Simply Polished: Christmas plate

 **Gifted in exchange for my honest review**

Hello my lovely fairies!

Hope everyone is keeping well. Today’s post is another fun festive Christmas review, this time I have simply polished Christmas plate to share with you all. This is full of fun festive images that can be used again and again any different ways so let’s take a closer look…

Simply polished is a new UK indie brand, which I  have showed you a while ago they sell not only polishes but also stamping plates and a stamper. These has quickly become a staples in my collection, the stamper is fantastic and picks up first time every time I’ve tried and these plates are etched so well that pick up is never an issue. The same goes for the Christmas plate. There are so many cute little images as well as saying and full-size nail images that you can definitely make some fun festive manis year after year.

The plate measures 9.5cm by 14.5cm and as you can see if chocked full of fun Christmassy images; there are about 45 singular images, 9 full size nail images and a whole bunch of layering images including some plaid patterns to build the perfect Christmas plaid nail. Some are great for straight stamping to the nail and others are perfect for the reverse stamping technique. 

Layered Snowmen

The first design I created using the plate was some layered snowmen, my base polish for this design was simply polished Dreamcatcher I then using the layering images near the top of the plate to build up my snowmen. Each one has a different colour combo for their hats and scarves, which was easily created with the layering images.

Christmas plaid

My next design are some plaid design nails using some more of the layering images at the top of the plate, not going to lie I need a lot more practice when it comes to creating plaid/knitted sort of images. But that was no fault of the plate just user error on my part. Each layer picked up really nicely and very crisp lines. 

Festive Tree Lights

Another fun nail design that is a must for Christmas time are some festive lights, the full size image at the bottom of the plate makes it really simple to create this look. First I picked up the image and then filled each light with some traditional Christmas colours. This image could easily be changed up with a different colour combo and create a new look each time. 

Santa Clause

Another classic Christmas mani would be Santa nails and the little singular image paired with the ho ho ho design and some snow worked perfectly for this one. 

Candy Canes

Another classic would be some Candy cane nails, the cute little candy canes with the bowes made some really cute filled in images. I then paired that with some candy cane stripes for my ring and pinkie nail.

Tree Baubles 

My final design with this plate for now are some Christmas tree baubles, there are so many pretty intricate baubles in the middle of the plate to choose from once you fill them in and pop them on a green background they look super pretty.

Overall I am completely in love with this plate. There is so much to choose from and each image stamped really crisply, and all those intricate lines stamped so well. This plate is available now from www. for £12.50, or there is a deal where you can also get the Stamper and a plate for £18.

I would highly recommend trying some of the plates and definitely picking up the double headed clear stamper as it is making pick up for me on not only these plates but all my others super easy. 

I hope you have enjoyed todays post and a huge thank you to Ansleigh for sending me this plate to review for you all. Have a have a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays and I will see you back here soon with lots more nail goodies to share. 


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