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Hello my lovely fairies; it's been a while since my last post September just seems to be flying by. With the uncertain times we are living in right now I am really enjoying diving into my polish stash to escape reality. For today I have definite fall vibes coming your way with Kiki London's Autumn 2020 collection, read on to find out more...

Now that we are getting into those sweater weather days I love seeing all the Autumn collection. Just the right mix of nude browny shades and vampy darks. Kiki London definitely have done a good mix of these colours to suit everyone's tastes. 

Deep Rouge 

'Deep Rouge' is a quintessential Autumn shade a blood red creme. Shown is 2 coat plus a no wipe top coat. 

Vintage White

'Vintage White' an off white creme that has a slight pink tone. Shown is 3 coats plus a no wipe top coat. This one is great for all those that don't want to wear a pure white colour but still want that crisp look. 

Caramel Swirl

'Caramel Swirl' is a beautiful latte toned brown, shown is 3 coats and a no wipe top coat. This is another great one for this time of year and great to wear while drinking those warm drinks. 

Date Night

'Date Night' is a beautiful fuschia pink with a drop of purple creme. Shown is 2 coats plus a no wipe top coat. This is probably one of my favourites as I am always a big sucker for pink and purple toned polishes. 

Ivy Forest

'Ivy Forest' is a stunning hunter green creme, shown is 2 coats plus a no wipe top coat. Another definite favourite for me, I always love wearing this shade of green in the Autumn months. 

Nude Delight

'Nude Delight' is a beige toned nude with a slight drop of pink, shown is 3 coats plus a no wipe top coat. This one definitely gives me those mannequin hand vibes against my pale skin. 

Hazel Night

'Hazel Night' this is a beautiful dark brown with an intense orangey gold shimmer, shown is 2 coats plus a no wipe top coat. Another fabulous one for those chilly days.

Black Cherry

'Black Cherry' is a pretty eggplant purple creme, shown is 2 coats plus a no wipe top coat. This is definitely a good one for all skin tones and a great all year round polish. 

Overall another fabulous collection from Kiki London all of these gel polishes are cured under a UV/LED lamp in 60 seconds. The formula was easy to use on all 8 polishes and levelled out really nicely. A definitely good selection of colours for Autumn. This collection is available in limited stock now for £39.99 and you can get 10% off using code FTNAILS10.

Would love to know your thoughts on this collection?? Which ones would you pick out?? Let me know down in the comments. 

Hope you are all staying safe and keeping well, chat to you again soon my lovely fairies. 


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