cruelty-free and vegan friendly, this is a UK indie brand so shipping isn't too expensive and no customs charges, they are also now available from American distributor Beautometry. At the moment all of these polishes except 'No Touchy' are sold out, I am not sure whether Hayley will be restocking these but fingers crossed she does. 

I will leave links to the Danglefoot shop and their social media down below for you.

I am not sure I can pick just one favourite from this collection, they all are so pretty if I was forced to it would probably be You Broke My Smolder. I would love to know which ones take your fancy?? Let me know down in comments. 

I hope you all enjoyed today's post and I will be posting lots of nail art looks using these beauties over on my Instagram so make sure to pop over and see those. Have a fabulous week my little fairies and I will chat to you all again soon. 


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