Prism Polish: We're The Bad Guys

 Hello my lovely fairies; hope everyone is well all is good here we are back into our nice routine of school drop offs and had some more time for nails. Today's post is from the fabulous UK indie Prism Polish, the lovely Suzie recently released a Suicide Squad inspired collection and being a massive Harley Quinn fan I knew I had to have them immediately! Read on to take a closer look...

This entire collection was inspired by David Ayer's Suicide Squad movie that was released in 2016 each polish has been inspired by the individual characters from the movie; and suzie has done an excellent job at representing each one. 

Quite Vexing

Quite Vexing- this beautiful polish is inspired by the amazing infamous Harley Quinn it has a stunning bright cobalt blue base with a pink shimmer and scattered holographic. Swatch is 2 coats plus a glossy top coat. I can honesty say I love this one! It is a unique combination for Harley and it does work really well with the way she was portrayed in this movie. 


Damaged- next is the polish for the very well known Batman nemesis The Joker, this has a bright neon green base with flakies and this also changes to a grey base when exposed to a UV light. Swatch is 3 coats plus a glossy top coat. Another fabulous representation of the character and this makes a great polish for Halloween too.

Human Arsenal

Human Arsenal- this polish is to represent the character Deadshot, it has a black jelly base with micro red flakies. Shown is 2 coats plus a glossy top coat. This was such a beautiful vampy polish and a great one for this time of year as we get into the autumn and winter months. 

Sewer King

Sewer King- this polish is for Killer Croc and it definitely works for that character with the green scaly crocodile skin. It is a olive green linear holographic. Swatch is 2 coats plus a glossy top coat. The holographic was nice and strong with this one and really popped in the sunlight.

Pyrokinetic Homeboy

Pyrokinetic Homeboy- this beauty is to represent El Diablo the man that can control fire. This is a gorgeous rose gold base with a dusting of silver that has a magnetic shift. Shown is 2 coats plus a glossy top coat. This one was a surprise to me, I didn't think it would really catch my eye as much as it did.

Unicorn Fetish

Unicorn Fetish- the final polish from the collection is for the character Boomerang who has a secret love for plushie unicorns. This is a dark blue base filled with a light blue shimmer and flakies. Shown is 2 coats plus a glossy top coat. This is such a pretty polish and gives me the starry night sky vibes.

I can honestly say I loved this collection, such a gorgeous array of choices in colour and finish. All the polishes had a lovely formula to work with and applied nicely to the nail. I am loving Prism Polish more and more lately they have such gorgeous releases and great inspirations for their polishes. So i'll definitely be keeping an eye on all the future releases. 

All Prism Polishes are 10-free, vegan-friendly and cruelty free each of these polishes is available now individually ranging in prices between £7.50 and £9. The whole collection is priced at £44.75. You can get these in both mini and full size bottles so prices vary between bottle size. 

These are all posted on my Instagram now along with some nail art to go with each polish, and a new reel showing off the collection. 

I hope you enjoyed today's post and I would love to know what you think of this collection?? Let me know down in the comments! 

Chat to you again soon my lovely fairies.


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