A Certain Becca Lacquer: Halloween Scents and New Product launches

**Gifted in exchange for my honest review**

Hello my lovely fairies!

For todays post I have some really fun products to share with you from UK brand A Certain Becca Lacquer; this is a cuticle oil business run by my amazing bestie Becca. Recently she released some brand new scents for her Halloween range and some very exciting new products to make not only your nails smell lovely but also your home. Keep reading to find out more about these fun new release's…

As I’m sure you are all aware not long ago Becca opened up her cuticle oil, acetone additive and cream business with lots of fun fresh scents to try. Well now for spooky season she’s added some even more addictive scents and not only that she is now selling hand scrubs and wax melts, and trust me these will make your home smell yummy enough to eat. So let’s see what new scents are up for grabs;

Sherbet Zombie

Sherbet Zombie: this is a sweet, sherbety lemon and lime, with orange, red fruits, strawberry, raspberry, and a large helping of fizzy sherbet. You can definitely smell all those fruity scents with this one and like with all the oils it soaks in like a dream and leaves skin feeling lovely and nourished.

Blood Cherry Cocktail

Blood Cherry Cocktail: is a rich scent with juicy orange and clove, green apple, pumpkin, cherry, cinnamon and nutmeg, with raisin, woods, and nutty vanilla. This one is another beautiful scent and definitely brings out those autumnal vibes.

Spicy Pumpkin

Spicy Pumpkin: is a spicy pumpkin scent. Sweet and spicy, with zesty citrus, almond marzipan, clove, cinnamon, and vanilla caramel. Another really lovely autumnal scent and if you are a big pumpkin spice latte fan then this one is for you. 
Spooky Pumpkin Wax melts

Spooky Pumpkin: is a rich spicy scent with cinnamon, clove, warm pumpkin, and vanilla. This comes in the most adorable jack-o-lantern shapes. These wax melts are so easy to use and the scent travels all the way around a room, they melt nice and evenly and last a good 8+ hours. 

Price: £1.20

Spooky Snap Bar

Wax Snap Bars: this snap bar is in the scent ‘Spicy Pumpkin’ the fun Boo quotation and ghost on the bar are so cute and it snaps really cleanly. Each bar contains approximately 50g of wax and is made using vegan blend paraffin wax. 

Price: £3.50

Candy Apple Wax melt Ghosts

Candy Apple Ghost Wax Melt: this is another cute little wax melt in the shape of a ghost with a ‘candy apple’ scent. This is a sweet and juicy red apple with strawberry and spice, jasmine, milk, smooth caramel, and soft musk. Candy apples are on of my favourite things about this time of year, I love the taste and the scent is just as yummy. 

Price: £1.00

Bubblegum Body Scrub

Bubblegum Body Scrub: along with the new wax melts she has also launched some body scrubs, this is a bubblegum whipped salt body scrub. ‘Bubblegum’ is a sugary sweet bubblegum with hints of peach, pineapple, grape, citrus, and creamy vanilla. It has a soft whipped soapy base with added salt for giving you a great exfoliating experience. This gave a gorgeous smell and feeling to my hands, and they felt lovely and soft after use. 

Price: £7.50

I am absolutely loving all of these new additions to the shop, and these brand new autumnal scents and Halloween flavours are a definite hit with me. My hands, nails and house are smelling absolutely divine right now. All of these products are available now from A Certain Becca Lacquer more information and pricing details are all on the site.

If I were to recommend specific scents to try it would definitely be Spicy Pumpkin and Candy Apple and I would absolutely say grab some wax melts and hand scrubs as they just smell gorgeous. So definitely go grab some while they are in stock.

As always hope you have enjoyed todays post and big thank you to Becca for sending me these products to review for you all. See you back here soon with plenty more autumnal and Halloween nail goodies to share.

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