Uber Chic Halloween 01- Swatch & Review

Hello, my lovely readers, I hope you have all had a great weekend. Unfortunately, Lexi is still poorly so mine has spent at my Mum's house with sleepless nights and lots of cuddles. For today's post, I have a swatch and review of the Uber Chic Halloween 01 stamping plate. I picked this plate up last year and am still in love with it now just as much as I was then. Let's jump in and see what I created with this spookylicious plate.

This plate is full of so many great images for Halloween, the choices I made for my manicures are more on the cute side of Halloween than scary or gruesome. 

For my cute little spider mani, I used Annika Drama Queen as my base colour, I did a full swatch and review of this a few posts back. It is a beautiful dusty purple creme and was the perfect base for my googley eyed spiders.

On my pointer and pinkie I stamped the full cobweb image from the plate, I used Esmaltes Da Kelly Andromeda for all of the spider webs. They were lovely and subtle and when they caught the light that holographic would really shine. I also used this for the hanging spider image. I picked this up from Nail Artisan recently, I am really happy with how it stamps although some of the finer details didn't always pick up straight away.

All of the spiders were stamped onto my Uber Chic mat using Mundo De Unas Black, I then filled in their eyes with some white polish so they would really pop. To make them into decals I used my Moyra top coat and then places each one on my middle and ring finger. 

For my Second manicure I used the Candy Corn image as my inspiration, for my pinkie and pointer, I did a gradient using Nails Inc Seven Dials, Annika Wild Side and OPI Alpine Snow. I loved how well these blended together, I definitely want to try to do more gradients in the future as it is such a pretty effect. 

To make my candy corn decals for my middle and ring nail I used the same method as when I made the spiders. I stamped using Mundo De Unas orange and then filled the candy corns in with the yellow and white polish I used for my gradient. I used two coats of OPI Alpine Snow and then placed my decals on top. 

This Halloween plate has so many beautiful images to choose from, and they have done a fantastic job with the second Halloween plate that I will be reviewing this month as well. I am really happy with how both of these manicures turned out, the spiders remind me of a cartoon I used to watch when I was a child. All of the images picked up really well, the plate is deeply etched and easy to use just like all the other Uber Chic plates. I will leave links to the Uber Chic Beauty store below along with their social media, I will also leave a link for Nail Artisan which is the UK stockist for Uber Chic. 

I would love to know what you think of my designs, I am well into the Halloween Spirit now so keep your eye's peeled for plenty more spooky mani's coming your way. As always have a great nail day and I will chat to all you wonderful people again soon. 


  1. That candy corn manicure is amazing! Love the accents of the gradient

  2. I love the spiders!! They are so cute! (Never thought I'd say that about spiders. haha) Both manicures are lovely though!

    1. Thank you! Haha yeah they remind me of a cartoon I watched when I was little lol x

  3. Ooh this plate looks gorgeous, I love both your manis, that spider one is so cute.
    Vicky xx

  4. These are so cute! Those little googly-eyed spiders though! And their holo web!

    1. Thank you hun :) was really happy with how these turned out x

  5. I ADORE the little spiders! So cute :D

  6. That plate looks amazing!!! & Your manis are too adorable <3 especially the spiders too cute for Halloween

  7. Love the candy corn, looks so effective!

  8. I love both of these manis, they're so cute!! x


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