Kiki London: Neon Pastel's 2021


 Hello my lovely fairies; hope you are all keeping well. We are on Summer break over here in the UK, which means I have both little looney toons running around. Lots of arts and crafts and fun out in the garden between these lovely summer showers. Today I have a really fun collection to share with you from Kiki London, as i'm sure you are all aware I have been working with Kiki London for quite a few years now and they are definitely some of the best gel polishes I have tried so far. This time they have a super fun neon pastel collection to show you, Read on to find out more...

If you are looking for some fun neon gels for summer then this collection is perfect for you. There is a colour to suit everyone for every occasion. 

Coral Bay

Coral Bay- a beautiful neon coral toned pastel gel, swatch is 2 coats plus a no wipe glossy top coat. This is super pretty and a great colour to wear on those toes at the beach. 

Holiday Blues

Holiday Blues- a stunning bright sky blue gel, swatch is 2-3 coats plus a no wipe glossy top coat. This is definitely a favourite from the collection for me, I love a bright blue that gives all those clear summer sky vibes.

Peach Side

Peach Side- a beautiful neon peach gel, swatch is 3 coats plus a no wipe glossy top coat. This is such a stunning colour and would be great on lots of skin tones for those summer beach days. 

Glow Stick

Glow Stick- this is one of the brightest colours from the collection, its a super bright neon yellow gel. Swatch is 3 coats plus a no wipe glossy top coat. This is definitely one you want to wear to bring the eyes straight to your nails, they will definitely stand out from the crowd and this gel glows in the dark.

Purple Rain

Purple Rain- another beautiful personal favourite this is a gorgeous bright pastel purple gel, swatch is 2 coats plus a no wipe glossy top coat. This is such a pretty girly colour and would work well all year round. 

Lime Light

Lime Light- this is the second from the collection that is eye searingly bright, this is a lime green neon gel, swatch is 3 coats plus a no wipe glossy top coat. Another polish to wear to bright those eyes to your nails, this one would be a great polish to wear to any of those summer festivals and it glows in the dark. 

Chick Flick

Chick Flick- the final polish from this collection is this pretty pastel pink gel, swatch is 2 coats plus a no wipe glossy top coat. This is another one you can wear any time of year and if your a pink lover like me a must have. 

I was super impressed with the pastel neon collection, they all had a really nice formula and were easy to apply. Each one cured nicely and self levelled well, if I were to pick my top 3 from this collection it would probably be Purple Rain, Holiday Blues and Lime Light. That neon green is just so much fun and definitely is one of the strongest green neons I have in my collection. 

You can get the full collection now from the Kiki London website for £39.99 or individually for £5.99. Don't forget you can use my code FTNAILS10 for 10% off your order. 

I hope you enjoyed today's post, I would love to know which of these bright gels is your favourite?? Let me know down in the comments. Stay safe my lovely fairies and I will chat to you again soon.


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